The Ultimate Guide to Add Watermark in Lightroom

Creative professionals work day and night to produce exceptional work. The writers, artists, photographers, painters, and graphic designers want their work safe from prying eyes. Hence, for the same reason, watermarks are applied in the output in logo, signatures, or piece of text.

The presence of a watermark on a piece of art enhances its authenticity. No one can steal the artwork and present it as their own. Moreover, the brand name is easily identified upon one glance at the image. The article introduces Adobe Lightroom with Wondershare PixCut. The step-by-guide to add watermark in Lightroom would also be the crux of the article.

Part 1: Why is it Important to Watermark your Images?

Before adding watermark in Lightroom, let us first understand why you give a watermark to your images. There are unique reasons associated with its usage apart from authenticity. So, without delaying this any further, let us get right into it.

Self-Promotion and Brand Visibility

It is vital to add watermark in Lightroom or any other software to enhance the brand visibility and promote your work. However, the placement of the watermark in the image should be across borders so that it doesn’t disrupt the view.

Legal Protection

The usage of watermarks ensures legal protection for your work; however, it doesn’t guarantee it. The correct use of software can crop the watermark and get rid of it. Identity theft creates problems with the work produced by you. For the same reason, one should know the proper positioning so no intelligent software can steal your artwork.

Better Photography View

Most developed photographers do not like the idea of a watermark as it puts a strain on the image quality and view. They post their work in large images as they are not worried about copyright. However, how established a photographer one can be, the use of watermark limits identity theft.

Positioning of Watermark

To create watermark in Lightroom is one thing and working on its position is another. It is essential to ensure a watermark on the image at a position that cannot be cropped and doesn’t play with the image view.

Part 2: What is Lightroom? An In-Depth Discussion of its Features

Adobe Lightroom has come to the market to stay with its luxurious workable features, making the photographers go insane. It is a photography tool designed to import, sort, edit, organize, and export images in good quality. Facilitating tethered shooting, Adobe Lightroom makes it effortless for professionals to show their work on big screens to creative directors.

Before knowing how to apply watermark in Lightroom, let us first look at a few outstanding Lightroom features.

Watermark Feature in Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom presents the user with two types of watermarks. One is text, and the other type of watermark is graphic. When it comes to the text watermark, it includes name or copyright. As far as the graphic watermark is concerned, it constitutes a logo or any other image in the image.

The creation of watermark with Lightroom goes effortlessly smooth as the professional photographer can add it in batches. A significant amount of time is saved with the batch processing functionality. In addition, editing, renaming, and deleting a watermark on this tool comes with an easy set of instructions.

The text watermark in Lightroom offers the user to select the font from a diverse range of options. The style can also be altered based on the work nature and market trends. Essentially, one can add shadows and control its opacity, offset, radius, and angle.

Creating a watermark in Lightroom is an easy process, and it highly depends on how you want it. As for graphic watermark, the users can insert any logo or image and incorporate their personal preferences. The opacity, size, orientation, and anchor can be changed as the user wants.

Photo Editing in Adobe Lightroom

The photo editing feature of Lightroom is as seamless as it can get. The post-processing options presented by the tool covers multiple operations. One can change the brightness, contrast, color, sharpness and make multiple adjustments. Essentially, Lightroom was built for editing pictures, and it cannot be taken as its side feature.

Face Detection in Adobe Lightroom

The face detection feature in this exceptional tool has changed the narratives for photo editors. The People View shows the faces of the people in your diverse range of images. Lightroom suggests a name for unnamed shots, which can be check-marked if they are correct. In short, the most smooth and effortless implementation of face recognition and people tagging is offered by Lightroom.

Part 3: How to Add Watermark in Images Using Lightroom

The section shall cover the most burning question of the day of how to create a watermark in Lightroom. As mentioned above, two types of watermarks can be adopted in one’s product image. The text and graphic watermark ensure that the user is given complete independence of displaying the watermark.

For the same reason, the section shall offer a step-by-step guide for how to add watermark in Lightroom 2020 desktop.

