How to Remove White Background from Image Easily

A nice photograph being ruined by a messy background, sounds like the worst thing to happen isn't it? Well, you needn't worry about this anymore! With PixCut, you can remove the background in any image, be it a white background or any background with utmost ease. Background removal isn't a task to stress about, removing the white background is a task you can accomplish in minutes. It's all at your fingertips. Don't let a messy background ruin catalogs of your albums filled with memories!

Part 1: The Easiest White Background Remover Online

PixCut is an excellent and easy-to-use app that helps you remove background from images. If you're looking for an intelligent tool that automatically selects the object in the image and then whitens the background or remove it, then you're at the absolute right place! PixCut is exactly what you need. It's a smart tool that automatically selects the object and removes the background that is white. It's simple to use and produces excellent results within minutes! Why worry when PixCut has you covered? Open up the best white background remover and get going with your photograph editing task!

Key Features of PixCut White Background Remover:

  1. AI Background remover: PixCut is an online white background remover, have any pics which have a background that you want to get rid of? Well, PixCut is what you need!
  2. Graphic designing: PixCut enables you to design beautiful graphics. You can design attractive posters, banners, and flyers using the software.
  3. E-commerce advertisements: you run an online business? Well what's the point of business without advertising? Want to make a creative advertisement? PixCut's got you covered! With PixCut, you can design highly attractive advertisements.
  4. Social media posts: Want to make your social media posts cooler? Use PixCut to edit your posts which you're going to upload on Facebook and Instagram! The cooler the posts, the higher is the reach!

Guide to Use PixCut to Remove White Background from Image Online

Firstly you need to import the image which you want to edit. Import the image onto the tool  by clicking on "Upload Image". If you don't have the picture downloaded onto your device then you can click on insert URL. You can edit images from the internet by inputting the URL!

Step 2:
After the image is uploaded, all you need to do is wait as PixCut processes your image and removes the white background from your image!

Once the removal is done, the tool shall notify you about the same. Next, you just need to click on download and that's all! The white background removed image will be downloaded onto your device.

Part 2: Other Recommended 5 Useful White Background Remover

Well apart from the PixCut white background remover, you've some other options too which you could opt for. Given below are a few recommended online white background removers apart from PixCut.

1. Remove BG

Remove BG is the first on the list of recommended online white background removers. The tool is easy to use and can remove background from your images within seconds!



The picture quality is excellent. There Is no compromise in the picture quality upon white background removal.

The user interface of removeBG is not complex and even a non-tech savvy person can easily use the software.

The software is an AI-based one that automatically selects the image and removes the white background.


The software allows you only 50 previews.

Once you're done editing 50 free previews you need to pay a fee to use the software further.

The payment system of the software is slightly complicated and difficult to understand.

2. Free image editing tools

The tool is a US-based image editing tool. It offers its users with a wide range of image editing tools. The software has an easy-going interface that can be used by any neophyte as well!



The software is extremely simple to use. Using the software is highly user friendly and can complete your editing tasks in minutes.

The software is free to use.

The website is available in multiple languages.

You can set the dirty white level of the image background using the option given on the website. This will alter the whiteness levels of the background.


The page has several advertisements on it, clicking on them could land you onto different pages.

3. Clipping magic

Clipping Magic is third on the list of recommended online software for white background removal. The software is another great one which you could opt for. There are several features that the website offers to its users, hence the software is recommended to use too!



The software is a fully automatic AI-powered which comes with a smart editor.

There are several cool features, such as handle hair, filters, and many other tools.


The software is not free to use and requires you to pay a fee.

The credit system used by the website is slightly difficult to infer.

The software is expensive when compared to its counterparts.

4. Adobe spark

Adobe spark is another famous software founded and powered by the well-known tech company Adobe. The software is 4th on the list however the order does not have any relevance with the utility of the software.



There are several background cutouts you can choose from. Applying these cutouts gives the background a specific shape.

There are several other image editing tools that you'd find on the website.


The Adobe spark does not have an on the internet mobile version.

The app has in-app purchases and hence Adobe spark isn't a free software.

5. Background burner

Background burner is another white background removal software. The online tool isn't very well known however it works just fine! The background remover quickly removes the background from your image and you can put in any background of your choice!



The software is available online and the user interface is very friendly.

The software is free to use.


The image quality is not as good as the other software on the list.

The software isn't developed by a trusted company hence data security might be at stake.

Conclusion: Today we've seen several white background removal apps. All of these apps and software are good to use and are user-friendly. However, out of all the software and apps we've taken a look at today, PixCut is what we recommend. PixCut is an easy-to-use software and is developed by one of the most trusted companies. The picture quality of the images edited on PixCut is excellent too. All in all, the software is excellent and easy to infer. Data security is important and never compromised. We highly recommend all of you to opt for PixCut to perform all your white background removal tasks!

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