Understanding Ecommerce Banner Design In A Better Way

The different sections of this article reflects upon the basics and important pointers of advertisement banner design. Users shall get to know more about designing banner ads impressively.

Owning a business is one thing while marketing; it is a totally different niche, don't you agree? A significant portion of a business budget goes out to marketing and advertisement. This is because as long as people do not know about your services, the business enterprise stands nowhere.

For the same reason, the article discusses banner ads in detail. The perfect professional banner design offers an easy breakthrough to generate traffic and enhance brand awareness and services. To do so like a pro, the readers are suggested to go through the article in detail. Let us start!

Part 1 What is a Web Banner Design?

Before getting into banner makers online, the audience is urged to understand the basics fundaments of web banner design and how do they work. In addition to this, the section provides a deep insight into the advantages of banner advertising for one's brand. So, without wasting any more time, let us begin, shall we?

To define a banner advertisement, consider it a brand marketing technique is done on a website. It often constitutes the image in different formats or animation. Delivered by an ad server, the basic purpose of a web banner online is to enhance its clicks. It can be achieved by developing a website banner design that is catchy, attractive, and covers all needed data.

website banner dimensions

Coming in different shapes and sizes, the entrepreneurs spend money on a banner advertisement. It is considered the most efficient, long-term, and economical medium of sending the message across.

Pros of Web Banner Advertisements

The benefits include:

  • To increase the brand visibility multifold, website banner design plays a crucial role. People prefer to take brand services that have a digital and online presence.
  • The brands use this marketing strategy to target different segments of society and enhance brand awareness.
  • They even re-target the society after they have studied their behavior pattern pertaining to the services offered.
  • The social media banners or shop banner designs are easy ways to bring unique traffic to the website enhance boosting up sales.
  • They are the most affordable and viable ways to notify sales, product amendments, and relevant changes.

How do Web Banners Work?

The social media banners and shop banner designs are carefully projected in a way that a wide range of the population sees it. Just like any other print media advertising, web banners convey a specific theme message to give to the customers, clients, or end-users. They include information about the product, location, or a sale banner PSD to grab the people's attention.

how website banners work

The focal person is suggested making such a banner design that people cannot keep their eyes off it. To have an idea of workable tips to consider while making the best banner design, navigate to the next section.

Part 2 Things You Should Follow While Designing a Web Banner Advertising

The ideal banner design does not come easy. The graphic designers and other creative professionals make use of banner maker apps and other tools to give birth to a catchy banner. The section shall convey similar tips and pointers that should be followed for desirable results.

Minimalistic and Readable Design

It is important for the banner design to be simple and focused. It is because people drive or walk through the banner in a second, therefore, make it simple yet catchy. Furthermore, the text has to be readable and legible from long distances. Use different sizes for the main headline and text of the banner. In addition to this, use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters and avoid cursive fonts.

minimalistic and readable website banner design

Right Colors and Animations

The usage of the right colors offers a spellbound impact on the viewers. Every color depicts a certain emotional connection with the audience. Where red color shows excitement and love, blue color leaves the impression of trust and security. As far as animations are concerned, incorporate simple ones that keep the focus on the message. The loop frequency should be no more than 3 times.

use right colors and animations in website banner

Correct Hierarchy and Effective Size

The best banner design makes sure that the hierarchy is maintained. The appropriate management among different elements of a banner draws attention to it like a tornado. The company logo, call to action, and website information must be kept in the right order. For the banner size, the stakeholders are suggested to keep 728×90px for the leaderboard and 300×600 for half page.

use proper hierarchy and size

Clear Theme and Focus

For an ideal website banner design, keeping a clear theme in mind and then acting accordingly is mandatory. The focus can be promoting an event, brand visibility, and awareness, rebranding the company and products. This helps the audience understand better and minimizes confusion regarding the purpose.

have proper theme

Part 3 How to Design an eCommerce Website Banner Ad with PixStudio

With the market offering a wide range of banner maker apps, the section at hand focuses on one of those graphic designing tools. PixStudio is one such web application that lets the user go wild with their creative minds.

One can make posters, cards, thumbnails, wallpapers, and brochures of different aspect ratios. This tool features a "Custom Size" option as well. By giving liberty to the artist to change the vertical and horizontal orientation of the editor, PixStudio knows how to keep its users hooked to it. If you are unfamiliar with how this operates, follow the guidelines below for the best banner design online.

Step 1: Account Setup

In the first step, the user is expected to launch "PixStudio" from the web. Log in to your account or sign up if you don't have one. From the welcome window that appears, hit "Start Design Now."

initiate the banner design process

Step 2: Selecting "Banner" Project

The editor window appears. Click on "Create a Design." The list of projects pops up with their aspect ratio. Scroll down to tap on "Banner."

select banner option

Step 3: Customize your Banner

The user can show creativity by selecting templates, adding or deleting elements, and changing or removing the backgrounds.

choose and customize your banner

Step 4: Export your Design

Now, download the file according to your format. An impressive banner is made!

save your banner design

Wrapping Up:
The article allowed the users to understand the banner design in an effective way. With this writeup, the users will be able to use PixStudio to create an extraordinary banner for their brand awareness and visibility. The article discussed important tips and pointers to be followed for a banner that takes marketing to a whole new level. We wish that the article was of some help to you!

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