PixCut VS Remove.bg: Which Is The Best Background Remover Online

The following guide contains the comparison between two online image background removers, i.e., remove.bg and PixCut, including everything from their development history to their features.

There are numerous different background removing tools available all over the internet. Confused over which suits you best? Well, we are here for you.

Two of the rising stars in the world of bg remover are PixCut and remove.bg. In the following article, you shall know everything about the two franchises, including their origin history and detailed insight into their features. For a detailed comparison of the two, give the proceeding guide a thorough read.

Part 1 A Brief Intro of Remove.bg and PixCut

Before dwelling in the details about remove.bg and PixCut, first, take a brief look at their history and how far they have come.

Establishment and Development History of remove.bg

remove.bg is a single-purpose tool used for photo background removal. The main aim behind the bg eraser was to nourish creativity and remodel editing procedures using AI, which enables it to operate without any manual assistance.

The advanced research in visual AI tech by the company began prior to 2018. Just a short while after its launch in 2018, remove.bg received an honorary mention in Forbes, TechCrunch, and DigitalTrends.

2019 proved to be a year of milestones for the company. High resolutions and API became available, and premium plans were launched. An application for Windows, Mac, and Linux was introduced. A Photoshop Extension was also made available for users.

In 2020, a remove bg app was launched for Android, along with a video bg remover. remove.bg X2 version was also released in the same year, providing more attention to details and better-quality results.

Wondershare Family and PixCut

The Wondershare family, serving users for several years, has earned a reputable name in the tech world. Initially launched on September 28, 2003, in China, it has managed to expand its services worldwide. The facilities provided by Wondershare have helped in reshaping the digital experiences of users.

From photo and video editing to data recovery software for phones and desktops, Wondershare provides users with a broad range of products. With a creative outlook towards innovation, Wondershare has gone to great lengths to serve its consumers.

PixCut is another prestigious tool from the Wondershare family, launched in 2020, that works as an image background remover. The process to remove bg is entirely automatic, along with API integration. Besides a bg editor, PixCut can also remove watermarks and enlarge images.

Part 2 Promising Features of Wondershare PixCut and remove.bg

Still in a dilemma over which one to use to take background out of picture? Below is a detailed insight on the various valuable features of both tools to help you make up your mind.

1. Automatic AI

Artificial Intelligence has been incorporated into tech tools for quite some time now. AI has made various machine learning tasks into simple everyday tools. You can easily remove the background from the image without lifting a finger. Both remove.bg and PixCut make use of AI.

remove.bg homepage

On remove.bg, simply upload an image, and it will automatically identify the main subject and remove the background for you. You can then download the edited image and owe your thanks to AI. PixCut uses a similar method too. Add your image to the interface, and the software will automatically do the rest of the task for you.

pixcut homepage

2. API

The API of remove.bg is a simple HTTP interface that allows direct uploads as well as URL references for images. The environment can be cURL, Node.js, Python, Java, Swift, PHP, Ruby, Objective-C, or .NET. The supported formats are PNG with up to 10 megapixels, while JPG and ZIP files are supported up to 25 megapixels. Transparency is not supported in JPG files.

remove.bg api

The background removal API of PixCut supports an output resolution of around 16 megapixels. The API is capable of handling 1 query per second. You can remove background bg from an image using 1 API call, which you can purchase through online recharges or other payment methods. One credit is required for a successful API call.

Different API environments such as cURL, Node.js, Python, PHP, Java, Objective-C, or .Net can be selected across PixCut.

pixcut api

3. Remove Watermark

Do you have an unwanted object in your image that you wish to remove? Is an annoying watermark messing with the appeal of your image? Using PixCut, you can effortlessly remove watermarks, scratches, or other unwanted objects from your image in a few seconds.

pixcut watermark removal tool

4. Online Bulk Remove

Want to remove bg from more than one image at once? PixCut has got you covered on that front. You can now remove backgrounds from around 30 images simultaneously using PixCut. You can also apply a single background color or size change on all the images easily.

pixcut background bulk removal tool

5. Enlarge Image

Another beneficial feature provided by PixCut is image enlargement. Simply upload any image to the program's interface and zoom in up to 400%. Do not worry; PixCut maintains the high resolution of the image quite effectively. You can now enlarge an image up to 4x without worrying about losing the quality.

pixcut enlarge image tool

6. Plugin

To remove background online free from an image in Photoshop, remove.bg offers a Photoshop extension. You can get proficient results in Photoshop by installing the extension from Adobe Exchange, and the process is entirely free.

remove.bg photoshop extension

7. For Desktop

remove.bg offers an app for your desktop using which you can easily remove picture background. You can get remove.bg for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The download process is entirely free of cost, but you need your API key to get started.

Using the desktop version, you can remove bg from files in bulk, all automatically too. No details are left out in the process, and you can also choose the new background color and size.

remove.bg desktop app

8. Blog

A rather different and innovative approach that PixCut provides its users is its blog section. Here, you can find multiple guides and resources for the tool. The blogs by PixCut are certainly a good idea when you are looking for inspiration or general guidance related to different subjects, such as creating the perfect YouTube thumbnail or increasing your Shopify sales.

pixcut blog section

Part 3 The Perks of a Free Account

In order to remove picture background on remove.bg and PixCut, you need to have an account. Although both tools remove background from image free of cost, there are some paid plans available. But here, we will discuss what having a free account can get you on both platforms.


By creating a free account on remove.bg, earns you one free credit, along with monthly 50 free previews via API and the apps. You can also get the app for Windows, Mac, Linux, and extension for Photoshop. You can refer to the remove.bg app to friends and receive credits. The remove bg credits can then be used to get your cutouts in high resolution.

Using a free account means that you can clear background image for free and get unlimited previews. It is best suited for one's personal use. You can remove background from image online or using the remove.bg application.

Wondershare PixCut

Once you have created a free account on PixCut, you can easily remove picture background unlimited times. You can also enlarge images for free on PixCut, but they will have a watermark. You can download the image with its background removed in standard quality easily. To get credits on PixCut, you just need to refer it to your friends.

The free account on PixCut is recommended to users for their personal use and evaluation. For professional needs, you can switch to their premium plans.

Part 4 A Pricing Comparison of Wondershare PixCut and remove.bg


100 credits $9.99

200 credits $16.99

500 credits $29.99

40 credits $9.00

200 credits $39.00

500 credits $89.00

1200 credits $189.00

2800 credits $389.00


480 credits $47.99

1200 credits $57.99

2400 credits $95.99

6000 credits $265.99

*Note: Unused Credit of the current year is transferred to the next year.

1 credit $1.99

10 credits $9.00

75 credits $49.00

200 credits $99.00

500 credits $199.00

1200 credits $399.00

4000 credits $999.00

8000 credits $1699.00

*Note: These bought credits can be used within two years of purchase


75 credits $25.99

200 credits $35.99

500 credits $179.99

1200 credits $269.99


Lowest Cost per Picture



Wrapping Up:

Post-processing an image is not an easy task, and removing the background of an image might be a necessity at times. When such a need arises, one must have all the required tools and related knowledge beforehand.

You have now acquired an in-depth comparison on remove.bg and PixCut. Both are deemed as prestigious bg remover tools, and there are loads that you can do with them. With everything in front of you, you can choose what suits your requirements the best.

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