How to Make transparent background PNG with One Click

Today we live in a world where appearances matter more than anything else. This importance of appearance applies not only to people; in the world of business it applies to all facets that are visible to the customer. Business presentations have undergone a phenomenal change from just containing information to embedding transparent PNG for the logo and various images. Business and sales personnel are now looking for multiple transparent image-makers to add more classes.

Part 1 When do we require to Make a Transparent Background Image

If you are new to photo editing or even creating a presentation for the first time, you might be wondering what the exact need for having an image edited or the need for making a picture transparent is? And how to make the background transparent? The latter answers that there are many transparent background image onlinewebsites available that can quickly help you.

For the answer to the first question, let us see below some of how transparent images can change the image's look and feel and, in turn, your presentation.

1.Reduce the clutter in a Busy Background

Sometimes too many images in the final output can bring out the crux of the venture or your brand; on the other hand, it can also tend to be too overwhelming. At times, images like these could also prevent the brand name or the brand's mission statement from losing focus. In times like these, it makes more sense to play around with the background image transparent, so the focus is on the right section.

Reduce the clutter in a Busy Background

2.Using layering to highlight the text

Most of the time, using digitally clicked photographs becomes the best option for backgrounds, be it presentations or website headers, or even social media graphics. It's the composition of the images and the right placement to highlight the text that matters. Making an image transparent in the foreground for the reader could help you get the client's focus.

Using layering to highlight the text

3.Create a Clean, Airy Appearance

It is essential to understand that it merely gives the right impression and spaciousness when it comes to business presentations. Incorporate a transparent background maker to create an uncluttered look with clean and crisp fonts. The final output is a classic minimalistic look.

Create a Clean, Airy Appearance

4.Direct Viewers’ Focus

The other reason for using a transparent image-maker and making PNG transparent for the background is to direct the viewer's focus. The use of transparent PNG and geometric shapes and the right colors' placement can make the image creative and cause the viewer to move towards a specific picture.

Direct Viewers’ Focus

5.Reinforce Branding

The design practices with transparent background images are often used to change or create the company's identity. They use a combination of layers and graphics using a transparent background maker to drive the projects' vibrancy and creativity. Thus the right composition is what can change the way people will look at your brand.

Reinforce Branding

Part 2 How to Make Image Transparent - Free Methods

Be it a presentation or just an image edit, you want your images to be flawless. You don't wish to jagged backgrounds or white areas around the image, making the entire composition look messy; rather than classy and elegant. Though making transparent background images online seems simple enough, it's the detailing and minor points that change the final image's perspective at the end of the day. When it comes to transparent background online, the WondersharePixcut seems to take the cake for me.

Not only does it make a perfect online image background transparent, but it also provides a host of other features that can completely change how the final image looks.

Key Features of PixCut:

  • Stunning Quality

PixCut by Wondershare is an online image maker that makes transparent background images without affecting the picture's quality.

  • Impress Your Family and Friends

PixCut by Wondershare is a transparent image-makerthat helps remove the background with a single click and provides an easy way to impress friends and family.

  • Upgrade Your Design in a Second

Once the background has been removed, a vast universe opens up for you to customize the image with your chosen background or design.

  • Perfect Edges and High Quality

The best part about PixCut by Wondershare is that the smallest detailing of the image is not lost in removing the background, even it's as thin as a single strand of hair.

  • Design Creative by You

Whether it's layering an image or adding in your unique design, PixCut by Wondershare provides you with transparent images for the same.

Step-by-Step Guide to Make Pictures with Transparent Background

Step – 1: Go to PixCut and click on the open folder icon, which indicates uploading the image.

PixCut background remover: upload

Step – 2: Select the image to make the image transparent.

Step – 3: PixCut by Wondershare will automatically differentiate between the actual image and the background. It would then provide an immaculate appearance with a transparent background image.

PixCut remove background

Step – 4: And finally, download the transparent background image.

Part 3 Must-Know Sites for Pictures with Transparent Background

Often with the kind of cyber-attacks taking place, many of us are worried about the security that these third party websites offer. And even uploading a personal image online for image background transparent could lead to a lot of concern. If that is the case with you, quite a few websites offer transparent background image online. You can easily download the transparent images and customize them as per your requirement.

Some Free Sites for PNG (Jpg) Images with Transparent Background are listed below –

1. pngTree (

pngTree is a great site for free high-resolution transparent images. They have a wide variety of photos, from stock images to vector photos. Even the PSD files are available for free for the png background transparent photos.

In addition to this, if you need your business card design, you can even download backgrounds for your business card over here.

The free membership of PNGTree allows you two free downloads in a day, and in case of more than two, you would need to upgrade to the premium membership.

Key features:

  • Stock and vector images available for download
  • PSD files available for the transparent background image
  • Two free downloads in a day


2. StickPNG (

StickPNG is a community that brings together creativity from a lot of different individuals. What makes this community vibrant is that the members share a lot of transparent background images for free for others to use. These images can be downloaded and used for any personal or professional purpose.

Key features –

  • Downloadable Free transparent background images
  • A wide variety of ideas and even logos available for personal use.
  • A chance to even add your transparent images to the community for others use.



The PNGIMG is another free community that has a wide variety of png background transparent.

The images here are free to download. However, the main criteria for using the pictures from here are giving credits to the owner.

Key features –

  • Over 97000+ transparent background images to choose from.
  • Numerous categories for specific photos.
  • “Contact” information available for any queries or support that is needed.

4. PNGMart (

PNGMart is another impressive site with many png background transparent images that you can use freely for further customizations. Then be it clipart or just a transparent background image, you can find it all here. The best part is the high-resolution transparent background images of incredibly high quality.

Key features –

  • Clipart, along with transparent background images to choose from.
  • High-resolution transparent images in high quality.
  • Numerous categories and tags to choose from.

5. FreePIK (

FreePIK has a wide variety of transparent background images, png background transparent images and even vector and photo images for you to use. While using the transparent background images from FreePIK, credits to the owner are a must. However, the photos are license-free.

Key features –

  • Massive collection of transparent background images.
  • Free Vectors, Stock Photos and PSD.
  • Premium content access through subscription.

As a business owner or a part of the sales team, even something as simple as getting an appointment with the client or the customer can be quite a task. In addition to that, you have just that one chance to make or break a deal. A single appointment that can give you an edge over the competition by making the right first impression now becomes exceptionally critical. Hence not only does your physical appearance have to be up to the mark, but your presentation also needs to be mind-blowing. Rather than using the images with backgrounds and making patchy presentations, it makes sense to use the WondersharePixcut and make transparent images. With the background image transparent, the display looks more creative and eye-catching, ensuring that you bag the deal.

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