Step 1: Launching the Interface

For starters, launch Adobe Lightroom from your system. Click on “Edit” from the top panel and tap on “Edit Watermarks.” If you are on Mac, tap “Lightroom” from the same top panel and hit “Edit Watermarks.” After that, choose the type of watermark that you need.

choose watermark type

For Text Watermark

If you choose the "Text watermark," continue the following steps.

Step 2: Editing the Watermark Settings

The user is expected to change the font color, style, and orientation that you need in your text watermark. The shadow can also be added, and you can alter the opacity and position as you require.

edit watermark text

Step 3: Size of the Watermark

The next concern is related to the size of the watermark. Keeping the proportional size works in most scenarios; however, one can change the size to “Fit” or Fill.”

modify watermark text size

Step 4: Position of the Watermark

Lightroom comes up with an “Inset” sliders that states how far the watermark will be positioned inside the frame. Set the anchor point afterward.

choose text watermark location

Graphic Watermark

To use the "Graphic watermark," continue the steps given as under.

Step 2: Browsing the Graphic Image

Tap on "Choose" and browse the graphic image from your system to be used as the watermark. After the graphic is uploaded, navigate to the editor tab to change the opacity, positioning, and size of the watermark.

import your watermark image

Step 3: Saving the Watermark

After that, click on the “Save” button and give the watermark a proper name. The watermark can be accessed by all Lightroom modules.

save your watermark image

Bonus Tip: Remove Unwanted Watermarks Off Your Images using AI Technology

Adding watermark in Lightroom is not a complex process. However, there are many instances when you need to remove a watermark from any online image to display it on the website. In such a situation, one requires a tool that removes watermarks effortlessly.

Wondershare PixCut is one such exceptional tool that lets the user remove the watermark in three steps. The tool is compatible with Android and iPhone devices. Being an online tool, you don’t have to sign in to remove the watermark. Offering an interactive interface, PixCut has to be your first choice when it comes to getting rid of big watermarks.

Following are some impeccable features of Wondershare PixCut:

  • PixCut lets the user enlarge the image without impacting the quality of the product. One can enlarge up to 4 times effortlessly.
  • The background can be removed in batches, thus, making a productive workplace.
  • The Figma plugin permits you to remove background from 60 images in a month completely free of cost.
  • The tool can be used online as well as from any operating device in seconds.

To find out the process of watermark removal from PixCut, follow our lead.

Step 1: Uploading the Imagery

The step is simple. Launch Wondershare PixCut and click on the “Remove Watermark” feature located on the interface. The user can upload, drag and drop, or paste the image URL onto the page.

import your watermarked image


Step 2: Removing Process

The brushstroke size can be reduced and enhanced based on the watermark. Mark the watermark using it and then hit “Remove Objects.” PixCut uses the Al technology to get rid of the watermark.

initiate watermark removal process

Step 3: Saving Process

After the process is concluded, click on “Download” and save the output in your system effortlessly.

save your watermark free image

The Bottom Line

Creative professionals are playing with their work every second of the day. Photographers and artists have to protect their work at all costs, which is why watermarks are incorporated. The article discussed the process of adding watermark in Lightroom while explaining reasons to use a watermark.

Wondershare PixCut gives the users a way out to remove watermarks from different images. The tool is easily accessible and can be used by any beginner. The users are recommended to choose the best tool for removing as well as adding a watermark.

People Also Ask

You can add a watermark by clicking on "Settings" and selecting the "Watermarking" option. Rename the watermark as you like. Position the watermark on your image. Now, click on the "Share" icon and hit "Export as" from the list of options. Pick the JPG format. Navigate to the "More Options" and tap "Include Watermark. Go to the "Back" option, and the watermark is ready to be exported.

You can watermark multiple photos in Lightroom by first selecting the series of images in the Library or from Editing modules. Right-click on any one of the pictures and hit the "Edit" option. The export module would be activated. Now, locate the Watermarking section and checkmark the "Watermark" box. Choose the watermark that you wish to apply. Click on the "Export" button, and the process is completed.

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