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Easily remove watermark from images online and free with AniEraser AI-aided tool.
No prior editing skills needed!
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How to Remove Watermark from Photo Online?

Step 1

Upload Your Photo

Open AniEraser on your mobile or PC browser, and then tap Upload Image to add your picture file. Alternatively, drag-n-drop the photo or upload an image URL link.
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Step 2

Select Watermark/Object to Remove

Brush over the area of watermark or other unwanted objects. Once ready, click on Remove button.
Step 3

Download Non-watermarked Photo

AniEraser will quickly remove the marked watermark from image. When done, you can zoom in to check the quality result and Download.

Magically Remove
Any Unwanted Elements from Images

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Remove Logo from Picture Automatically

Copyright awareness is a popular subject these days. Everyone, including photographers, want to protect their work and earn from it if possible. Therefore, plenty of online photos are watermarked with logos and stamps. But sometimes you may have the watermark deleting need and hence use AniEraser logo remover to get rid of interfering logos and seals quickly and effectively. Note that, using a copyrighted photo without the owner's consent is illegal.

Remove Objects from Photo

It’s common to capture a perfect photo but in the wrong setting. This is common when creating a beautiful scenery image for posting on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter, where retouching the photo, removing some photobombers is a must. If that’s your case, go to a program like AniEraser to remove unwanted photo objects like people, buildings, trees, cars, and more. Just simply define, draw and remove them.

Remove Text from Image

In business or marketing industry, texts can be watermarks, captions or other items meant to identify you creators and pass some vital messages to the target audience. With AniEraser tool at your fingertips, you can easily remove any texts on JPG, PNG, or WebM image files. The AI watermark remover will automatically erase unwanted texts on your photos without leaving any apparent blur.
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Why Consider AniEraser AI Watermark Eraser?

fast speed
Ease & Fast Tool

AniEraser uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to erase watermark or other unwelcome elements from your images quickly and easily. Just upload the photo, and the AI system will do the rest.

high quality
Incredible Quality

This tool will get rid of watermark without blurring your photos. You can download the pictures with no watermark in HD or SD quality.

Major Formats Supported
Major Formats Supported

AniEraser supports all popular image formats. You can remove watermarks from JPG, PNG, and WebM files.

Revert Possibility
Revert Possibility

With AniEraser, you can undo and redo your work. Put simply, you can revert the watermark-removed picture to its original form.

FAQs - Perfectly Get Rid of Watermark from Image

  • Removing watermarks from an image file is quick and easy with AniEraser. Just upload your image, and utilize its handy brush tool to highlight watermark area, then the AI system will clean it in a flash.

  • AniEraser is the best tool to remove a watermark from a photo without special skills. Here, upload the image, mark the watermark and sit back as the program does the rest with automatic technology. The watermark removal process takes less than 10 seconds.

  • YES! AniEraser can remove watermarks, logos or text from video. It's a simple online watermark remover for mobile and desktop browsers that removes watermarks from all standard video formats. You only need to upload the video, brush or lasso the watermark area, and erase the watermark. Excitingly, you can remove watermarks in batch.

Samuel Turner

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I recommend this watermark eraser to anyone who wants to enhance their photos without any unique skills. It's relatively simple and free. The output image quality is also excellent. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you!

Jesse M

rate rate rate rate rate
This free watermark remover does precisely what I want it to do without restrictions. I often use it to remove watermarks and objects from my social media photos without blurring them. What else could I need?


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I've used AniEraser two or three times, and I love what I see. I'm comfortable using it.

Miriam K

rate rate rate rate rate
Best app to remove watermarks from a photo in less than 10 seconds. However, I was hoping for more format outputs besides PNG. Other than that, it’s excellent!

Erik Jedi

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I use AniEraser occasionally to get rid of watermark and unnecessary text. It doesn't leave any pixel spot on the previously watermarked area. Everything about this online tool should appeal to beginners.