Finding the Best Trends of Jewellery in the eCommerce Market

Jewellery is a big addition and a great fit to eCommerce as products are liked by people, light in weight, easy for shipment, can be customized on-demand, and very affordable in price. Due to the modern culture and social media influence, people love to buy jewellery that enhances their personality and puts a sparkle in their pictures.

Keeping this in mind, many brands are arranging their marketing and sales strategy to expand their business eCommerce. The article explains ways to increase the scale of jewellery eCommerce. There are different trends that are being followed in 2021 for expanding the business.

Moreover, in an online business, the customer only sees what you show them. In this case, you have to take the best photos with a unique background. One can use Wondershare PixCut for removing background from an image as the application is easy to use.

Part 1: Future Trends of Jewelry Industry in eCommerce

Part 2: How to Increase your Jewellry eCommerce Sales?

Part 3: Online AI Jewelry Image Background Remover

Part 1: Future Trends of Jewellry Industry in eCommerce

There are quite some helpful and revolutionary trends followed in 2021. Brands in online businesses use the trends to increase their sales.

Continuous Rise in Wearable Jewellery

The rise of wearable technology in 2019 was initiated in 2015, that over 250 million wearable devices will be made, while there is a prediction that 650 million products will rise in 2021. Smartwatches are common and in use by people but smart jewellery like rings, bracelets, and necklaces. People like this trend the way they like heavyweight jewellery.

Augmented Reality (AR) as a Sales Boosting Tool

Augmented reality is the big booster in online eCommerce marketing as it gives the typical view of reality that is enhanced by graphic designing. It has been said that AR is going to be a strong driver in eCommerce brands, including the jewellery business online.

The famous watch brand Tissot used AR technology, which allowed consumers to try the watches on a 3D model of the brand. This resulted in an 85% increase in the sales of Tissot, a Swiss watchmaker brand.

Sales Boosting Power of 360-degree Jewellery Product Videos

This year will be the year of the social commerce revolution, and this will have a significant influence on the visual representation of jewellery products on both websites and offline shops. 91% to 96% of consumers have been demanding a 360-degree view of pictures, which is possible now.

Interactive and Purposeful Social Commerce

Apart from the website, social commerce gives you way more profit than any other trend. You don't have an idea how much people get attracted to your brand by your posts on different social media platforms. Social commerce provides you with better opportunities to interact with your consumer and target more audience.

There are many jewellery brands that deal with different social media handles, including Facebook, Instagram, and campaigning through WhatsApp. The more you are focused on social commerce, the more consumers you convince.

Part 2: How to Increase your Jewelry eCommerce Sales?

To increase your eCommerce scale in jewellery, being authentic and real with what you share is the most important aspect while doing a business. Yet you must use some technique that helps you in marketing your brand.

Write Engaging Product Description

While selling online jewellery, you don't get the chance and benefit of building face-to-face rapport. People selling offline jewellery have an edge of explaining and emphasizing to the customer to buy certain jewellery. While in an online business, you don't have the edge of convincing your customer. All you have is a picture and description that you can make catchy enough to attract people to the product.

This is recommended to write a quality description under your product posts and make the product well-explained by it.

Categorize your Jewellery Products

No customer likes hassle, and that's a sure thing! You must make the website easy to access and approachable to almost everyone. Many people do browsing through jewellery websites to see if there is something they like. For such people, you must categorize the products like:

  • Watches
  • Necklaces
  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings

This will make your site accessible very convenient for everyone. Even if someone is not interested in buying products, he might just browse a little, find his favorite jewellery and book it!

Influencers are an Investment

It has been researched that investing in influencers returns 80% more benefit as compared to what was costed on them. You can find some amazing Instagram influencers easily and send them your products time-to-time. This would help you target more audiences as many people like influencers nowadays.

Different influencers have different followers. If you send your products to 3 of them and all of the three have an average of 10,000, then it means that you are targeting a huge audience.

Create your Own Style

When it comes to building the aesthetics of your online business in jewellery, style is so important. For instance, if you are marketing elegant and dewy designs of jewellery, make your website a little dark as compared to light products. If you are selling some hand-crafted jewellery, make the website a little bohemian.

Your website should be in your own style. This also goes for the style of jewellery products. Go for designs that are not occupied by any other brand. Try to be different and unique with your designs but also not weird. Do not invest in any design that is way more different and unusual than other products.

Part 3: Online AI Jewellery Image Background Remover

Making your profile aesthetic with jewellery pics may seem a daunting task, but it is only difficult for the first few times. For this, you should have access to an image background remover, and knowing how to remove the background from the picture can solve your problems.

Wondershare PixCut, for this purpose, is an exceptional background eraser that, alongside removing background from the image, performs other tasks as well.

  • It removes the background of the image without making it seem fake.
  • It helps to enlarge the features in the picture, such as the nose or face.
  • It has built-in designs that can be utilized to make occasional cards and corporate invites.
  • PixCut is being used by many online websites such as jewellery, clothing, makeup, and sports brands.

For using the application, you only need to abide by the following steps:

Step 1: Uploading the picture

At first, add the image you want to enlarge and remove the background. You can drag the picture to an editing area. The other option is to copy and paste the image. Another way refers to type the URL of the web image in order to edit it.

Step 2: Removal of the Background of the image

After successfully uploading the image, the application PixCut changes the background of the image to a transparent background.

Step 3: Downloading the resulting image

The last step refers to download the edited version of the image. You can do it by clicking on the "Download" option present on the screen. The paid subscribers are relieved to download the image in HD premium quality.


The article has concluded with trends and techniques that can be implemented to expand your jewellery business across the world. You can do so by making your profile accessible and available on every social platform. The other part of the article explains how to remove the background of a picture with the help of a background eraser tool online free, Wondershare PixCut. The application has various features for editing pictures.

People belonging to any online business or website can surely use the application to remove background from pictures.

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