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Remove image background in batch 100% automatically with AI in one click. Supports PNG, JPG, JPEG,
BMP, and GIF. Maximum 20 images at one time.
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How to Create a Transparent PNG Online?

Step 1

Upload Images

Click on the Upload Images button to import a bunch of photos up to 20 images simultaneously.
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Step 2

Bulk Remove Background from Images

Once all the images are loaded, click the Start to remove button to start the batch background eliminating process.
Step 3

Download Images

Click the Download All button to save all images with transparent backgrounds.
Want to process thousands of images daily? Download PixCut on Windows and Mac to upload unlimited photos to remove background in no time! Images with the removed background will be saved automatically to your local disk storage without any click when using the PixCut BG Remover desktop software.

Removing Image Backgrounds in Bulk to Boost Your Efficiency

With the AI-powered background remover, you can upload images and photos to erase the backgrounds in batches. In this way, you can speed up your workflow and improve efficiency.

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remove background in batches for Car Dealer
remove the background of  Team Photos in bulk
remove background of family Photos in batch

Remove the background of multiple photos for E-Commerce Product Images

If you're into an e-commerce business, you might know that creating product photos with transparent or white backgrounds is time-consuming and costly. With online Bulk Image Background Remover, you can erase the background for product images in batches! Try this AI tool to cut out the product image sharply and remove the backgrounds for dozens of product images in no time.

Make Professional Car Photos with High Quality

According to research, car photos with a neutral background will sell faster. However, it may take several days to get a perfect background. If you want to place your car in a different background without moving them, you can use our Bulk Image Background Remover to get a transparent background automatically. And then, you can replace the background with a neutral wall, a grass field, a gravel road, a luxury garage, or other scenery.

Get Consistent Background for Your Employer-Branded Content

Whether you're running a business on a larger scale or selling items from the comfort of your home, brand consistency is what the audience will look for! Post images of your team members, offices, buildings, and workshops on your website with a consistent brand after carefully removing the background. Try the bulk image background remover to remove the background to make it look professional.

Bulk Image Background Removal for Personal Use

Creating posts for social media, designing greeting cards for your loved ones on special occasions, or anything else related to personal use is a lot easier with Media.io. You can remove the background of your images and replace them with any photos related to occasions to celebrate with your friends and family. The online bulk image removal tool will help you remove the background of up to 30 pictures in no time.
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Why Use Media.io Bulk BG Remover?

Different Image Formats Supported
Different Formats Supported

Remove the background of bulk images in different formats such as JPEG, JPG, PNG, and more. No need to switch tools to convert the image formats first.

30 Images in a Single Batch Online
20 Images in a Single Batch Online

You can upload up to 20 images to remove the background and process the whole batch at a time. A time-saver and a life changer!

Unlimited Images Uploads on Desktop
Unlimited Images Uploads on Desktop

Media.io bulk background remover desktop app for Windows and Mac can process unlimited images in a single batch to remove the background.

Remove Image Background with AI
Remove Image Background with AI

The integrated AI can sharply cut out the edges after identifying the object and remove the background automatically without any manual input.

Affordable for Bulk Task
Affordable for Bulk Task

You don't need to pay much for Media.io bulk image background remover. This batch background removal tool from Media.io will process a single image as low as $0.060.

High Quality Retained
High Quality Retained

Media.io Bulk BG Remover will not compress the uploaded images or reduce the resolution after removing the background. No more distortion.

Any Question? We Answered!

  • Meida.io online bulk image background remover allows you to upload up to 20 images simultaneously to remove the background in batch.

  • If you're using the PixCut background remover desktop app, there's no limit to uploading images for the background removal process.

  • We recommend using the PixCut bulk background remover app to remove the background from multiple pictures at once - to save time, effort, and money.

  • PixCut background remover tool is affordable and will cost you around $0.060 for an image.


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I am the only designer in the eCommerce team, and it takes me a lot of effort and time to remove the background of multiple images. Thanks to the PixCut bulk background remover, I can automatically get images with transparent backgrounds within one click.


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I have downloaded the PixCut bulk background remover app for desktop, and guess what? There's no limit to uploading images in bulk processing to remove the background. So I can instantly remove the image background for our team members' photos.


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What I love the most about the PixCut bulk image background remover tool is that it costs me only $0.060/image and less than an hour to remove the background from 100 images. And it does not compress the image resolutions and retains the quality while providing the output.


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I am amazed at the AI technology paired with bulk image processing— everything is simply perfect about PixCut background remover.


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I'm building a Shopify store myself, all things are done by myself. Taking photos, removing background from photos, adding the background to my photos, and even writing the page content. I feel so lucky to find the PixCut Bulk GB Remover, which can remove background from multiple images at affordable pricing and the results are stunning.

Image Background Remover API

With just a few lines of code, you can bring this technology into your application.

  • Reliable & efficient 
Reliable & efficient
  • Customized for different purposes and use-cases 
Customized for different purposes and use-cases
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