Enhancing your eCommerce Clothing Store with Latest Trends

The clothing trend has changed with time. New fashion trends keep emerging and blow away old clothing styles. One thing that has not changed about the clothing industry is its demand among people. However, the main reason behind the scope of the fashion industry is due to eCommerce stores. Due to eCommerce, it stands out from other industries with the highest market value and profit maximization.

eCommerce has always been an important element of any business. There are clothing stores online providing maximum help to customers. This article is going to explain some future trends and clothing eCommerce scales that would help you to expand the business.

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Part 1: Future Trends of Clothing Industry in eCommerce

Part 2: How to Increase your Clothing eCommerce Sales?

Part 3: Simplest Way to Remove your Product Background

Part 1: Future Trends of Clothing Industry in eCommerce

It is obvious to be genuine with your services and surely provide customers with the promised products. Behind these basic ethical measures, there are some trends that are followed by the clothing industry eCommerce in 2021 for optimizing their business online.

1. AI-Powered Personalization

AI fashion eCommerce tools and AI-powered personalization tools have become mandatory for the fashion industry eCommerce. It is designed for

  • Providing customer’s ease with predicting products
  • Customers get what they want

Online sites use AI personalized software to display "You may also like" products. It predicts other products by analyzing the purchased products. The AI personalized sites analyze the most viewed products and designs and show similar products to users.

2. Chatbots

The clothing industry was the first eCommerce industry that introduced Chatbots. Chatbots are used for directing the customer to the brand, which helps them to resolve their queries and identify products of better quality.

Facebook Messenger and Instagram are used by brand industries to exchange messages with their prospective customers. Chatbots provide valuable support in terms of engagement of customers, assistance for customers, and cost-efficiency. These Chatbots increase the value and sales of any brand.

3. Multi-Channel Retail

In order to gain focus of more customers, the eCommerce industry is now expanding its offers to "bricks and clicks," which means multi-channel retail. Multi-channel marketing means providing users with multiple options to shop the product, be it through Instagram posts, Facebook messages, google sites, and Amazon.

The more multi-channel retail policy you would have, the more it would positively affect you in case of investment. This strategy has developed more options for customers to shop for clothes from your site.

4. Influencers are an Investment

According to Harvard business school, there is an immense increase in investment in influencers from $2 billion in 2017 to about $8 billion in 2021. It is also experienced that any clothing product reviewed by an influencer suddenly goes out of stock. This is due to the vivid purchase of that item by people.

Part 2: How to Increase your Clothing eCommerce Sales?

Following tactics and new methods to gain reach and trust from customers can help brands a lot in eCommerce. Some of the measures are described below:

1. Targeting your Existing Customers

This is a common misconception followed by brands that their customer rating is not increasing or maybe they don’t have enough customers. Always keep in mind to first engage people that have already bought from you. Loyal customers always grant profit to brands in eCommerce.

These customers are the ones who keep asking you about products, engage with your daily posts, add things to the cart, and generate revenue whenever they visit the website. By engaging with these customers, you can focus on increasing their experience, which would lead you to have regular customers.

2. Use Video Demonstration

Half of the marketing experts across the globe claim that video demonstration grants top returns to investment. It has been recorded that the videos make customers spend 88% more time on those pages.

Videos create interest in users towards to product. They listen to the demonstrator very seriously and definitely get satisfied with the product. This strategy is very helpful to engage more people towards your brand.

3. Understanding the Phone Use of Customers

Just because you have an eCommerce store, does not mean that the online customers are definitely buying from their computers. Among 66% of customer base shops through their mobile devices, which is not a small number to ignore.

Make sure that your website is also easy-to-use and developed for mobile phones. If the customer faces any problem while viewing or ordering stuff from your website, they will not shop from you due to inconvenience. Optimized mobile sites target a wide range of customers from around the world, and hence, it increases the rate of your sales and profits.

4. Offer More Discounts

Not many companies offer discounts to their customers now. This would be very strategic for you to provide discounts on your site. More or fewer discounts, people always get attracted towards the goods on sale. So if you are offering bare discounts like 10% or 15%, it is still enough for many people.

Remember, these discounts are, in fact, a shape of investment. This will definitely pull more customers towards you in the future!

Part 3: Simplest Way to Remove your Product Background

While editing pictures as a graphic designer or for posting them on Instagram, you may have wondered How to remove background from the picture? As this feature immensely helps people to raise the quality and beauty of the picture, there are many applications that claim to help people with how to remove the background of a picture.

Wondershare PixCut is an image background remover that is on top for removing the background from a picture. It offers other quality features for pictures as well, and they include:

  • Making designs on pictures with different multi backgrounds.
  • Using the application for office purposes such as graphic designing and blogging.
  • Making cards for different events ranging from birthdays, corporate events, and marriage.
  • Enlarging features in the picture, such as eyes and face.
  • Producing high-quality pictures with efficiency.
  • One can deliver pictures on any application, including Instagram and Facebook.

To use Wondershare PixCut for removing background from pictures and adding various features to your images, you need to and by the following steps:

Step 1: Uploading the image file

At first, upload the image you want to edit and make the transparent background. You can drag the image to a specific editing area. You can also copy and paste the image. Another method is to type the URL of the web image in order to edit it.

enhance your e-commerce store

Step 2: Removing the Background of the image

After the successful uploading of the picture, PixCut converts the background of the image to a transparent background.

Step 3: Downloading the resulting image

The final step is to download the edited version of the image. Do it by clicking on the “Download” option on the screen. Paid subscribers are also relieved to download the image in premium quality.

how to enhance your e-commerce store


The article has concluded ways to optimize your eCommerce Clothing site by using some technical practices. There are some of 2021's trends in the clothing market online that have been followed by many brands and have produced prominent results.

The review has also introduced Wondershare PixCut, an application used to remove background from images online. The application shows various features such as adding designs and enlargement in the image.

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