Change Photo Background for FREE

Remove and replace the background in seconds with Free Online Photo Background Changer! Various image and color backgrounds are available, and no Photoshop skills are needed.

Add New Background to the Photo with Your Creation

No matter what kind of background your photo has, can cut out the object smoothly with integrated AI technology, and remove/replace the image background easily to make a different feeling.

1. Upload the portrait photo with a background that you want to change.
2. The photo background will be removed automatically after being uploaded.
add new background to people photo
change photo background
replace photo background
3. Add a new image background to your photo.
upload pet photo
1. Upload the photos of your cats.
remove background from pet photo
2. Remove the background from the cat's photo with clear edges.
change background for cat photo
replace new background for animal photos
change background of animal photos
3. Replace a new background for your cat's photo.
upload product photo
1. Upload the product photo.
remove background from product photo
2. The background will be removed with AI automatically.
change background for the product photo
replace background for product photo
add new background to product photo
3. Choose new backgrounds for the product photo.
upload graphics
1. Upload the graphic image.
remove background from graphics
2. Remove background automatically from the graphic picture.
change background for the graphics photo
replace new background for the graphics photo
add new background for the graphics photo
3. Place the graphic images to different backgrounds.
upload cars images
1. Upload the car image.
remove background from car image
2. Remove the background from the car's photo automatically.
change the background of the car photo
replace background of the car photo
add new background to the car photo
3. Add new backgrounds to the car.

How to Change Background in Photo?

Step 1

Upload Your Photo

Click on the Upload Image button, and then follow the instruction to import your photo from your device.
remove bg
Step 2

Remove Image Background will automatically remove the image's background with AI technology, and you will get a photo with a transparent background in a few seconds.
Step 3

Change Background of Photo

Click the Change background option and replace the original background with a new one from the color or image background library. You can also upload a new background image.
Step 4

Download Image with New Bg

Add shadows to make the new background more natural, and choose the desired size for different platforms. Then, click the Download button to save the image with standard quality for free.

Why do Customers Prefer Our Free Online Photo Background Changer?

It has made the photo background changing work easier for photographers and editors with its AI-driven photo background changer.

Automatically with AI

Remove Background Automatically with AI

It has AI technology that automatically and quickly cuts out the object and removes the background without any manual effort.

Backgrounds Templates

Free & Rich Backgrounds Templates

Dozens of background templates are available, including high-quality images and solid-color backgrounds. Or upload more from local drive.

Resize Photos

Resize Photos to Fit Social Media and Scenarios

Resize photos for different social media platforms in one click with the dimension presets. The Passport photo & YouTube thumbnail are covered too.

Customize as You Like

Customize as You Like

Customize the pictures after removing or replacing the background, adjust the resolution, resize the brushstrokes, crop image, and more.

Stunning Image Quality

Stunning Image Quality

Handle minor details of the objects such as hair fur, animal fur, complex edges, and more to produce flawless results and saves your time and effort.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

No image editing skills are needed to remove and change the photo background in All tasks can be done within a few clicks.

Change Image Background Online
for Your Every Need

change background for product images
change background for branding
image with different background for social media
change photo background for creativity

Spotlight Products in Business Images

After shooting the product photos for your eCommerce business, you may need to highlight the product by removing the unnecessary background details or converting the background to transparent. online background changer has made it easier. Simply upload the image and get a transparent background without manually cutting out the object. And then, you can add a new background to get the perfect product photo for any occasion.

Background Replacement for Brand New Pictures

It provides not only a background remover but a background changer, which can replace the image backgrounds with new elements to make it look different and brand-new. Editing a brand logo to enjoy the exclusive photos on your products, websites, and applications. You can choose the new background either from the templates or any image from the local storage.

Craft Images to Work on Social Media

Sharing the same images on social media platforms may not be cool. But with different backgrounds for the same object, things are getting fun. To enjoy the perks, you must stick to the rules and regulations. allows you to resize the edited image easily with the dimension presets and then download it in the desired proportions, i.e., landscape, portrait, or square, to share on different platforms.

Change Photo Background and Get Creative

You have taken a fantastic photo of your friend and your pets on vacation but find the background tedious and distracting. You can unleash your creativity by removing the original background and replace with a new one, such as a snowly winter, a beautiful desert, or a blue beach like you're traveling somewhere else.
white bg white bg white bg white bg

Any Question? We Answered!

  • Hundreds of background removal tools are available online for this purpose. background remover is on our top list. This online tool is featured AI technology to sharply cut out the object automatically and remove the background in seconds. After that, you can change the background to a new one, from the color background and the image background templates or from your local drive.
    Moreover, you can download the photo with a transparent picture at the standard quality for free without a watermark.

  • background replacement tool allows you to remove and replace the background picture. After getting the transparent background:
    Click the Change background option.
    Choose a new background from the color and image background templates. Or add a picture of your own to the photo as the new background.

  • With free photo background changer, you can easily create a passport photo with a white background. Once the image is uploaded to the background removal tool, the original background will be erased automatically.
    After that, you need to click the Change Background option to enter the background editor interface.
    Next, click the white color in the Color background templates. And then you will find the photo background is white.

  • Yes, the downloaded images can be used for personal and commercial purposes with no attribution required.



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What I love the most about the PixCut background changer is that you don't have to spend hours manually cutting out the object and looking for a background resource. Upload the image and let PixCut do the magic!


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