Calendar Design 2021 - Inspiring Your Designs with Progressive Tips

Ever happened that you received a calendar and find it so interesting that you keep on flipping it? Guess what it really takes tons of brain to come up with a unique calendar design. A creative calendar design that just stuck in our minds. Many times, we receive calendars that are just so boring to see. Imagine you go to check what event, day or date is today, and you stumble up this boring calendar. You won't believe but half of the energy is lost on that moment itself. And if you are the owner of that calendar. Forget about the marketing your calendar was about to do.

It is really necessary to have a creative calendar design so that it catches everyone's attention. That's how real marketing is done. No matter what, but people should know that the calendar belongs to you. So, for the same reason, we are here. We are talking about points you should keep in your minds that help you to brings out the best calendar design, for your company.

Part 1 How Important are Calendars in our Life?

We cannot imagine our lives without having calendars in them. But why? Because everything in our lives is in one way or other connected with time and dates. Not a single person on this planet can work beyond that. Calendars keep a track of your daily activities as well as the activities that have been done in past. It tells you how you are going to schedule your coming days and what have you done in your past days.

All the planning and plotting of events in our life is only possible just because we have calendars. Humankind is wholly dependent upon calendars. It helps us to make life easier and sorted.

Let's find out what are benefits do we have of using Calendars:

1. Being Realistic

While handling any project we have certain deadlines. To plan the project so that it goes smoothly, it has to be completed with certain milestones. And thus, when we have calendars in which we can plan our milestones according to the time allotted to us. That's how we keep ourselves realistic with the help of calendars.

2. In keeping boundaries and prioritizing

We have certain plans in our mind for the upcoming month. While planning a month we decide days on which we can have fun and enjoy, and after that, we'll go back to the work. These are some examples of how we can set up our boundaries and prioritize our work accordingly.

Part 2 Tips to Design a Perfect Calendar for your Work

"If your calendar is not perfect, your year is not going to be perfect..."

If you are planning to design your own calendar then NOW is the right time to do it. The reason could be anything for designing your own calendar. It could be for marketing purposes, awareness, education, or just charity. The design of your own calendar has to be the perfect one with the best calendar design. Unique calendar design makes you feel aesthetic as well as increase productivity.

Let's find out what are the points you should keep in mind when you design your own calendar for 2021 for the next year.

1. Keep yourself ahead of others:

You never want your best calendar design to be thrown in the dustbin, don't you?

So, the first thing you should keep in mind is, keep yourself ahead of everyone. By the beginning of the new year, your calendar should be there on your client's desk. It helps you to fulfil the motive of the calendars, also it makes the person believes in your sincerity. People generally give calendars after a month or so, when the new year has already begun. This doesn't make enough impact.

2. Have a theme

Before creating the best calendar design, the first question that comes to mind is the 'theme'. So, do not ever forget to have a theme before designing a calendar. Don't just start creating a calendar because you have to. Put your brain into it, and come out with something creative. There is always something that can be taken as a theme. Such as Nature, wildlife, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Religion, etc. You can choose something funny like them to always get attention. Then get a designer or a photographer who can have to get you some good pictures around your theme. From here the journey of your calendar begins.

3. Key to Heart

The key to the heart is to connect with the audience you have. Brainstorm ideas to connect with your audience through your calendars. The more you connect the more impact you make. Most importantly keep in mind, the seasons and festivals. And do not ever forget to market your services, your company or anything you want to promote. Because your product/service is the HERO.

Suppose you have a graphic design calendar. You can always promote your graphic designing services. After that, have a creative wall calendar design, and better calendar layout designs. So that your calendar could be noticed by everyone.

Part 3 Designing Calendars with PixStudio

While creating a graphic design calendar, you always need a clear-cut image. To make a creative calendar design sometimes you need to have images that have no background. I am introducing you to an awesome tool that can create your image with no background in just 5 seconds. Aren't you excited to know what tool is it? Well, the tool is called Wondershare PixCut. To remove the background of any picture you just have to drag and drop the image. Within 5 seconds you will have the image with background removed. How cool is that?

Let's find out what else this tool can do:

  • Remove the background of your image.
  • You can remove the background of bulk images at once.
  • If you have a watermark on any image, you can remove it using this tool.
  • Enlarge the image you have.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1:

Open the PixCut website. Click on the "Upload Image" button that can be noticed on the screen. Now, upload the image. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the image you want to remove the background image of.

pixcut 1

Step 2:

Just after you upload the image, you will see that the background will get automatically removed. Just keep waiting to get the results.

pixcut 2

Step 3:

Finally, once the AI the of the tool does its work, you can see the option to download the image. You can see both the images: with background and without background as well. You can select the quality in which you want to download the image.

pixcut 3

Alright, so that was today's article. We hope you enjoyed this article. We have talked about how you can design your own calendar. We find out the points that we should always keep in our minds while designing the calendar. So, that it comes out the unique calendar design in the end, and creates the great impact as well. After all, these little things make a great difference. Who knows, someday while putting up the best calendar design can give you the next big opportunity in your life, and everything changes.

Shoot down your thoughts in the comment box if you find this article interesting. As you know we have come up with articles that have some great and awesome topics. That helps you to sort out your life's problems in some way or another.

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