Advertisement Poster Designing - Make Coherent Posters with PixStudio

Do you want to attract new customers? Learn the best designing practices to make your own advertisement posters to engage the potential audience and convert them into regular customers.

Advertisement posters have been an integral part of the marketing spectrum since the early years. From small brands to large enterprises, almost every business can relish the benefits of a well-thought ad poster design. Even today, when the world has gone digital, advertisement posters are a marketing tactic that could help you attract new customers and expand your business boundaries. One of the key benefits of an advertisement poster is that you can design it in different sizes. It means you can distribute the poster across different channels and drive traffic from different sources.

However, it's worth understanding that you can only achieve these goals if your posters are visually appealing and well-optimized. You can't expect to convert valuable customers just with random posters. So, in this guide, we'll share a few tips that'll help you make your own advertisement posters and step up your marketing game.

Part 1 Why are Advertisement Posters Needed?

With digital marketing surpassing traditional marketing practices, many people wonder if advertisement posters are still relevant or not. To be honest, posters still haven't lost their charm in 2021. Even today, they can help you promote your brand or a dedicated service and get ahead of the competition.

They'll help you spread brand awareness and acquire new clients from different mediums. And, the cherry-on-top is that these posters are extremely cost-effective. Even if you don't have thousands of dollars to spend on marketing, you can utilize advertisement posters to promote your brand and gain the desired exposure.

Here are some of the benefits of using advertisement posters for marketing

  • With posters, you can target a wider audience.
  • As compared to paid marketing practices, advertisement posters don't burn a hole in your pocket
  • You can release the advertisement poster on different platforms to create a multi-channel traffic source
  • Advertisement posters are relevant for every business niche, be it healthcare or education

Part 2 Tips To Follow While Designing Advertisement Posters For Your Brand

Now that we have discussed the significance of posters, let's walk you through a few practices that'll help you create a poster advertisement and attract your potential audience.

1. Focus on Visibility

The primary objective of an advertisement is to promote a product, service, or brand. The poster should clearly convey your message and people should be able to read its content from a distance. Unfortunately, many beginners don't prioritize visibility and end up adding too many elements to their posters.

While it's a great idea to showcase your creativity, you must remember that adding too many graphics and pictures will make your poster less appealing. The users won't be able to read it properly and you'll end up losing valuable customers. To avoid this scenario, make sure to keep the design simple and the text readable. To do this, you can distribute the text in dedicated heading and subheadings. This will help you grab the customer's attention more effectively.

2. Get Creative With Contrast

use contrast

Contrast is one of the designing elements that'll help you design a captivating ad poster design. In today's world, people have an extremely short attention span. It only takes a few seconds for them to decide what's worth their time. In such a situation, you should focus on creating a poster that instantly grabs the user's attention. One of the ways to do this is to use Contrast.

Basically, you can use two separate colors (ideally a dark and light color) for the foreground and the background. This will help you shift the entire focus on the highlighted text and it'll instantly attract your potential customers. This is the reason why many designs avoid using a similar color palette in their poster. Instead, they use two different colors to create a contrast and make the poster engaging.

3. Choose the Right Size

While working on an advertisement poster, choosing the right size will be extremely important. As we mentioned earlier, you can design posters in different sizes. However, each size is tailored for a specific purpose. For instance, small flyers are meant to be distributed among the masses whereas a large poster is designed to grab attention in the crowd.

So, based on your final objectives, choose the right size for your advertisement poster and then move towards the designing phase. Keep in mind the size will also help you identify what types of visual elements you can incorporate in your ad poster design.

4. Start With a Blueprint

mutiple blueprints

Instead of creating the final draft for the poster, you should always design 3-4 initial blueprints. Exploring different ideas will help you pick the most suitable design to promote your product/service. If you have a dedicated designing team, you can also ask each designer to come up with their own designs.

This way you'll have a wide range of options to choose from. One of the best ways to create a blueprint is to use an online advertisement poster maker. Such online designing tools have all the necessary features to showcase your creativity and come up with the best designs for the poster.

5. Analyze Your Competitors

While this may sound a bit outrageous, analyzing your competitor's poster design will help you come up with an idea that'll give you a competitive edge in the market. Since posters are the go-to marketing tool for every brand, thousands of companies use them to promote their services. In such a competitive scenario, you should focus on creating designs that help you to stand out in the crowd.

The best way to do this is to analyze what your competitors are doing. Based on the competitor analysis, you'll be able to identify what types of designs attract the customers more easily. As a result, it'll become much easier to avoid unexpected blunders and create a stunning advertisement poster for your marketing campaign.

6. Choose a Scalable Design


Another tip that'll help you make the best advertisement poster is focusing on scalability. You'll be using the poster across different platforms and in different sizes. The general thumb rule says that you should choose a design that's equally engaging in different sizes. To do this, you can either choose a scalable template or create different versions of your poster. Either way, having scalability should be one of your top priorities as this will help you expand your reach through the poster.

7. Use the Space Effectively

If you are a professional graphics designer, you already know the significance of spacing in a design. If you want to grab the user's attention, it'll be important to use the space wisely. Instead of jamming all the elements together, try to leave space between texts, images, and graphics so that they are easily visible to the end-users.

You should also leave decent space between letters so that the text is readable, even if the person is standing at a far distance. All these small elements will help you enhance the overall visual appearance of your poster and easily attract the target customers.

Part 3 Design Ad Posters Using PixStudio

At this point, you have gotten a basic idea of the best designing practices for an advertisement poster. But, apart from the right approach, you'll also need a dedicated designing tool to get the job done. We recommend using Wondershare PixStudio. It's an online designing tool that's tailored to make designing easier for everyone. The tool comes with a wide range of templates that you can instantly import into your design and create a custom ad poster for your audience.

Thanks to its advanced editing panel, you can also customize the template to personalize its appearance and come up with a design that meets your individual brand objectives. From changing the colors to adding new text blocks, PixStudio will give you complete control over the design.

One of the USPs of PixStudio is its built-in background remover. If you want to import an image into your poster, you can remove its background, make it transparent, and maintain the decided color scheme for your poster.

Here's the step-by-step process to use Wondershare PixStudio to create a stunning ad poster for your brand.

Step 1 -

Go to and click "Start Design Now".

click start design

Step 2 -

The editing panel will open on your screen. In the left menu bar, select the "Template" tab and explore different built-in templates. You can also search for a specific template using the search bar.

choose template

Step 3 -

After choosing the right template, bring it to the editing panel. Now, switch between different tabs on the left menu bar to add the desired elements to the template. You can add text blocs, graphics, and shapes to customize the design as per your requirements.

Step 4 -

Finally, click the "Download" button at the top-right corner and choose the output format to save the poster on your computer.

download image

It doesn't matter which business niche you belong to, advertisement posters can be one of the most effective marketing tools to attract new customers and spread brand awareness. All you have to do is adhere to the right designing practices to keep your posters visually appealing. And, if you want to utilize your creativity, make sure to use PixStudio to create a captivating poster for your marketing campaign.

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