3 Ways to Remove Watermark from Graduation Picture

"I received an email of graduation photos but all the photos have multiple watermarks. I am unable to share or print them because the watermarks have changed the essence of the original picture. I also tried removing the watermarks using photoshop but I was unable to do so. Is there any other way to remove these watermarks? Please help!"

Are you also facing the same problem like the above mentioned, and it's hard for you to remove watermarks from the picture? Do not worry! Here in the post, we have described the 3 ways to remove watermark from graduation picture

Interestingly, these methods are easy to implement and consume less time. Some of the methods are even free to use, whereas others are professional watermark remover applications. 

Method 1: Remove watermark from graduation picture through browser's Dev Tools

The developer tool is available on every platform. Therefore, it is easily accessible to all users. Furthermore, Right-click option is disabled on graduation images. Hence, you can use this tool to download your image on your computer to use it further to remove the watermark.

If you want to remove watermarks from graduation pictures, follow the step-by-step guide to remove watermarks and enjoy the raw photos. 

Step 1: Launch the Developer Tool

If the right-click is disabled, then press F12. Now, you will see a web inspector below on the page. Now, choose the image you want to download and press the inspect button from the top-left of the dev's tool. 

 Launch the Developer's Tool

Step 2: Copy the Image URL

You will see an image tag highlighted, copy the src attribute, paste it on the other tab, and hit enter.

 Copy the Image URL

Step 3: Save Image

The image will be opened on the new tab. Right-click on it and "save image as" on your computer. 

 Save the image on your computer

Step 4: Open the Photoshop tool

Open the image and select the text that you want to remove. Here we will use Overlapping. Select both layers and hit CTRL+E to merge and rasterize them.

 Select the watermark to remove

Step 5: Remove Watermark

Use the Magic wand tool to hide the original text with the selected text. Then, use the 'redefine Edge' tool to make any adjustments, if required.

Once you are satisfied with the selection, go to 'Edit' and click on the 'Fill' option. Alternatively, you can also hit the Shift and F5 keys together to apply the changes to your selected text. 

 Remove watermark

Step 6: Manual Clean up

After removing the watermark, do some manual clean-up using the 'spot healing brush tool' if required. Lastly, the image is ready to use. 

 The final picture

However, implementing the steps mentioned above can help in removing the watermark from your graduation picture. But still, if you are unable to clear the watermark, you can try other methods as mentioned below. 

Method 2: One-click to remove watermark online free

Removing the watermark with the developer's tool is a time taking process. Also, if you are not from a coding background, you might get confused. So, opting for easy-to-use solutions like Media.io is the best option. 

It is a multipurpose tool developed to remove background and make other edits to your pictures. You can use Media.io to design posters, banners, and even social media posts. However, Media.io is a one-click solution to all your watermark-removing needs and takes little time to process. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to using Media.io for removing the watermark from your images. 

Step 1: Upload the Image

Launch Media.io on your PC or mobile and click on the 'Upload Image' button or paste image by dropping it in the given space.

Upload the image

Step 2: Remove Watermark

In order to remove the watermark, select the text, adjust the brush size to draw over the unwanted object. Press the 'Remove Objects' button, and Media.io will remove the unwanted objects.

 Remove Watermark

Step 3: Download the Image

Now all you ought to do is click on the "download" button from the top-right corner of the screen to download the resulting image. Of course, you can also make additions to your image, such as bulk BG removal, enhancing the image, etc. 

 Download the Image

Whether you want to post the picture on social media or any other platform, do it with these three easy steps. Besides, there are several other methods to remove watermarks from images. To know more, scroll down!

Method 3: A geek way to remove watermark from graduation photo

All the computer science majors know that coding is the best way to complete the work with utmost precision. If you are a CS major or have a decent idea about coding, this method is for you. Follow the actions mentioned below to remove the watermarks from your images in the geek style. 

Step 1: Get your image from the GradImages 

GradImages disables the right-click option on the images. But you can easily get the image by copying the 'src attribute' in a new tab. 

 Download the Image

Step 2: Set up the Ubuntu Machine

Next, set up the Ubuntu machine and alongside install the NVIDIA driver. When both the setup and installation are complete, you need to restart your sstem or server. Additionally, if need be, you can also install Docker CE, NVIDIA-docker, and project repo. 

 Set up Ubuntu and NVIDIA Driver

Step 3: Fix Bugs

While starting the docker image, you may find an error message displaying 'Name or service not known. Or a ValueError: "does not appear to be an IPv4 or IPv6 address" You can fix this bug by simply making a few code changes. 

 Fix Bugs

Step 4: Upload Picture

When the docker image successfully starts, you will see green stuff on your screen. Now, enter 'http://localhost:8888' in your browser. Next, you will be prompted to enter the token print from your console. 

Now go to data/inpainting or directly and upload the picture in it. To remove the watermark, you will need to use a mask, therefore download one from the internet. 

 upload the image

Step 5: Make Changes in the Code

Now, open inpainting.ipynb from your jupyter notebook root. You need to change some codes here. 

 Make some changes in Code.

Step 6: Get the Final Image

After making the necessary code changes, now hit the ‘Play’ button, and you will get the final image without any watermarks. 

 The Final Image

For details, you can refer to this post.

The Bottom Line

Removing watermarks from your images using the coding method is fun only if you have time and are well-versed in coding. However, the easier on-click solution would be to use the Media.io tool. You can easily remove watermark from graduation picture or any other pictures just with one click. 

It also offers a free version where you can make additional edits to the image, such as enhancing it or removing the background. You can easily save the image on your computer. Hence, Media.io is a free, easy, and reliable tool for removing watermarks from your images. 

People Also Ask

Yes, it is possible to remove the watermark from professional pictures. You can use Media.io to get the job done easily. It offers various features for you to edit the image, be it professional or not. Follow the below steps: 

Step 1: Upload the image from your system on the Media.io tool. 

Step 2: Select the text you want to remove and hit the 'remove objects' button on the left panel. 

Step 3: Make any additional changes, if needed, like removing the background or enlarging the image. When done, tap the 'download' button on the top-right corner for your use. 

Watermarks are put on images by the owner of the images to save them from being used somewhere else without his permission. Watermark is personal copyright. Therefore, it is illegal to remove watermarks from images and use them for persona or public reasons without the owner's consent. However, if a person uses a sample image to remove the watermark, it will not be illegal. 

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