User Guide

How to use Wondershare PixCut? Learn everything about it here.

User Guide

Can I use PixCut for free?

Remove background from image

Using PixCut to remove background images is entirely free, and we offer free downloads to individual users (the free version supports a maximum of 0.25-megapixel image downloads, e.g., 625 x 400). If you want to download full-resolution images ( Maximum 16 megapixels, e.g., 4000x 4000), you need to deduct your credits.

Enlarge images

PixCut could automatically enlarge your images to 400% without losing quality. Also, you could download the enlarged images with watermarks. It would cost 1 credit to download enlarged images without watermarks.

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What image formats are supported?

Remove background from image

You can upload any image in JPG, PNG, JPEG, BMP, or GIF format with a file size of up to 15 MB. All images with clear subject are supported. It is recommended to use images taken under good lighting conditions, with a clear distinction between foreground and background and high contrast for better effect.

Enlarge images

You could upload JPG, PNG, JPEG, or BMP format images with a file size of up to 8 MB for enlarging.

What are the standard-quality and high-quality result images?

When the background is removed, PixCut will provide both standard and high-quality result images to download. The maximum resolution of a standard result image is 0.25 megapixels (e.g., 625 × 400), while the resolution of a high-quality result image is more than 16 megapixels and less than 25 million pixels (e.g., 4000× 4,000).

If the original image's resolution is less than 16 megapixels, you cannot download high-quality result images with transparent background.

What's the credit?

Users could use the credit to download high-quality result images. It costs one credit to download one high-quality result image of removed background image. You could spend one credit to download an enlarged image without watermark. Meanwhile, it will not cost extra credit for multiple-time downloading of the same high-quality result image. New users could gain credits by signing up. Also, you can purchase the credits by subscribing to a monthly plan or one-time purchase.

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What if I didn't use all the credits from my monthly subscription in a month? Or what if I ran out of all the credits?

Credits purchased with a monthly subscription can be used in the current month, and as long as the subscription status is maintained, all the unused points will be rolled over to the next month.
Pay as You Go credits are valid forever from purchase until they are used up.

If the credits are not enough, you can buy the Pay as You Go credits, which can be used immediately after purchase;
Or cancel your current subscription at the Account Center and resubscribe for more points.

Can I cancel/upgrade/downgrade my subscription?

You can cancel, upgrade, and downgrade subscriptions at any time in the Account Center .After unsubscribing, the current subscription remains valid until the end of the settlement period, and the resubscribed credits are immediately available.