How To Design Perfect Pictures For Your Lookbook

Create an impressive lookbook design to boost your business sales, and try Wondershare to design the perfect pictures for your lookbook.

With the ever-increasing growth of the e-commerce industry, the demands and expectations for an online business have also increased. Customers want an innovative and unique approach, which can provide impressive visuals and great personal experiences. To accomplish that, an impressive lookbook will be your biggest tool.

In the proceeding article, you can learn all about creating an impressive fashion lookbook to help you build a successful brand. Also, learn to construct impressive pictures for your lookbook design and make it alluring using the premium tools of Wondershare.

Part 1What can a Lookbook Do to Improve Your Business?

Not sure what a lookbook is? Simply put, a fashion lookbook is a collection of images that showcase your products and services. Before the digital era, lookbooks were essentially published in hardcopy that would express a brand's latest collection of products. These days, lookbooks have taken a digital turn and reside on a brand's online presence.

loobook importance in business

Lookbooks are used to display your products in a captivating way. Here is how a well-designed lookbook can help your business:

1. Shares your Story

A lookbook is a great way to get your narrative out in the real world. A well-crafted lookbook provides users an insight into your brand's journey, which can help you gain their confidence and loyalty.

2. Provides Impressive Visual Experience

An important part of running a successful e-commerce business is to provide an impressive visual experience. Having a great lookbook design can do exactly that for you, which will ultimately help in boosting your business.

3. Builds Emotional Connections

Having a business also means interacting with customers and connecting to them on an emotional level. By providing a well-structured style lookbook, your products and visuals resonate with potential customers at a personal level and will improve your brand visibility and recognition.

4. Provides Updates

Lookbooks are a great way to provide your customers information about what you have been up to. If you have a newly launched collection or a seasonal offer, a meticulously crafted lookbook can help you bring all the attention to it, thus boosting your seasonal sales.

5. Boosts Engagement

A fashion lookbook, when done right, can significantly increase the engagement of your brand. Providing a good visual experience via a lookbook can attract customers and increase sales, visibility, and recognition.

Part 2How to Design a Lookbook for Impressive Marketing?

Having an elegant fashion lookbook can improve your sales tenfold, so it is essential to learn how to do it right. Try the tips mentioned below to create a lookbook design that stands out.

tips for designing a perfect lookbook for marketing

1. Keep it Simple and Elegant

While designing a lookbook, remember to keep it simple. Do not make a cluster of your images and designs. Opt for a simple design that gets the message across elegantly without being too overwhelming for the viewer.

2. Invest in Good Photography

Remember to invest in high-quality photography. Add in premium quality images that capture all the details of your design. A good outfit lookbook is all about focusing on your images and visuals to deliver a powerful message.

3. Add Realism

When capturing your images, make sure to add an element of realism. See who the products are aimed at, and plan your shoot accordingly. Avoid stiff pictures and poses that might appear inhumane.

4. Use Multiple Design Elements

A good style lookbook isn't always about the images. You can also try and add different design elements, shapes, and graphics to make things stand out. Choose simple geometric patterns and elegant fonts, and let the images do the rest.

5. Add CTAs and Relevant Links

If you are planning to have a lookbook online, remember to add relevant CTAs and links for user convenience. A simple "Click to Buy" or "View More" button can easily do the trick.

Part 3Designing Perfect Pictures for Your Lookbook

Looking for the best way to design your perfect style lookbook? Wondershare PixCut is the answer you were looking for.

PixCut is a web-based design and editor tool targeted at aspiring creators. Working primarily as an online background remover tool, PixCut also contains an in-built graphics creator and editor by the name of PixStudio. Both tools work hand-in-hand to offer premium services for your every graphics-related need.

To create an impressive lookbook design using PixCut, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Getting Started

Launch PixCut on your browser. Click on "Sign Up" and register on Wondershare using your email ID.

create your wondershare account

Step 2: Remove Background

An ideal product image has a clear and transparent background. To remove the background from your image, click on "Upload Image," and PixCut will automatically remove the image background. You can now download it in standard or HD quality.

download your transparent image

Step 3: Launch PixStudio

Once you have downloaded the image, click on the "Design for Free Now" button, which will be available at the bottom, and you will be redirected to PixStudio.

launch pixstudio editor

Step 4: Start Design

Once inside PixStudio, tap on "Create a Design" in the bottom left corner.

tap on start a design option

Step 5: Customizing the Size

After clicking on "Create a Design," choose "Custom Size" from the pop-up menu. Choose 8.5 as width and 11 as the height, and select the inches scale. This is the standard size of a fashion lookbook.

select custom size for lookbook

Step 6: Style your Lookbook

You can now choose from a wide range of templates and elements for your lookbook. Add images of your own or select one from PixStudio's library. You can also choose from a wide range of graphical elements, shapes, and text designs; or customize the background.

make your image beautiful

Step 7: Save Lookbook Image

When you are finished with the design process, click on the "Download" button from the top-right corner and save your file in JPG, PNG, or PDF formats.

export your fashion lookbook image

The Bottom Line:An effective way of satisfying your customers is to provide a great visual experience. A well-designed lookbook will come in handy for that purpose. With a striking lookbook at your hands, you can easily lure customers and impress them with your remarkable products.

Using the aforementioned tips and techniques, you can build a powerful lookbook design for your business. The best way to create an enchanting fashion lookbook is by using Wondershare PixCut. In PixStudio, you can find all the tools required to take your style lookbook to the next level.

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