Best Website For FREE Transparent Background Logo

Find the best tool to find a logo with no background. The application can give you an unlimited logo with no background.

We are giving away the tool to remove background for free... How does that sound? Crazy, right?

To be honest we are introducing you a tool that is going to be the best tool ever. If the use of images plays a heavy role in your job and you always want something that can give you a logo with no background, you better read this whole article.

In this article, we are telling you the best chosen websites for a logo with no background. Find anything you need for your business, work, or job. There is a very good chance to find images among these websites.

You might be thing what about the GIVE-AWAY? Well, at the end of the article we are disclosing to you the amazing web app that can remove the background of any image. Just in 5 secs. Let's find out how...

Part 1 Best websites for amazing transparent background logos

1. PNGtree



PNGtree, as you would have already got it from the name that this site has many branches to offer you a lot of stuff. You name anything related to images and you get it on this website. Over here you can find logos with no background, vectors, templates, and whatnot.

It immediately shows you all the relevant images with no background that you can use for a lot of purposes. Obviously, you do not only need a logo to run a business, right? Other images with no background are also needed. For instance, you typed, bakery- now you will find every photo/image/logo you need for the bakery business to run. It makes your search so sorted so that you do not need to wander around on all different websites. Make sure you visit this website to find no background logo.


You can find every image sorted according to your business needs.

Find a variety of options like- PNG, vectors, PSD files, business card background for free.


You can only download 2 free logos with no background from here if you want to download more. You have to upgrade your account to premium.

2. Free PNG Logos


free png logo

Free PNG logos is another website that will help you download logos with no background. Over here you will find logos of some big boys of the internet, for example, FB, Instagram, etc.

Logos of social media websites are important as your business's logo. And you already know that you cannot copy the exact logo from the original source. To use the logos of these social media websites you need to have a copyright-free license on the image. After that, you are allowed to use the logos of such websites.

On Free PNG logos you can find the logos transparent background free. And that too copyright-free images. You can use these images on your website, ads, or anywhere you wish to. However, the site does not have a huge collection of other various niche images.


You can find some good quality logos of big companies that are copyright free.

You can download a logo with transparent background for free.


The website does not have a variety of images, according to your search.

You might find a shortage of options while

3. Pinterest



Pinterest is a visual search engine. This means like google has all your answers, so does this site. All you need to go and put on whatever pops in your head. And you will find the result coming out in the form of images. Well, the most important thing about all these websites is, you cannot use all the images you wish to. Yes, as many of us don't realize this before using Pinterest images. But You got to be very careful while using the image from Pinterest. For every image, you are using check if it is copyright free. You can find some collections to download logos with transparent backgrounds for free. It does not happen every time, you have to check before using the image from the Pinterest collection.


A huge database of images, where you can find images, you desire.

You can search any keyword, and get image related to it.

There are many collections having logos with no background.


It is not very sure that you will find the exact logos that you are looking for.

You need to be sureif the logos with transparent backgrounds are for free.

4. Stick PNG


stick png

I like the UI of this website and the content it provides is just "amazing!". The site I am talking about is Stick PNG. Just like other websites, this website also provides you with PNG and images.

Now you must be saying, "duh...what is the difference then?" First of all, when you enter this website, the look is totally different. It's like the vintage taste with extra cool toppings on top of it, wait, what?? To understand that you got to see this website with your own naked eyes.

You can find tons of free images on this website. You can find a transparent background for the logo and whatnot. Here you can find logos of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and a lot bigger company. But the special thing is you get image categories like memes, objects, games, food, and the list goes on.


UI of this website will not only make you check their categories but also you will find a lot of good images.

You can download no background logos.

Memer, marketers, and probably everyone could find something interesting on this website.


It might be possible that there are not enough images found with your keywords.

5. PNG Key



PNG key is another aesthetic looking website having "Largest Archive of Transparent PNG". They claim to be having the largest database of PNG images. Well, if you land upon this website, you will find a search box, a category to explore various subcategories.

You will find whatever you are searching, for be it, man, boat, house, or transparent background for the logo. This website is like saying to you, "I am the boss, ask me anything". This is just another crazy website that you need to check out if you have not found what you were searching for. I am sure this website is going to solve your problem, and you will download no background logo for free.


Tons of images with just a single keyword you enter.

Various options to choose from.

Hands down the largesarchive for no background logo for free.


There is a limit on images you can download.

You need to upgrade your account to premium if you want all the images copyright free.

Part 2 You Might Want to Know - How to make the background of your logo transparent?

If you did not find the image you were looking for, don't be sad pal. We have something interesting for you. See when we do not find any solutions for our problem, we create solutions on our own. So, here we are with a tool called Pixcut from Wondershare. This tool allows you to remove the background of any image in just 5 seconds.

You read it write, all you have to go on this site, upload the picture you want the background to be removed. And whoosh!! it's just done. Wasn't that simple? Yeah... I know it was. Let's see what else we can do with this tool:


  • Remove background in just 5 seconds.
  • Get a graphic Design tool for YouTube Thumbnails, Logos, Posters, and more!

Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1:

Go on the Pixcut website. Drag and drop the image you want to remove the background of. You can also put the link on this website to upload the image. Or click on "Upload Image" to do the same.

pixcut 1

Step 2:

After uploading the image, the background will automatically be removed.

pixcut 2

Step 3:

You will get two options to download the images in the desired quality.

Final Words:
We hope you find this article interesting, and you got the image you were looking for. Before ending the article let's find out what have we talked about up till now. So, the article was all about how you can get a transparent logo for free. Be it of any social media platform or any particular house. You need to be sure that the images you are downloading are copyright free. We have given you the 5 best websites for FREE Transparent background logos. Moreover, it is not necessary that you will find all the images you are searching for on these websites. So, in the end, we have given you the awesome tool to remove the background of any image. So, that you can ultimately get a FREE Transparent background logo. Hit me us in the comment box, we'd love to know what topics you want us to do next.

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