10 Cyber Monday Meme that Make Everyone Laughs

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Cyber Monday refers to an online shopping event in the U.S.; it takes place on the Monday after every Thanksgiving. Scott Silverman and Ellen Davis of the NRF (National Retail Federation) coined the term. On November 28, 2005, it made its debut in a sho.org press release called Cyber Monday.

This event, observed by national and small retailers alike, serves as a popular alternative to Black Friday, an in-store shopping event commemorated on the day after Thanksgiving. Regardless, both days are especially famous for their massive sales and huge discounts.

The event has continuously grown over the years. It has become popular enough to the point of acquiring a permanent position in the meme world. In this article, we will take a close look at how you can create a funny Cyber Monday meme.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Using Cyber Monday Memes Among Friends?

A meme refers to a cultural unit; reproduced and transmitted over time through imitation and self-replication. This definition begs the question: Are memes mere distractions from our usual boredom? Whether funny, stupid, or evoking a keen sense of sadness, this most simple digital medium often captures people's attention in particularly unique ways.

However, how and why this form of cultural transmission became so popular and potentially powerful requires much more time to answer.

Although memes bring joy to our lives, the internet is not the safest place for most people, and there is data to back it up. With rising cases of cyberbullying and online harassment now more than ever, we need to be careful with what we post online. We all must make a concerted effort to ensure the online marketplace is a safe space for people to interact.

That is not to say it is not a source of joy for many. From shared laughter through funny video content to life advice and shared experiences, the internet will never fall short of providing funny and relatable content for its users. With this in mind, there are a few things you should always keep in mind when sharing a Cyber Monday Meme with your friends.

Like many things, when a meme goes unchecked, one might unintentionally ruin an otherwise lighthearted moment.

Below are four things considered paramount when determining whether you are unknowingly overstepping when sharing Cyber Monday memes with your friends on the internet.

1. Avoid Going Too Far

Cyber Monday, in its intended use, involves going on an online shopping spree. Essentially, people will go online and spend money on the sales provided. That said, you should always keep in mind that not everybody is privileged to have money at their disposal to spend.

As such, it is essential not to go too far with Cyber Monday memes to the point of being insensitive. Keeping your privilege in check with the little things like these will save you and the people in your circle a lot of unintended heartaches.

Make Sure Your Friends Won't Misinterpret the Meme

Irony and sarcasm don't transfer well into writing; this is particularly true in short social media posts. A Cyber Monday meme could have a sarcastic joke that may fly past your intended audience. Think about how others may perceive it; could it be seen as offensive? One rule that can be helpful is: When you are unsure of a joke, just let it go.

Often, jokes that lie in the grey area, albeit sarcastic, have a tremendous potential of being misinterpreted. Consequently, this may lead to an uproar among social media users. In this day and age, you do not want to be on the wrong side of history. Instant punishment is the running motto among internet users, in whatever form it comes in.

3. Consumerism

Now more than ever, we should be careful not to perpetuate reckless consumerism. Be it by word of mouth or through a Cyber Monday Meme. Spreading the consumerism narrative, even if unknowingly, has enormous repercussions to an individual and society as a whole.

In recent days there has been an influx of consumerism hence more waste. With the state of the climate, we cannot risk polluting it even more with unsustainable gadgets or clothes. Additionally, consumerism also leads to poor financial decisions.

These reckless decisions may lead to a chain of events that could leave one languishing in poverty. However, it is crucial to note that while poverty may be the extreme repercussion of consumerism, it is a certain and real possibility.

4. Avoid Putting People Down

Additionally, you should avoid putting down people who genuinely enjoy shopping online. As stated earlier, sarcasm does not transfer well in the text. Unfortunately, so does constructive criticism.

One can only get so clear when using just an image and very few words. A meme is one of the easiest ways to come out as judgmental unintentionally.

Just how judgmental is one allowed to get via a meme? Unfortunately, there's no known metric for that, but it's always a good idea to keep it at a minimum.

10 Cyber Monday Memes That Can Make Everyone Laugh

Cyber Monday is the gift that keeps on giving and is here to stay. When it started, most people were skeptical of its longevity. But you can always count on Americans to take full advantage of discounted goods every year without fail, no matter how many sales are presented to them throughout the year. That said, here are ten Cyber Monday memes that will make people laugh.

1. The one time of the year when everyone looks forward to Monday mornings.
funny cyber monday meme
2. After Cyber Monday and Black Friday comes Buyer’s Remorse Tuesday and then Hiding From My Creditors Wednesday.
cyber monday meme
3. Finally, now I have a reason to appear focused at work.
interesting cyber monday meme
4. Cyber Monday is already here? I am still recovering from Black Friday!
cyber monday meme for you
5. Work will have to wait because it is Cyber Monday. Getting the deals you want on Cyber Monday is better than working on this day.
cyber monday meme for friends
6. A national holiday for PCs and laptops - Cyber Monday memes.
cyber monday meme for fun
7. I hope the Cyber Monday hype will help you forget it is Monday.
crazy cyber monday meme
8. Me with my empty wallet are looking at Cyber Monday deals.
classic cyber monday meme
9. What Cyber Monday memes. Everyone should get ready for the busiest and exciting shopping season of the year!
cyber monday meme
10. The only Monday we all look forward to is cyber Monday. Mondays are always boring, but Cyber Monday will end this situation.
cyber monday meme with dogs

How To Make Your Own Cyber Monday Meme?

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Step 2

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create your own cyber monday meme
Step 3

You can then insert another background.

create your own cyber monday meme with PixCut

PixStudio, on the other hand, allows you to add elements to the image, such as text and images. If you want to learn how to use this tool, follow the steps below.

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create your own cyber monday meme with PixStudio


When it comes to creating Cyber Monday memes, it has become increasingly clear how growing technological advances have made it easier and faster. A good time this annual event is to most people while also exposing it to potential customers. Good memes not only provide a good laugh but also educate and sensitize the general public.

Memes have a way of bringing people together, a shared experience in some way. It feels good to be part of an online community who even though they are all in different parts of the country can relate to the joy that Cyber Monday brings to most of its participants.

This event has lots of advantages. And while we enjoy most of its pros and keep working on its cons, we can also continue enjoying the memes. These memes make the otherwise tiresome process of online shopping more enjoyable, and surprisingly they also keep your spending habits somewhat in check while encouraging shopping.

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