How to Create a Well-designed Cyber Monday Image

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Cyber Monday is an online shopping event that encourages people to buy things on the internet. So what can you do to ensure tons of people purchase your products? Using Cyber Monday images can help you attract your target market and boost your sales. This guide will help you learn how to create a well-designed Cyber Monday image.

How Will a Well-Designed Cyber Monday Image Affect Your Sales?

Recent studies reveal that most individuals love to shop online. It takes less than a minute for people to decide if they will buy your products or services. For this reason, you need to provide your potential customers with a great user experience so that they stay long enough and make a purchase. Keep in mind that an image that is not well-designed can easily ruin the reputation of your brand. With that in mind, here are some of the ways Cyber-Monday images can affect your sales online.

1. Attracts Potential Clients

With a well-designed Cyber Monday image, you are likely to attract many clients online. Most clients tend to shop from a website that seems credible at first sight. The first impression that a well-designed Cyber Monday image creates is likely to make a client shop on your website. Lastly, you also need to ensure you stay ahead of competitors to make more sales and provide shoppers with a memorable experience.

2. Images Are Effective

It is without any doubt that a picture is worth 1000 words. Any potential client on the web will confirm this fact. A well-designed Cyber-Monday image can provide relevant information about the quality of your product.

In other words, images provide clients with a desire to purchase and utilize your products because they are attractive and flashy. Potential customers are likely to buy from you since they will be attracted to your products, thus boosting your sales.

3. Makes You Stand Out

Cyber Monday images need to be well designed, especially if you want to showcase your new product. You can use these images to stand out from your competitors. This will help create urgency, and clients will make an impulse purchase, increasing your sales.

4. They Lead to Increased Sales

Your ROI from high-quality product photos is maximized when complemented by useful and unique product copy. The closer users get to decide on purchasing a product, the more details they want about it — especially at higher price points. Useful product information will entice potential customers to make a purchase. It also helps to make customers have trust in your brand.

Additionally, the more unique your product copy, the higher the chances of people finding you online. All of this makes allows your customers to have a more informed buying experience.

5. Reduces the Return Rate

A well-designed Cyber Monday image is a perfect way to ensure that clients do not return your products. Clients tend to return items when they appear different from the model used. While editing, make sure the filters used do not change the color of the products. Any attempt to alter the color of the image might affect the reputation of your business. Most customers depend on the image to determine whether they will purchase the product or not.

6. It Brings Your Product to Life and Increases Your Search Engine Ranking

Images play a huge role when it comes to explaining your new products to potential clients. They offer life to your brand and give clients a chance to imagine how effective your product can be. Also, images help increase your index on search engines. Ensure that your Cyber Monday image has a description that includes keywords that people often use when searching for that product. In turn, this will ensure that your content shows up in both image and web searches.

What Makes a Well-Designed Cyber Monday Image?

In eCommerce, one of the most effective ways to get the attention of potential clients online is to use well-designed images. When choosing the right Cyber Monday image to advertise your products, you need to ensure it has the following properties:

1. Quality

Quality is one of the most crucial features that you should consider when choosing the perfect Cyber-Monday image. Most online shoppers tend to examine products before making a purchase. Most of them zoom in on the image to check for any visible aspect of the product. If your photo is not of high quality, the megapixels will be affected. Therefore, ensure that the Cyber-Monday image you want to post is of high quality.

2. Great Lighting

Lighting is also another attribute that you need to consider when designing a Cyber Monday image. You can opt to hire professional lighting equipment so that you have the best lighting. On the other hand, if you lack the necessary resources to achieve the best lighting, you can use natural lighting. You can either take the picture indoors or outside where the lighting is perfect.

3. Perfect Background

The background sets the stage for the entire composition. A perfect background will enhance your image and immerse users in your product.

There is no need to feature creativity in the background of the product image. Ensure you check to remove any unnecessary details on the product image. You can use editing tools to remove any details you don't want to appear in the background.

4. Relevant Models

Most shoppers online tend to be attracted by the product image. To maintain a professional reputation for your business, you need to use models that resemble your product. For instance, if you are selling clothes online, avoid using tattooed models. Try and stick to models with a humble appearance.

5. Perfect Edit

You cannot achieve a well-designed Cyber Monday Image without using perfect edits. Most online stores do not use raw photos to market their products. Ensure you edit your images before uploading them.

How To Create a Well-Designed Cyber Monday Image for Your Product

Cyber Monday images can produce more than a thousand words to attract potential clients. Creating a well-designed image is not difficult or time-consuming as it may seem. It is essential for an online business if you want to stay on the edge of competition. Here are some of the steps you can consider when designing the right Cyber Monday image for your product.

1. Choose the Best Lighting

Every client wants to get the exact product they order online. When designing your product image, you need to consider the lighting aspect. You can place the product on a table close to a window or you can take the picture outdoors.

2. Product Display

Cyber Monday images need to look professional since they determine whether your products will sell or not. Ensure you display the product at a perfect angle to attract online shoppers to buy your product.

3. Take Steady Shots

You can use a tripod to keep the camera steady as you shoot the pictures. If you are using your phone to take pictures, use a bracket that attaches the phone to the end of a table. Failure to take steady shots will cause the products to look unprofessional and might reduce your sales rate. You can opt to take the image at a right angle depending on the product you want to post.

4. Take Many Snaps

Take as many shots as you can once you find the perfect lighting. After you are done taking the snaps, you can compare the images to find the perfect one. This way, you will find the best picture to post on Cyber Monday. You can consider the angles and shadows on the product image.

5. Choose a White Backdrop and Customize Your Product Images

A clean white background is necessary for all product types if you want to post it on Cyber Monday. A white backdrop ensures that you stay within the guidelines. However, if you don’t have a white backdrop, you can use an online editing tool to remove the background from the product image.

PixCut is effective in removing any detail you do not want in the background. With this tool, you can remove background from tons of products swiftly.

The best part is: Using this tool is a breeze. Just follow the steps to remove the background of an image.

Step 1

Head to Click on the Upload Image button to upload your image from your device. Alternatively, you can drop the image or copy and paste it on PixCut.

Step 2

3. The tool will remove the background on your product image within seconds.

Cyber Monday Image

What's more? You can use PixStudio to customize your product images and add your brand features. This tool is an all-in-one design platform that provides a perfect solution for those who would like to design a stunning Cyber Monday image.

The best part is: You don't need professional skills to use this tool. PixStudio allows you to customize your design and make it outstanding. This online tool also has templates that you can choose from to suit your brand. Each template includes graphics, colors, photos, text, and more.

Use PixStudio to create Cyber Monday Image


Now that you know the benefits of having stunning Cyber Monday Images, you can use them to boost your sales. PixCut and PixStudio will help you customize your product images to ensure they fit your brand and attract potential customers.

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