2021 Logo Trends VS 2020 Logo Trends

You might not be able to keep track of all the changing styles day by day. So here we are. We will be sharing the latest logo design trends in 2021 so that you stay updated.

Every day people adopt a new trend for everything they do. This is because new things, new ideas, and new concepts are being launched every day. Business owners want their product to lead the market for which they need an attractive yet classy brand name and brand logo.

Talking about logos, logo design trends also change with time. 2021 has different logo trends as compared to 2020 logo trends. Things might sound a little vague, but the article below will make sure that by the end, you learn about the latest logo trends for 2021.

Part1 7 Types of Logos

Designing a logo for your business is an old trend, but the essential part is to follow the latest market trends. If you are starting your business and you are looking for different kinds of logo designs, then allow us to be your helping hand. We will be sharing 7 types of logos that will be the game-changer.

1. Monogram Logos

It is a typography-based logo that combines few letters; usually, they are the initials for any company's name. We refer to HBO as HBO instead of calling it 'Home Box Office.' This is because monograms or letter marks are easy to remember.

Rather than referring to your business with a lengthy name, it is better and classic to use the initials for brand identification. When you want an excellent logo that visually impresses everyone, but sadly you have a long company name, a monogram logo will save your life.

monogram logo types

2. Pictorial Marks

This logotype is bold in itself, yet it's fun to create it. A Pictorial Mark or a Brandmark Logo Design is the one that is represented by some icon or by some graphic symbol. The logo symbol should be self-explanatory that upon looking at it, the audience gets a clear idea about your company.

This type of logo is simple, clean, and straightforward. The audience always remembers such type of logos. It is best to use this type of logo when you want your brand's personality connected with an image.

pictorial marks logo types

3. Mascot Logos

Unlike symbols, mascot logos mean illustrated drawing of a particular person or anthropomorphized characters. It sounds even better if we call them the 'spokesperson' for the brand. They are fun to create. They look innovative and vibrant.

Have you ever wondered why we always fall for KFC? Other than its finger-licking good taste, we like the picture of Colonel Sanders, and that's the magic of the mascot logo.

mascot logos

4. Emblem Logo

In the 2021 logo trends, consider the Emblem logo as 'Ever Green' because this logo style has existed forever, and this style has never faded with the changing trends. This logo style encases the font, the company's name inside a symbol or within a design.

Such logos have a traditional appearance, and they are the go-to selection choice for schools, organizations, government agencies, stamps, seals, etc.

emblem logo types

5. Combination Logo

It is not necessary to use the available logos. Instead, you can make the logo of your style by combining different kinds of logo and creating your masterpiece. That could be done by combining both the text as your company's name and an icon, a symbol to represent your brand's personality.

Lacoste took full advantage of this logo style and added a green and red, vibrant crocodile along with the company name to make it seem more captivating.

combination logos

6. Wordmark

The most powerful style of logo design is 'Watermark' or 'Logotypes.' This style is just font-based, and it focuses solely on the company's name. The strength of this style is that it boldly represents the company's name.

If your company has a small one-word name and you are looking for a classy and charming logo, then this is the best logo style to use.

wordmark logo types

7. Abstract Logo Marks

The type of logo that uses symbolic representation but avoids literal representation is known as 'Abstract Logo.' This logo design consists of a picture, a symbol, but that is far from reality. The logo style just uses icons to add beauty and charm to the brand logo, yet the logo has no literal meaning.

Have you ever tried to notice that what the Chanel logo means? The answer is no because the logo attracts us, and that's the trick that Abstract Logo uses.

abstract logo types

Part2 Latest Trends of Logo Designing in 2021

Talking about designing, there are always few tips that designers use to design anything. Sadly, they don't disclose their secret tips to everyone, but we are bringing some tricks to you to create logos similar to the latest 2021 logo trends.

1. Logo on Digital Canvas

An amazing way to design your logo is to dip it in ink. Not literally, but by designing ink-styled visuals on the digital canvas, you can do the magic. It gets the audience's attention because the logo looks very elegant, charming, and clean this way. This tip will do the magic for companies that aim to have an artistic logo or vintage image rather than the typical emblems.

digital canvas logo trend

2. Stained Glass - Old but Gold

Something that roots back to Roman times is the technique of stained glass windows. This became an inspiration for the designers, and they started using it proudly. This tip requires the designer to fracture the image into shards of vibrant colors but not exaggerating them to create one beautiful image.

stained glass logo trend

3. Negative Space

The blank space around or inside a graphic element is referred to as the Negative Space. It might seem strange to you, but the negative space in any logo attracts the audience. It hypnotizes the viewer, and no one can walk past such a logo without looking at it.

keeping negative space in logos

4. Simplicity and Geometry

Another pro tip for designing logo is to adopt simplicity with some geometry. Geometry alone holds so much power, but when mixed with some stylish fonts, some outstanding logos are automatically designed.

simple and geometric logos

5. Portrays

It is a fact that people seek other faces. The best trick to make your logo shine is to connect yourself emotionally with your audience. The only way to build this connection is to portray your authentic self in the logo. The more realistic face, the deeper the connection is.

portrays in logos

Ending Thoughts: The article focused on delivering the best, most authentic, and useful information that would help people learn the difference between now and 2020 logo trends. Also, different 2021 logo designtrends have been discussed that will eventually help you improve your designs.

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