Business Women Headshot Ideas

Learn all about getting your business headshots done professionally, including the preparation and some additional tips and ways to get the best out of the process.

The ever-growing importance of business headshots in the market cannot be denied. Aside from the media industry, a professional business photo can help you build a strong first impression on potential employers in any corporate business.

Professional quality business portraits are a great way of delivering the message of professionalism and accountability, with a hint of personal care. If you are thinking of getting a professional business portrait, it is important to know how to get it right.

In the proceeding read, you can find a resourceful insight on how to get your business headshots toget right. Find out everything you need to know about getting the best business portraits using simple tips and techniques and some innovative ideas for female business headshots in the article below.

Part 1Get Prepared for a Professional Business Portrait

Looking forward to getting your professional business headshots done? Before searching for business headshot photography near me, you need to work a little on yourself. Getting a heads up in terms of appearance and expectations can greatly in getting the right shot. Here is how you can prepare yourself before you go ahead with a business portrait photography session.

how to prepare for business headshots

1. Clothing

When planning your outfit for a business photo headshot, solid neutral colors are preferable. Steer clear of large patterns and bold colors, as they can take the main focus away from your face. Wear monotone colors that suit your tone. People are often advised to stick to plain colors and avoid neon colors or whites.

Nevertheless, you should always wear something that you feel confident in. Depending upon the requirements, your choice of clothing may vary. But formal clothing and well-fitted, full-sleeved clothes are often advisable for female business headshots.

Wear jackets or suits to appear more professional. You can also try multiple clothing and see what works best for you.

2. Hair

Hair makes up a large portion of your personality, as well as your headshot. For a professional business portrait, women, in particular, need to pay attention to the styling of their hair. You can opt for a soft blowout to give your hair some volume and bounce. A tight bun can appear too harsh, and ponytails might be too casual.

With short hair, you can comb and style it using products. Keep a light hand on the products such as hair sprays or gels, as they can create a shiny or glossy look in the pictures. Before the shoot, you can sprinkle some water, so your hair is not curly and blowing away everywhere.

3. Jewelry

Go for simple and minimal jewelry when going for a professional business portrait. Ensure that it is not too distracting. Skip dangling earrings, hoops, or large statement pieces unless they are part of your signature look. The same rules apply to neckpieces, bracelets, watches, and rings.

4. Makeup

There are a lot of key things to cover when it comes to makeup. Generally, you should keep your makeup to a minimum natural look. Avoid any distracting makeup regimens such as bold eyeliners or eyeshadows. Opt for neutral shades and matte looks.

Avoid products that can add shine to your face under studio lights, such as SPF products, glittery eyeshadow, shimmer, or lip gloss. You should also avoid face powder as that can make your face appear flaky.

You can also hire a makeup artist for the task if you want it to be just perfect. Mostly, slight flaws such as minor acne can be dealt with in the post-editing process.

5. Glasses

If you wear glasses on a routine basis, you can wear them in your headshots. Just make sure they are not dirty, as they can look hideous. If your glasses have transition lenses, they can appear like sunglasses in a business photo headshot. Go for glare-resistant glasses or lenses so that the camera does not catch any glare.

If you wear glasses regularly but do not want to wear them in your headshot, you should take them off at least half an hour before the shoot. This will avoid any red markings around your face appearing in the portrait.

Part 2Small but Efficient Tips to Optimize your Headshots

Apart from your overall appearance, there is still a lot more to business headshot photography. Your clothing and accessories make up just a fraction of the headshot. Your expressions, poses, lighting, and other contributing factors decide if your portrait can be one of the best business headshots. Here are a few efficient tips that can help you with that.

tips for women business headshots

1. Consult with your Photographer Beforehand

A pre-shoot consultation session with your business headshot photographer is a good idea for several reasons. You can talk about your expectations and what exactly you are looking to achieve from the shoot. Keeping your photographer informed can help you get the results you were hoping for and make the process much easier.

2. Change Positions

Sometimes, being in the same position for long periods can be tiring. Some people might feel more comfortable sitting down rather than standing up. You also need to get the right position in front of the lens at eye level. Try turning your face and torso at an angle to the camera to appear less stiff.

3. Work on your Poses

You need to try different poses if you are hoping for the best business headshots. Although hands don't usually come in a headshot, they can still affect your upper body shape. Relax your arms and try different perspectives. Showcase your best angles, and remember to charm them with a smile.

4. Create a Clear Background

When capturing professional business headshots, you need to ensure that the subject is distinguishable from the background. The foreground should be sharp and well-focused, while the background should ideally be clear and blurred. You can do this by moving a few steps away from the background or virtually removing the background and replacing it with a clear one.

5. Focus on the Lighting

Good lighting makes up a large part of a good businesswoman's headshot. The lighting should be consistent and evenly distributed. Make sure that the environment is well-lit and aim it carefully on the subject. You can place a light source on the side and a reflector just below the subject's face to ample and fulfilling supply.

6. Change Facial Expressions

Often, an artificial smile for a long period can get exhausting. You can change your facial expressions in between shots to give your facial muscles a break. Try funny faces or silly poses to get some relief so that your smile doesn't appear fake in the final results.

Part 3Business Woman Headshots Ideas

Do not worry if you have run out of options on business portraits and can't decide which one to work with. Corporate headshots can tend to get a bit overwhelming, but there are remedies to that. Below are some helpful ideas for female business headshots that are bound to come in handy. You can check these platforms to gather some inspiration regarding your headshots.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a great site to look for inspiration and ideas regarding business portraits. You can find professional business headshots of some famous personalities, such as Oprah Winfrey. There is a plethora of available ideas, ranging from serious expressions to broad teeth smiles. You can even opt for outdoor business headshots and play with concepts.

female business headshots ideas on pinterest

2. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is yet another platform where you can find some of the best images and ideas for various purposes. Shutterstock features some splendid female business headshots, mostly on clear backgrounds. You can see the professionalism and confidence dripping from these portraits, which can give you an idea of what to expect.

shutterstock business portraits

3. Business Photos

A wide range of business portraits for women is available on Business Photos. You can develop an insight on professional business portraits and how to make your business headshots better in terms of quality, seeking motivation from these images. You can also find some helpful tips for a professional headshot session.

business headshots ideas for women

The Bottom Line:
Business headshots are a great opportunity to showcase your skills and professional abilities with a personal touch. You can never go wrong with enclosing a professional business photo along with your resume or cover letter. But there is a list of things that need to be done if you are hoping for the perfect businesswoman headshot.

To get your female business headshots just right, you can work on the tips and tricks mentioned above. Simple things such as clothing and expressions can make a key difference in the result. Capturing flawless business portraits might be a hard task, but it is not impossible with the right techniques and leverage.

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