Smart Ways to Remove Watermark from Photo on Mac

“I am a Mac user and I am looking for photo editing apps in Mac. Though there are several available online, however, I am unable to get the desired result after using them. Can anyone here help me to get my hands on professional editing software to remove watermark from pictures on Mac?”

Photo editing is a much-required tool in today’s time. Be it a professional or a beginner, there comes the point that everyone will need to put their hands on photo editing software, given the digital advancement. If you are a Mac user and need to know professional and online watermark remover software for Mac, this post is for you. 

In this post, we describe how to remove watermark from photo on Mac and their best alternatives. By the end of this article, you will be well versed with watermark remover for Mac.

Method 1: Using Professional Photo Editing Software to Remove watermark on Mac

Several photo editing software are available pre-installed on the system, and you can find many on the internet. For example- if you search for ‘remove watermark mac or watermark remover for mac’ on the internet, you will see many options displayed on the screen. Read further to know about the best professional photo editing software for Mac and the steps on how to remove watermarks from pictures using them. 

1. Photoshop

Photoshop is the most reliable and top-rated editor for all types of images on Mac. It offers a wide ambit of features that are suitable for all kinds of photo editing needs. It is a paid editor which lets you edit your photos and give them a professional touch. The editing process is easy but requires concentration. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to remove watermark using photoshop on Mac

Step 1: Open your Photo

Launch the photoshop software on your Mac and open the image that you want to edit. Select the photo from your files and press the ‘Open’ option on the screen. When the photo opens, you will see a screen, as shown below. It will have a number of tools and features displayed on all sides. 

 Launch the photoshop software

Step 2: Select the watermark

You will find a clone stamp tool on the left side panel, as highlighted in the image below. Select the clone stamp tool and select the watermark that you want to remove. Now, press the Alt key on your keyboard and clock on the area right next to the watermark.

 Select the watermark to remove

Step 3: Remove watermark 

Use the paintbrush to paint over the watermark. As you paint the watermark, the clone stamp tool will pick the pixels from the adjacent area and place them on the area where you hover the paintbrush. 

 Remove watermark

When you remove the complete watermark, the image will be ready for use without any disruptions with the image size. You can save the picture on your computer now. 

2. Luminar AI

Luminar AI is a professional photo editor that you can use directly or even as a plugin with Adobe photoshop or as photo Extention in MacOS. It is the first photo editor to be completely powered by Artificial Intelligence. Luminar AI, as a photo editing software, has taken photo editing to a whole new level. 

It offers features like AI-powered image tools, templates to speed up the editing process, and professional editing control for color, lighting, and more. In addition, it benefits the users by making simple pictures better with the slider commands and tools available. It is an easy-to-use and secure photo editing software. 

Here is how to remove watermark from photo on Mac using Luminar AI: 

Step 1: Open the Image 

Launch the Luminar AI software on your Mac and click on the ‘+’ sign displayed on the top panel. Now, tap on the ‘add image’ option to add the photo you want to edit. When you select the image, tap on Open to open the image in the launcher. 

open the image

Step 2: Select the Watermark

Now, on the top panel. You will see an option ‘Edit’ click on it, and the panel will open on the right side of the screen. Tap on the ‘Erase’ button on this panel and use the brush to highlight the watermark on the image. 

You can change the brush size and hand tool. You can also shift from brush tool to hand tool by holding the ‘Space bar’ for a few seconds.

 select the watermark.

Step 3: Remove watermark 

When the watermark is completely highlighted, hit the ‘Erase’ option on the right panel to remove the watermark. If you need further changes, you can repeat the second step until the watermark is completely removed. 

Remove watermark

Step 4: Save the Image 

When the image is finally complete, you can export the image to your system or through the mail. You will find multiple options to save the image. Click on the ‘Export’ button to save the image as per your requirement. 

 save the image

Applying the steps mentioned above, you will easily remove watermark from your images in a professional style. As a result, the image quality will not be hampered, and the final result will be more than acceptable. 

3. Fotophire Photo Eraser

Fotophire photo eraser is a tool launched by Wondershare. It is a paid professional photo editing tool that lets you play with lights, focus, background, watermark, and other editing on your image. It is one of the commonly used software for editing images.

