Proven Methods to Remove Fiverr Watermark

Freelancing has become a new norm now. People are going online and preferring remote work due to the ongoing pandemic. The situation gave rise to the usage of multiple freelancing websites such as Fiverr.

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. The company offers extensive services for buyers and sellers joining businesses and skilled people under one platform. The work has become global as businesses are connecting with ambitious employees to enhance the growth of their entrepreneurial ventures. Remote work has become effortless owing to Fiverr.

The article presents reasons to remove the Fiverr watermark and tools that make the process facile. So, let us start!

Part 1: Why Does Fiverr Places Watermark on Your Photos?

Fiverr is being used by millions of creative professionals as buyers and sellers. It places a watermark on its photos for several reasons. The section has taken the liberty to inform the users of the reasons associated with a watermark on Fiverr images. So, let us understand them before going through the Fiverr watermark remover process.

Fiverr protects the sellers' rights, and it doesn't let the buyers own work that the sellers submit. The presence of a watermark limits the buyers from slipping away with work without paying them. It means that the business employers should accept the work order submitted to them and pay for it. Only then can they use the content.

The watermark on photos protects the legal rights of the seller. Hence, people prefer using Fiverr services for their online gigs and work.

Part 2: Reasons to Remove Fiverr Watermark

Buyers and sellers on Fiverr both have to remove the Fiverr watermark from work in different instances. There are a set of reasons associated with why one should remove a watermark from images. Before knowing how to remove Fiverr watermark, let us first discuss the reasons to get rid of the Fiverr watermark.

  • In unforeseen circumstances, the seller's connection with the buyer is lost as soon as the work is submitted. The buyer has to request the seller for original work, but there is sometimes no connection. At that instant, the buyer can remove the watermark and use it as his needs.
  • There are multiple situations where people outsource their work. The buyers outsource the work to sellers on Fiverr. As soon as the work is submitted, buyers remove the Fiverr watermark to send the work to their superiors further.
  • If you are an employee at a multinational firm and you used Fiverr to get your work done, the need to remove the watermark becomes real. You do not want to show your boss that you haven't done the work and outsourced it, right?
  • The seller often wants to send high-quality imagery to trusted and repetitive sellers without a watermark. So in case, the connection is lost, the buyers can use the image in their professional platforms.

Part 3: Tools You Should Look for Removing Fiverr Watermark

The section considers the needs of both sellers and buyers to remove the Fiverr watermark from the images. After receiving the order, buyers remove watermarks while sellers also disable the watermark options. Therefore, it is mandatory to disable the watermark option in Fiverr. The section shall also introduce Wondershare PixCut and Inpaint in detail.

3.1. Disabling the Watermark Option

To disable the watermark option from Fiverr, follow the steps below in detail.

Step 1: For starters, launch the Fiverr application and log in using your seller account. Tap on "Gigs" from the selling menu.

tap on gigs option

Step 2: Tap on the gig title for which you want to disable the watermark option. Look out for the toggle which will be activated. Disable the option by toggling it off using the mouse button.

disable active watermark option

3.2. Redownloading the Order

Now the question arises of how a buyer can download watermark-free images from Fiverr. If the buyer has lost communication with the seller after receiving the order, a problem is surfaced. It is because the buyer needs the actual image output. However, you can navigate to the "Order" section and accept the order.

select the orders option

Redownload the item, and the image is saved in the system without a Fiverr watermark. It is the initial order that the freelancer submitted for viewing.

3.3. Wondershare PixCut

Wondershare PixCut is a unique watermark and background remover tool creating a storm in the market with its impeccable features. PixCut can remove the Fiverr watermark in a matter of seconds. Additionally, the Shopify and Figma plugin has enhanced the productivity at the workplace multifold.

To know how to remove Fiverr watermark using PixCut, allow us to walk you through each step.

Step 1: Opening the Tool

The first step is easy. Launch Wondershare PixCut online from your system. Navigate to the Watermark Remover tool and open it.

access remove watermark feature

Step 2: Uploading the Targeted Imagery

The users are free to upload an image or paste the URL. One can also drop the image. The editor opens up in seconds. Use brushstroke to remove the watermark based on its size. Tap "Remove Objects" after you are done.

mark fiverr watermark for removal

Step 3: Saving the Output

Hit "Download," and you are free of the Fiverr watermark effortlessly.

export fiverr watermark free image

3.4. Inpaint

Inpaint is yet another Fiverr watermark remover. It magically removes objects from your images, and the process is entirely effortless. However, there are multiple limitations before uploading the targeted imagery at the interface. For starters, the image format should be JPG, PNG, or WebP and the maximum image size has to be 10MB. Additionally, make sure that the maximum image resolution is 4.2 megapixels.

To know how to remove Fiverr watermark through Inpaint, follow the guide below.

Step 1: To begin, launch Inpaint from your browser. Tap on the "Upload" button and browse the targeted imagery.

upload your watermarked image

Step 2: Moving on, use the marker to highlight the area of the watermark. Make a more refined selection of the highlighter tool.

highlight the watermark

Step 3: After that, hit "Run." Inpaint processes the images and removes the Fiverr watermark in seconds.

watermark removed successfully

Concluding Remarks

Watermarks display ownership and promote brand visibility. They play an essential role in providing legal security to work. However, buyers are sellers both remove Fiverr watermarks for several reasons explained in the article above.

Wondershare PixCut uses Al technology to remove backgrounds and watermarks from the imagery. The users are recommended to use the tool to remove watermarks from the Fiverr images in a matter of seconds.

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