Design a Perfect eCommerce Landing Page to Attract More Audience

The design of landing page is important to get a specific action from your viewers. This article will guide you on how the landing pages design works.

Many industries have shifted their marketing campaigns online. Several elements are involved in the design development process. However, a landing page has a crucial place that aims to entice visitors. It should be flawless enough to convince readers that your offer is worth chasing.

As we discuss landing pages, you might think about a standard landing page layout to follow for your online lead. In this article, we will provide you with designing tips for the landing page.

Part 1 What is a Landing Page?

Everyone thinks that there is some coherent scientific understanding behind a good and impressive landing page. However, it is not like that. You only need to put some effort and time to design a landing page. As its name implies, a landing page is where an internet audience lands.

You may have noticed an eye-catching ad, which is about the new skill you have been looking to learn. You will click it and want to know more about it.

landing pages

Yes, this is the reason why your landing page should be on point, enough to grab the readers' attention. It can be a standalone page created for a specific product or a campaign. A website landing page design is hyper-focused which forces the viewers to take any specific action.

We can't deny that landing pages are the most suitable option to increase the conversion rates of marketing campaigns.

Part 2 Looking into the Landing Page Layout – The Anatomy

To design best landing page, you need to adopt a different approach to promote your product or service. However, there is no standard way to design landing page UI. The variation in several factors such as intent, niche, audience, industry, or focus may affect the design of a landing page.

Well, now you may get confused about the key elements of a website landing page design. Therefore, we will explain the common characteristics to create your compelling landing page.

Heading of a Landing Page

As by the name-Heading is the first important thing that will help you to grab visitor's attention. It excites them to stay on your page and tells all about your product and service.

A free pro-tip from our side; deliver the actual content you have promised in your ad click.

heading of a landing page

Distinctive Selling Statement

Want to impress your target audience with your product or service? Try to explain your service with a distinctive selling statement succinctly. You can break down the prices or currently going offers or promotions. A unique selling statement ensures its visitors understand why they should set expectations for their product/service.

impressive selling statements

Major Benefits

This provides a more detailed description of your selling statement. In the best landing page examples, you will see the designer provide more detail and answer the customers' questions, especially what your product offers them. Add the bullet points for clarity.

add benefits in landing pages

Images and Illustrations

Images and text included on your landing page are the trust-builders. They visually represent your offer and helps the visitors for a better understanding.

The designers can go for a Wondershare PixStudio to design your incredible images for a mobile app landing page or more. It offers simple and flexible drag and drops templates and high-quality graphics to make your masterpiece images. Furthermore, the tool is enabled with a powerful AI setup. Demonstrate your services with clear images, portraits, or landscapes.

edit images with pixstudio

Community Proof

By utilizing the community's reviews or networks, you illustrate what others have said about your offered service. This approach would most likely convert visitors into consumers.

proof of customer

Reinforcement Statement

This statement has the justification of communication with your visitors. It shows the mid-experience to your visitors, thus boost the main headline.

reinforcement statement by brand

Closing Outline

As your landing page is about to end, this is a final chance to talk about your offer. It backs up your main value proposition. Also, the closing outline should be associated with a call to action.

closing outline of landing page


The call-to-action is the crucial element of a landing page which can either be a part of a standalone button or a lead gen form. It should be compelling, persuasive as well as exciting. Try to find out the keywords related to your service. Call-to-action buttons should be bright, big, and stand out.

call to action buttons

Part 3 How to Make a Proper Design for Your eCommerce Landing Page?

Are you searching for valid tips that will turn a one-time buyer into a repeat buyer? Well, it is not a magic trick until you have learned to design your eCommerce landing page. Focused offer, digital strategy, and a visual design will make your exceptional product presentation.

Following are the general tips for an effective landing page design.

tips to design landing page

Add a Killer Headline

Usually, you have just 8 seconds to grab your visitors' attention. By adding a killer and irresistible headline, you can increase the chance of staying the visitors on your page. Be honest, controversial, and use compelling adjectives to draw the readers' attention.

Keep the Objective Defined and Simple

Never add too much stuff on your landing pages. Make your vision clear about what you offer and what you want from the visitor. Add a limited amount of images, media, or links. Ensure that your call to action is clear and catchy for the visitor.

Limit the Extra Navigation

Everyone targets the visitors to keep them on the landing page until they perform that specific action. If you left the navigation, the reader might get distracted. Therefore, remove or limit the extra navigation so they continue to wander on your landing page.

Add Crucial Designs

To make an attractive landing page, determine your color scheme, choose high-end images or videos to highlight an issue. In addition, leave some whitespaces, which is a big plus to impress your audience.

Closing Words:
For many years, marketing managers or designers have tried to drive people to their products or service site. This article has discussed the important aspects to design landing page. As the landing pages can perform better with the high conversion rates, we urge you to focus on the anatomy and tips to design an effective landing page for your product or service.

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