Tips For Making A Good Presentation

The article under review provides workable tips to design the presentation effortlessly and introduces major presentation editors to make the presentation catchy.

From school homework to work assignments, we are expected to make a good slideshow and show off our work. In addition to this, businesses often use attractive presentations to persuade the clients and express their services most reasonably.

Therefore, it is necessary to have the right tools and equipment to create magic through presentations. The article answers the burning question of "how to make a good presentation?" through the best editors in town. To know tips to design the presentation, stay with us as we explore this writeup.

Part 1 Characteristics of Good Presentation

To make a presentation look good, it is important to take some considerations into account. The section answers a burning question "how to create a presentation with ease?" Therefore, without delaying this any further, let us get to the point.

Short and Expressive

To create a presentation with ease, it is important to keep the slides short and to-the-point. Communicate more with fewer words.

short and expressive

The Right Font

The right font is another important tip to take under consideration. We suggest the user to choose a classic font instead of a creative one.

select the correct font

6×6 Rule

The 6×6 rule states that if the user has to make a presentation effectively, they should type six bullet points per slide and six words per bullet. This offers a better way to express the content.

don't add too much

Minimized Transitions

It is important to limit the usage of transitions in a slideshow. This is because their usage appears to be immature and childish. Keep them simple yet classical.

use less transitions

Slides Layout

For a successful and catchy presentation, it is important to use bullet points instead of complete sentences. To add pictures, keep the background less stylish so that the focus remains where it is due. Make the title real, short, and relatable.

use less transitions

Part 2 Best Editors for Making Attractive Presentations

"How to make a presentationthat attracts the audience like a hurricane?" and "how to make Google Slides?" are some of the yearning questions of this generation. Luckily, we are here to address most of them. The section reflects upon video presentation makers that have the capacity to make our life better and bearable. So, without any further delay, let us start this!


To create presentation online, let us first look at one of the greatest graphic designing web applications in the market. It permits the user to incorporate a wide range of elements and text options to create a lifelong impression on the viewers. Furthermore, it offers you templates that work like a charm when showing off the work to potential clients.

To make presentation catchy, follow the guidelines below:

1.First things first, launch the web application from your browser. From the interface that pops up, sign up with your account. After logging in, hit "Start Design Now." From the window that appears, click on "Create a Design."

initiate design process

2.Now, choose the project and aspect ratio that comes across the drop-down menu. This opens the "Editor" page.

select presentation aspect ratio

3.Play with your project by changing the backgrounds, adding text and elements to create an expression.

make your presentation

4.To add more slides to the presentation, hit the "+" sign located at the right corner. After you are done, tap on "Download" and save the project in PDF format.

add more slides and download it


To create a perfect presentation that is appealing to the masses, allow me to introduce you to Canva. It is an amazing graphic design platform that lets users access multiple processes such as presentations, graphic designing, posters, documents, and whatnot. With an innumerable set of professional templates and images, get ready to share your ideas with the world.

To know how to make slides look good in Canva, follow the process given below:

1.Launch "Canva," and in the Welcome window that appears, sign up for a new account. Navigate to "Presentations" and then initiate the designing process.

select presentation option

2.The user can have his hands on professional templates, marketing, and education slides. Upload different branding elements and animation features to make the slides watchable.

choose your template

3.Look for the layouts, right fonts, and aesthetic color schemes to make presentation In addition to this, navigate for unique presentation modes and features. The choice comes down to standard presentation, video recording, and presenter mode.

customize your presentation

4.Save them in PDF format and share them with whomever you want to!

export your slides as pdf


Microsoft PowerPoint, as we call it, is a slide show presentation program. Being a component of Microsoft Office software, this application is responsible for offering an innovative way to show rich multimedia information. With many professional templates based on user's needs, PowerPoint is designed to be intuitive and accessible.

To know how to make a good presentation via PowerPoint, follow our lead.

1.The primary step is to open Microsoft PowerPoint and begin a "Blank Presentation." From the title slide that pops up, type the text.

start as blank presentation

2.After that, the user can insert more slides and continue adding text to them. Bring the animations and transitions alive by hitting "Transitions" from the panel bar.

apply transitions

3.After you are done, save the presentation in PPTX format or PDF. Share it and get done with the process.

save your powerpoint slides

Google Slides

Being a part of Google Docs Editors suite, this video presentation maker, has got you all covered. Google Slides is an online presentation program that lets users go global and create and format a wide range of presentations.

To know how to make slideshow using Google Slides, have a look at the procedure below.

1.The first step is to set up the Google Slides document. To do so, launch Google Slides and sign up or log in if you already have an account. Click on "From a Template." Now, understand the navigation bar. Get familiar with the features like Files, Edit, and View to get through the process.

select the option of from a template

2.Pick the most related theme by hitting "Themes" located at the right panel of the interface. After that, the user can change the font by clicking on the "Font" icon from the top menu.

add your theme

3.Now, change the transition of the slideshow by simply tapping right-click on the slides. Hit "Transitions" and choose what favors your presentation.

access transitions

Final Verdict:
The article covered the basic tips that will help create a perfect presentation efficiently and easily. In addition to this, the user was offered the top four editors and video presentation makers with their detailed guidelines. We hope that we helped express what the users needed.

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