Easy Ways To Remove iStock Watermark

They say that a good photo speaks volumes without uttering words. In this global village, advertisers, businessmen, and many other professionals use illustrations and stock photos to convey their messages in a glorified way. There are many online platforms available where professionals post high-quality stock photos for earning, and people use them for work.

These marketplaces provide royalty stock images which means that you only have to pay once for the license and can easily use it within allowed days. Such stock photos are watermarked for the security of their content. But for professional and personal use, there are some disadvantages of a watermark. For instance, viewer's focus can deviate from the actual photo to the watermark, and it leaves a bad impression of copywrites.

Do you want your photos to be flawless without a watermark? Then this article will give you the best and easiest directions to remove iStock watermark and download images without watermark.

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Part 1: iStock – A Hub of Royalty Stock Images, Illustrations, Videos, and Effects

iStock is one of the prospering online marketplaces which provides millions of photos, videos, editing effects, and illustrations. They are financed by Getty images and give royalty-free stock photos with easy subscription plans. It offers exceptional images in many categories, such as lifestyle images, popular searches, trending photos, and signature collections. Moreover, premium quality sound and editing effects are available to make your videos flawless.

istock website interface

The best trait of iStock is that it has a huge diversity in the collection of photos at the most affordable prices—for instance, business photos, education photos, nature photos, animal photos, and many more. If you are looking for high-quality stock photos, then iStock is the most prominent option for appealing and eye-worthy pictures.

Part 2: What is the Official Method of Downloading iStock images Without Watermark?

Following are the easiest and quickest directions to download iStock images without a watermark.

Step 1: Visit iStock Website

To start up the procedure, firstly, go to the iStock website. Search the image you want to download, and you can also check out the options from the categories that are available.

search for your desired image

Step 2: Navigate your desired Image

After searching your desired photo, many choices will pop up on your screen. Also, there will be options available like signature and essential photos. Select the image you want to download by clicking on it.

choose your photo

Step 3: Select to Purchase

After making the right choice by checking the size and quality of the image, tap on the option "Continue with purchase." This will directly link you to the payment page.

pay for the selected image

Step 4: Complete Payment Procedure

Give your details and payment information on the payment page so that you can continue to purchase. After completion, simply click on "Pay now," and your selected photo will be downloaded to your PC.

add and confirm the payment details

Part 3: How to Download iStock images Without Watermark for Free?

Do you want your iStock images to be flawless without a watermark? Then pay attention to the following guidelines to download images without an iStockphoto watermark.

Google Search Engine

Google reverse image search is a great place to look for your desired images by giving them an image instead of writing keywords. By providing images, this search engine will bring you similar kinds of photos and information. You can easily perform a reverse image search on a computer, android mobile, or iPhone.

It's an easy and reliable way to look for a variety of images by simply putting a photo or its link on the search bar. Following are the simple steps to conduct Google reverse image search:

Step 1: Visit Google Web Browser

Go to Google web browser on your computer. Then search for “http://images.google.com/” to start up the procedure. Afterward, the Google images page will appear on your screen.

access google images website

Step 2: Upload iStock Photo

Click on the camera icon that is on the right side of the search bar. After taping on it, select your iStock photo from the photo library. Otherwise, you can also paste the URL of your iStock photo on the search bar. After choosing an iStock photo from the photo library, upload it on the search bar, and it will bring you relevant images.

import your istock photo or add url

Step 3: Select to Download

Scroll through relevant images and select your desired photo. After selection, click right on the mouse to save the image, and your photo will be ready to download.

find and download your photo


TinEye is an excellent search engine that offers you reverse image search with multiple options. You can easily verify images, search colors of your choice, and detect any fraud in your provided content. If you want a high resolution of images, then this search engine is the best place to navigate.

The procedure is simple as you can simply upload an image or add its link on the TinEye search bar. Here we are providing you with three easy steps to do a reverse image search:

Step 1: Go to the TinEye website

To start up the procedure, go to the TinEye webpage by searching “tineye.com” in the browser of your computer.

tineye website interface

Step 2: Upload your iStock Photo

After coming to the TinEye website, choose "Upload" on the left side of the search bar and select a photo from your computer. Otherwise, you can also "enter image URL" on the search bar to link your iStock photo.

add your istock photo url or photo

Step 3: Select to Download

After uploading a photo, TinEye reverse image search bar will display relevant images on your screen. Select the photo of your choice and click right to save the image. Your photo without iStock watermark will be downloaded to your PC.

choose your image for download


Downloader.la is a free website that offers multiple options to access different stock images. You can easily download stock photos without watermark for free of cost. It provides you with a fast speed to download stock photos and videos.