You can use fotophire for removing unwanted objects and people from the image, removing acne marks, removing watermarks, removing power lines from the image, etc. You can also add a smooth touch to your images using fotophire software.

Follow the steps below to extract the watermark using the fotophire photo eraser. 

Step 1: Open the image

Launch the fotophire photo eraser on your browser and upload the image from your computer. 

 upload the image

Step 2: Highlight the Watermark 

Use the marker tool to highlight the watermark area. You can also use the brush tool or the magic wand to select the watermarked area. Magic wand lets you select the area in one-click 

 Highlight the watermark area

Step 3: Remove the Watermark 

After highlighting the watermarked area, you can use the ‘Erase’ option on the screen to remove the watermark. 

 Remove watermark

By implementing these 3 easy steps, you will be able to remove watermark from photos using fotophire photo erase. 

Several other options for editing your pictures are available online, and that too free-of-cost. You might want to check them out as they provide professional edit like looking images. Scroll down to know more about them. 

Method 2: Using Free online tool to Remove watermark on Mac

1. Wondershare Pixcut

Wondershare PixCut is a free-to-use photo editing tool available online. It is used to make thumbnails for YouTube and edit pictures for all the social media platforms. Removing the watermark using Wonderware pixcut is a cakewalk. In 3 simple steps, you can get rid of the watermark and use the image for your projects. 

An additional benefit of using pixcut is that the image quality will not be hampered. It takes pixels from the surrounding image and fits into the watermark area. Both beginners and professionals use this tool for editing images. 

It offers additional editing tools such as removing background, bulk background and even enlarging the image. You can save the final image in your desired resolution and style.

Here is the step-by-step guide to removing watermarks using Wondershare pixcut. 

Step 1: Upload the Image

Open Wondershare watermark remover in your browser and upload the image that you have to edit. Tap on the ‘Upload Image’ option on the screen. You can also add the photo using the Image URL or drag and drop option. 

 upload the image

Step 2: Remove Watermark

Use the brush tool to highlight the watermark area. You can adjust the size of the brush depending upon the size of the watermark. You can zoom in on the figure to mark a tiny watermark. Now, tap on the ‘Remove Objects’ button to erase the watermark. 

 Remove Watermark

Step 3: Download the final image 

Now, you have the final image with you that has no watermark on it. You can execute additional changes, such as enlarging the image or removing the background here. 

When the picture is finalized, tap on the ‘Download’ option on the top right corner of the screen and save the photo on your computer. 

Download the image

However, it is hassle-free and even easy to use. Additionally, it offers professional photo editing tools and also has a free version for its users. 

2. Inpaint

Inpaint is graphic software used for retouching images and removing unwanted objects from pictures. It has simplified semi-automatic tools that focus on photo editing. For example, it has a tool similar to a healing brush in Adobe photoshop. The tool assists in replacing bad texture with good texture from another area in the same image. 

You can easily remove unwanted objects from the image, do facial retouching, repair any old photos, or merge multiple images into one. Using inpaint to remove the watermark is a simple process; you can implement the following steps for the same. 

Step 1: Upload the image 

Open the Inpaint tool on your browser and upload the image from your system. You will see a screen, as shown in the image below. 

upload the image

Step 2: Select the Watermark

Now, you click on the marker, choose the colour and start to highlight the watermark area. You can also use the magic wand to choose the area with one click. 

It offers you to choose the marker size depending on the watermark size. When done, press the ‘Erase’ option on the top toolbar. it will run the restoration process. 

 Run the restoration process

Step 3: Save the final image 

The image will be restored, and the watermark will be removed from the image. If there are any further changes needed, you can make them using the given tools. You can download the photo using the ‘Download and save a copy option on the top toolbar when the image is ready. 

Save the photo

The steps discussed above are easy to follow. In addition, you can remove watermarks and other unwanted objects from the photo using inpaint. 

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, now you know how to remove watermark from photo on Mac, whether from professional tool or online free tools. Therefore, the best photo editing tool for removing watermarks from your images easily is Wondershare pixcut. 

It is available online and supports all browsers. In addition, it offers a free version where you can make all the necessary edits in less than a minute and use the images for your project. You can also use it to design thumbnails, remove background and even enlarge the images.

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