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Learn how to design a product page on major online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, WooCommerce, Shopify, Rakuten, etc.

The world has come a long way from the traditional methods of marketing and selling. The growing wonders in the tech world have impacted almost everything today. The commerce industry is no stranger to these developments. Major online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, WooCommerce, Shopify, Rakuten, etc., have become the titans of e-Commerce.

To establish a successful e-Commerce business, it is necessary to have all the right elements. A product detail page is an important tool in this regard. For a more detailed insight into product page design and what to include, consult the following guide.

Part 1 What should be Your Goal while Writing a Product Page?

A product page is designed to portray details of the product or service that your brand offers. Product pages contain informational content and are also convincing factors for compelling customers to buy your product. Your product listing page can make or break a deal, so it is important to make it intriguing and noteworthy.

write a product page

You should keep in mind while putting together a product details page design:

  • Product Details: The first priority of a product listing page is the product details. Provide extensive details of your product, color variation, size, and cost, etc.
  • Build Confidence: Your product page should boost the customer's trust in your company. It should assure that they can build their confidence in your product and services.
  • Persuasive But Not Forceful: Make sure that you do not appear too forceful on your product detail page. Adopt a captivating stance to softly direct your customer to buy your product.
  • Give an Enticing Experience:An ideal product details page design should give the viewers an enticing visual experience. Use captivating tools to provide a real and mesmerizing experience to customers.

Part 2 What should be included in the Content of a Product Detail Page?

The question remains: what must be the ideal product page design? To help you out, here are a few main elements that every product page should have:

Product Description

Provide a description and other adequate details of your product. List down the key features, color, and size variation, use cases, and price, etc., on the product detail page.

effective product description

Visual Portrayal

Visual depictions are an important part of good marketing. Provide clear and captivating images or videos of your product. Use plain and solid backgrounds and retain high-quality images.

add images in product pages

A Call-to-Action Button

Your product page should also have a CTA button leading to the purchase page. These can be "Add to Cart," "Add to Wishlist," or others of the kind to ensure a quick and smooth order process.

call to action button

Reviews and Recommendations

It is a good idea to add reviews and recommendations from other users about the featured product. It helps to give customers an analysis of your product and also helps in building trust.

product reviews and recommendations

Customer Service

You can see the customer service option on the product pages of successful e-Commerce platforms, such as WooCommerce pages or a Shopify product page. This gives users a quick and easy method to contact your business if a query arises.

impressive customer service

Shipping Details

Well-established businesses always provide every possible detail, including shipment methods. Even when selling on social platforms such as a Facebook shop page, describe what shipment methods your brand offers.

shipping options

Part 3 What are the Best Approaches Taken while Designing a Product Page Template?

Here are a few approaches for your product page design that can help you boost your sales effectively.

design best product pages

Compelling Descriptions

When designing a product page, add descriptions that captivate the viewer at first glance. Write product descriptions in such a way that persuades the customers to try your product. Include all the relevant information about your product but avoid unnecessary details. Also, ensure that the material is easy to read and understandable.

Add Enticing Images

Having enticing product imagery on your product pages can have a great visual impact on the viewers. Add images and videos that are mesmerizing. Focus on delivering refined images and try different perspectives.

A great tool to help you refine your product images is Wondershare PixStudio. It is a web-based tool programmed for your graphic designing and editing needs. PixStudio offers some prestigious utilities to give you premium quality designs, free of cost. The software offers numerous templates with a great range of customization to give you complete control over your designs.

Try Product Page template

When creating a product page, templates can be a great choice to minimize your workload and still retain the element of professionalism. You can use several different design tools, such as Wondershare PixStudio, to get a premium product page template.

User-Friendly Interface

Your website and product page should have a user-friendly interface so that customers can easily navigate to the product without much trouble. This can be seen on major e-Commerce platforms such as a WooCommerce shop page or a Shopify product page.

Use Visual Hierarchy

Arrange your elements in order of decreasing importance so that the most important detail comes at the top. This is a clever marketing tip used by WooCommerce pages, and you can also see it on a good Shopify product page. Visual hierarchy helps you achieve a clean and professional look on your product page design.

Wrapping Up:
With e-Commerce being the future of business, it would be wise to prepare yourself for it. A product page is an important part of your online business, which can be a deal-closer for you when done right. By focusing on the guidelines in the preceding article, you can have an impeccable product page design to attract customers and grow your empire.

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