How to Increase E-Commerce Sales

The world is surrounded by the Internet. Today, our lives strongly depend on the Internet world, from entertainment to work to business, the Internet is everything. The pandemic time even converted the Internet into an online schooling system. Doing online shopping counts as a very positive use of the Internet. The business world has completely changed, and the sale purchase has gone to a new level. Who would mind going shopping while sitting on the couch and without leaving home?

Online shopping is fun for us, but it’s a hectic job for those who handle the platform so that we can enjoy endless service 24/7. But guess what? We are here to introduce an amazing tool that will save your life. Wondershare PixCut will help you and will guide you on how to remove the background or else make the image background transparent. Not only this, but the tool also offers to delete the background and has many more awesome features.

Part 1: 10 Ways to Increase E-commerce Store Sales

Part 2: Easiest Background Removal Tool for Sellers

Part 1: 10 Ways to Increase E-commerce Store Sales

People are expanding business in every possible way they could. E-commerce store sales are one of them, as business owners are facilitating their customers in the best way. And this new way attracts users as it seems really convenient to shop online from home.

Attracting customers to your products is the rule for any business. People might get attracted to shops, but it’s really challenging to get your customer's attention through the Internet. Because the customer cannot see the product the way they can see it in reality, so online sales need strong ways to attract and convince the customer.

We always try to help our readers, so hence, the section under study will cast light on few tips that will help you all to increase E-commerce store sales. These tips will flourish your business sales.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness and advertisement are really important. Your customer should know that you are just a click away. Your website must have catchy content and great images that will force the customer to take a look at your product.

Provide Excellent Services

You can only engage a customer and make him come again if your services are excellent; otherwise, it will be very foolish to expect anyone on your website. Active websites and great services are key to increase sales. 

Use Shipping as a Tool

Not every online store offers the facility of shipping. You can surprise your customers by offering them free shipping to their doorstep. This is a golden ticket to attract customers and keeping them engaged.

Offer Money-back Guarantee

Customers will instantly get attracted to the online store that allows money-back. So, in case you want to increase sales, do not forget to allow the money-back feature.

Provide Options

Never let your customer feel that they are stranded in a situation where they don’t have any other option. Make sure you have different options for your customer to pay you. The website must have as many payment options as possible.

Build Email Lists

Your website must have a list of emails. That will ensure the user that they can contact you through various sources and that you are concerned about your customer's questions. Improve your email marketing to attract the customer.

Meet your Customer Where They Are

It will be a big mistake to expect that your customers will follow you to a certain place. You should be everywhere. You need to have pages on almost all social media so that you can catch the fish from anywhere.

Interact More with the Customer

You need to interact more and more with the customer. This way, you will get to know how the customers want to see the product's advertisements. This means you need to understand your customer on a deep level.

Sense of Urgency

The website must have a sense of urgency to announce anything exciting for the customers. They should be able to see that news clearly at the top of the website.

Improve your Strategy

You need to improve your product, marketing strategy by doing data analysis. This will help you to know what the customer wants, and then you can work on the customer's demands. This is how the customer will know that their opinion matters to the company.

Part 2: Easiest Background Removal Tool for Sellers

Moving onto the next promised section. That was to introduce you all to the amazing tool Wondershare PixCut, a tool that can do wonders that no one has ever imagined.

The tool has some great features that make its users fall in love with it as it is a background eraser tool online for free and who doesn't like to get their work done for free. Not only this, but the tool also offers to make a transparent background that might help the user to reuse any image as it is a little changed now. Few other features are;

  • The tool takes minimal time to remove the background.
  • The removal is automated.
  • You can select the output size of your choice.
  • It only needs the user to drag and drop the image.
  • Users can change the background of transparent images with the help of a design tool.

You must be very curious and impatient to learn how to use the tool after going through these features. But don't worry, we will not leave you alone without guiding you properly. So here is a little step by step guide to let you know how to use the tool;

Step 1: The image to work with

You are firstly requested to upload the image that you want PixCut to remove the background from. Drag and drop can do the job. Or else, click on the 'Upload Image' button. Or maybe, you can copy and paste the image too.

Step 2: Removal Process

The process will start by itself as soon as the image is uploaded. That is because image removal is automated. It just needs the signal of the properly uploaded image.

Step 3: Download

Once it is done and the background has been removed from the image, you can now download the image with transparent background from the tool and save it.


The word good is associated with bad. The term right is associated with wrong, and so is the term advantage associated with the term disadvantage. Never ever think that anything that is in use does not have any cons. Let us now highlight the pros and cons;


The tool is time-saving, as you don't have to re-shoot anything.

Because it is online, so you can save money.

The fact that you don’t have to download anything to remove the background of an image saves storage space.

The tool is easy to use because it has a simple interface and a trouble-free removing process.

Online tools are easily accessible; it doesn't matter if your device has a low configuration.


The off chance of using an online image background removal tool is that the quality of the image might drop.

You cannot remove the background of multiple images at the same time.


We hope that we successfully introduced you to a great tool like Wondershare PixCut, and also our users have learned something new about how to increase sales on online stores.

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