But the biggest disadvantage of this website is that it does not provide you premium quality as HD pictures cannot be downloaded. Following are the simplest steps to do reverse image search through Downloader.la:

Step 1: Go to Downloader.la Website

To start up the process, go to Downloader.la website. Afterward, select "Download Now" from the iStock photo tool by clicking on it.

tap on download now istock tool

Step 2: Paste URL of iStock Photo

Now iStock photo downloader search bar will appear on your screen. Enter iStock photo URL on the search bar and click on "Download."

add istock photo url for downloading

Step 3: Download your iStock Free Photo

After clicking the "Download Now," it will display you the similar image on your screen. Select the image and download it by clicking on the right to save the image. In this way, your photo will be downloaded to your PC.

click on download now option

Part 4: Easiest Methods to Get Rid of iStock Watermark in Images

In this section, we will give you details and guidelines about how to use iStockphoto watermark removers in images for your ease. We will discuss two online watermark removers below that give excellent results.


Media.io is the most used online iStock watermark remover that provides different tools to remove unnecessary things from images, such as background and watermarks. You can also enhance your image without losing its quality and resolution. They also have different plugins such as Figma and Shopify plugins.

The best thing about Media.io is its user-friendly interface and variety of editing tools available at the same place. Unlike other online-based tools where the procedure is complex, Media.io offers you a complete guideline to glorify your stock photos in the easiest and simplest ways.

Step 1: Go to the Media.io website

To start up the process, visit the website of Media.io by searching. After opening up the website, there will be many tools and options available to edit your photo.

access the website of pixcut

Step 2: Select Remove Watermark Option

By scrolling down the webpage, there will be a heading of "Remove Watermark Now." Select this option by clicking it.

open pixcut watermark tool

Step 3: Upload your iStock Photo

There are three options for uploading an iStock image. You can simply click on "Upload" and can choose an image from your photo library. After uploading the image, you are ready to remove the watermark.

upload your istock photo

Step 4: Use Tools to Remove iStock Watermark

By clicking "Bursh", you can move the cursor and select the area of the iStockphoto watermark. Then click "Start processing" to remove the watermark.

highlight your istock watermark

Step 5: Download iStock Watermark Free Image

After removing the watermark, you can click "Download" on the top right of your screen. And image will be downloaded to your device.

download your watermark free istock image

Aiseesoft Watermark Remover

Aiseesoft Watermark Remover is an efficient web-based tool that can erase and edit unnecessary icons, watermarks, and backgrounds. It offers multiple tools to enhance images by special effects and tools. You don't have to worry about a subscription as it's a free website to edit your iStock photos. Following are the easiest steps on how to remove iStockphoto watermark.

Step 1: Go to Aiseesoft Watermark Remover Website

Firstly, go to the Aiseesoft watermark remover website by searching. On their website, click on “Upload” and select iStock photo from the computer you want to edit. You can also drop the image file on the option given below.

access aiseesoft watermark removal tool

Step 2: Use Tools to Remove Watermark

There are three tools to select the area of watermark: polygonal, lasso, and brush. Use the tools accordingly and highlight the area of the watermark by clicking the left mouse button.

 Image name: methods-to-remove-istock-watermark-21.jpg

Image alt: highlight your istock watermark

Step 3: Click to Remove Watermark

After highlighting the watermark, select "Remove" from above by clicking on it. Afterward, click “Save” to download the photo to your computer.

export your istock photo without watermark

Closing Remarks

Who does not want flawless stock photos for their work use? This article is the best piece for people who are looking for premium quality photos without a watermark. We have shared the most reliable sites to download iStock photos without watermark and also to remove the iStock watermark for free. If you are struggling with the editing of stock photos, then Media.io is an excellent online gadget to solve all your concerns.

Unlike other online tools, it gives you security and fast speed to easily process your editing. You can remove iStock watermark to make your photos unblemished. One other prominent feature of this tool is that you can enlarge photos without damaging the resolution of an image is free of cost.

People Also Ask

iStock offers you a royalty-free license through which you can easily purchase a file. In order to do so, there are two methods:

1. Credits are accessible in fixed packs through which you can save downloads when you purchase in larger quantities. Also, you only need credits when you want to download a file.

2. Subscriptions provide you access to downloads that are limited for each month. However, you can subscribe for a month or can extend it to a year.

When a customer licenses your work, the agency pays a royalty. There are different royalty rates for content licensed, such as 20% for illustrations and videos and 15% for photos. One can also become a contributor by providing us with their payment information. The royalty rates of a contributor can vary from 25% to 45%. You can either receive royalties in your PayPal or Payoneer in USD.

If you are using it for commercial purposes, then it's not mandatory. But for editorial objectives, you must give due credits either next to content or in visual production.

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