How to Improve Real Estate Photos


Finding a buyer or a tenant for a property requires you to have a well-developed marketing plan that will catch the eye of a large number of your potential clients. Overlooking the visual aspect of your marketing strategy can reflect negatively on your monthly sales or rentals.

Providing your customers with a window into the property you are offering to them will make it easier for them to determine if the home they are interested in has everything they need. Taking photos of the property with a smartphone isn’t a good idea since the camera may struggle to produce images that present it in the best possible way.

So in this article, we will show you how to improve the real estate photos you share with your clients.

Creating High-Quality Images that Appeal to Potential Buyers

Searching for a new home over the internet has become common since 95% of people looking to either rent or buy a new property do so by browsing through real estate websites.

Including photos in an online real estate ad increases the number of clicks per ad by 139%. This statistic alone is reason enough to produce high-quality images accompanying each property you would like to sell or rent.

Besides presenting the property to a client and providing them with the information regarding the amenities a home already has or the room layout, photos also enable potential tenants and buyers to imagine how their life in a particular flat or house is going to look.

However, just snapping a few photos of the property with any camera you can lay your hands on isn’t going to do the trick. In addition to a professional full-frame or crop DSLR camera, you also need several accessories to make it easier for you to take real estate photos.

Post-processing the photos you want to upload online will enable you to create more effective real estate ads. You can correct any imperfections a picture can contain and add textual elements that make the images more informative.

Everything from how the picture is composed of a discrete banner that informs the viewer how large a particular room is can make a real estate photo more appealing to people who are viewing the listing you created.  

Photography Techniques that Make Your Real Estate Photos Stand Out

Creating real estate photos starts before you get to the location since you need to be prepared for the challenges presented by the property you want to photograph. Tight spaces, insufficient light, or cluttered rooms are some of the most common obstacles real estate photographers have to overcome. So, let’s take a look at what you can do to create pictures of properties that captivate the viewer’s attention.   

Get the right gear for the job

The list of equipment you are going to need to photograph a property can be very long. In addition to a DSLR camera, you’re going to need several wide-angle and mid-range lenses. Some photographers also use a drone for aerial shots of a property. Still, these gadgets can only be used in specific contexts as there is no need to use them if you are photographing an apartment in a residential building.

A tripod and a remote trigger are essential pieces of equipment that will enable you to keep your camera steady. Also, a flash and a small flash trigger can help you overcome the lack of natural light while shooting interior shots. Optionally, you can also use 360-degree cameras to create a virtual tour of the property.

real setate

Create a detailed shot list

Ideally, you will have a chance to visit the location at which you're supposed to shoot at least once before you start taking pictures of it. Use this time to create a shot list for the interior and the exterior of the property.

Usually, it would be best to start from exterior shots and then take some time to find the best angles to cover each room. The windows' position may influence your shot selection, as having a direct source of light can make balancing the brightest and darkest parts of the photo quite tricky.

In most cases, you will need at least two shots of each bedroom and the living room, as well as one or more shots of all other rooms and amenities on the property. Taking as many photos of each room as you can from different angles will give you a more comprehensive range of pictures to choose from during the post-production process.

Take time to compose each shot carefully

You don't have to be a master of composition to create pictures that follow photographic composition rules. Interior shots allow you to have complete control over every element in your photo, and you should use that to your advantage.

Removing a piece of furniture that doesn’t fit in the frame entirely or getting rid of all items from tables and kitchen counters are among things you can do to make your real estate photos look more professional.

Also, you should strive to create pictures that are informative and contain all details that might help potential customers decide if that property is the right choice for them.

Does the kitchen have a dishwasher? How spacious is the bathroom or the backyard? These are some of the questions you need to answer with your real estate photos.  

Replace the background while post-processing your pictures

Editing the photos, you take before you share them online will help you get the most out of those images. A picture's background may contain an element that renders it unusable for the purpose you want to use it for.

bg remover

An online background removal tool like Wondershare PixCut allows you to remove the background of a photo. This feature can be useful if you photographed a property on a cloudy day, so instead of having a grey sky in the shot, you can replace that section of the picture with clear blue skies from another photo.

This process in Wondershare PixCut is entirely automatic, so you won't have to waste time selecting the objects in the foreground. However, it would help if you kept in mind use photos in which it is easy to distinguish between the foreground and the background.

Fine-tune the image settings

White balance, hue, saturation, or contrast are among the values photographers usually tweak to bring the colors in the photos to life.

Fotophire enables you to adjust each of these values, and it also grants you access to a massive library of predesigned filters that can be applied to a photo with a single click. Moreover, you can sharpen an image by dragging the Blur slider to the left or create a vignette at the edges of a picture.

All changes you make become visible immediately on the preview screen, making it easier for you to undo any mistake you made.

Produce marketing materials

All real estate photos are used for marketing purposes, and Wondershare PixStudio lets you design a property listing in any way you want.


This photo editing platform features the Text option, so you have to click on the icon and create a textbox over the image you're editing. You can choose if you want to create a heading, a subheading, or body text.

You can also choose from various text designs and select the font, size, spacing, or alignment of the text. To reposition the text anywhere within the photo, you need to drag it from its current location to a new one.

Besides the custom text option, Fotophire lets you choose from a broad range of templates designed specifically for different social media platforms. Hence, you can create a new post for your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account in just a few clicks while the platform also provides you with all the tools you need to create posters for properties you want to promote online.


Real estate photography involves a lot of planning and attention to details like the time of the day when the pictures will be taken or how tidy the property’s interior is can make a world of difference.

Editing photos of properties is as important as using the appropriate equipment while shooting the pictures. An online editing tool like Fotophire makes it easy to create stunning images even if you have no photo editing experience.

This platform can also help you create social media posts using the images of reality you would like to rent or sell. It grants you access to a broad spectrum of fully customizable templates that are optimized for some of the largest social media platforms.

We hope this article provided you with the information you needed to start taking better real estate photos. Leave a comment and let us know.

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