How to Blur a Part of an Image on an iPhone?

This article informs the user of the role of iPhone apps to blur part of an image and different shooting skills presented by recent models of iPhone.

With filters and special effects, the user can show the audience whatever they want to. With the evolution of technology and smartphone features, one can create a spellbound impact on the viewers by staying inside closed rooms.

The blur part of an image in the iPhone works in mysterious ways. One can do so to protect sensitive information on an image or bring the focus to the foreground. The blurring process also reduces noise in the imagery. The portrait mode of the iPhone makes the picture smooth and blur effortlessly. The article offers an insight into three iPhone apps that blur part of image online and shooting skills of iPhone.

Part 1 Role of iPhone Apps in Blurring Process

The creative industry is swarming up with different editing apps that offer effects and features in the most influential fashion. Both iPhone and Android apps present tools that one can tailor according to market trends and client requirements. Similarly, iPhone introduces some apps that blur parts of photo to send a message across.

The section discusses three of these apps that blur part of photo iPhone while providing blurring options, strength, and styles. Let us have a look below.


PhotoGrid is a phenomenal photo editing tool that has changed people's perceptions regarding the editing process. With more than 10000 layouts, backgrounds, fonts, effects, and stickers, PhotoGrid makes sure that the user leaves accomplished. The advanced video editing and access to unlimited elements make this software viable. It also blurs part of an image online through Linear and Circular options.

If you are unfamiliar with how PhotoGrid blurs parts of photo, follow the detailed procedure below:

Step 1:

For starters, launch PhotoGrid from your iPhone. As the interface appears, choose "Edit" from a menu of options.

tap on edit option

Step 2:

This opens the user's gallery and different albums. One can navigate between albums to select the targeted imagery. The picture opens in the editor.

select your image

Step 3:

The user is suggested to scroll the panel in the right direction. Tap "Focus" from there. Choose the type of blur option and use the touch to blur part of an image. Hit "Ok" and then tap on "Save" to conclude the process.

blur any part of your image


Pixlr lets the user unleash the magic of one's imagination and create history, thus making a name in the ocean of photo editors and collage makers. To blur part of image online, this free editor presents Simple, Circular, and Linear ways of blurring. In addition, Pixlr adjusts the tone of the photo using overlays and removes blemishes on the skin. It also crops and resizes the image effortlessly.

If you are unsure regarding the workability of Pixlr to blur part of photo iPhone, we have got you covered.

Step 1:

To begin, Launch Pixlr from your iPhone. As the interface appears, the user is directed to tap on "Photos." Choose the image that needs selective or complete blurring.

select the photos option

Step 2:

The image appears in the editor. Tap on suitcase shaped icon located in the first place in the bottom panel. A list of options pops up. Select "Blur" from there.

choose feature of blur

Step 3:

One can blur the whole image or click on the "Circular" or "Linear" option to blur part of an image. Use "Color boost" to enhance the saturation of the rest of the picture. The user is free to change the blur width as required. Tap on the green tick to be done with the process.

image blurred and color boosted


If you are looking for free and professional quality photo editing software, Snapseed has to be your first choice. The features and attributes presented by this mesmerizing tool are unmatched. One can adjust the exposure and color of the project manually as well as automatically. As far as the blurring part of a picture is concerned, Snapseed brings the "Lens Blur" option.

The user can also change the shape of the blur. The options include circle, pentagon, hexagon, and heart, etc. In addition, the designer is free to add text and use curves to control the brightness levels of the image.

If you do not know how to use Snapseed to blur part of photo iPhone, follow the guidelines below:

Step 1:

Click on "Snapseed" software from your iPhone device. After that, tap anywhere on the screen to upload the respective photo.

tap anywhere to upload picture

Step 2:

The picture opens up. Tap on "Tools" to move on with the process. Hit "Lens Blur" from the list of features that appear.

select lens blur feature

Step 3:

Now, change the blur strength, transition, and vignette strength from the bottom panel. Moreover, the user is free to change the shapes of the blur style. Tap tick to finish the process. Click on "Export" and hit "Save."

image blurred and ready to export

Part 2 Enhance iPhone Shooting Skills to Take Blur Photo

iPhone users enjoy shooting and capturing different subjects for their personal and professional usage. The additional features and modes offered by iPhone 13, iPhone 13 pro max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 11 make photography a viable experience. To blur parts of photo through iPhone, the portrait mode is the easiest way.

However, the portrait mode only works best with people, and inanimate objects are off-limits. Following is the method to blur part of an image online using the iPhone's portrait mode.

Step 1:

To start, launch the Camera app from your iPhone. Tap on "Portrait." The default setting is "Natural Lights" to capture the image. However, one can slide right to choose the favorable one.

Step 2:

Now, the user must ensure that the subject is between two and eight feet from the camera lens. Have a glance at the screen before clicking. Ensure that the image is sharp and the background blurred.

Step 3:

Hit the Shutter button. Some parts of the picture are blurred. The user can access it from the gallery.

take a blur photo from iphone camera

The Bottom Line:
It is an era of technological advancement. People prefer to show something using filters and effects without having to go through the whole actual procedure. In the same way, the users blur part of an image to enhance focus to one point and send a message.

The role of certain iPhone apps to blur a portion of the image is phenomenal and workable. The usage of PhotoGrid, Pixlr, and Snapseed has made the user's life easy and bearable. One can use the portrait mode of recent models of iPhone to blur the professional or personal image in the most facile way possible.

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