A Beginner's Guide: How to Start Your Instagram Ecommerce

Businesses are taking new forms, and Instagram eCommerce is one of them. The article enables the user to set up Instagram Shopping and introduces the right tool to make posts and stories.

Business ideas and ventures are replacing employment stress now. People are using different forms of business to earn money through limited investment and more profits. Instagram eCommerce is a blend of marketing and selling products utilizing this platform.

There are a lot of benefits related to Instagram Shopping. It has easy product discoverability, which leads to enhanced audience engagement and boosts sales. Instagram online shopping also offers an opportunity for influencer marketing and gives rise to an impeccable customer experience. It means that Shoppable Instagram works like a charm for both the parties involved.

The article under review offers a detailed insight into how to set up Instagram Shopping and introduces Wondershare PixStudio in the process.

Part 1 How to Set up Instagram Shopping?

Trying to set up Instagram Shopping covers some steps that need to be followed for favorable results. The measures may sound complicated initially, but once the process is concluded, it creates a viable Instagram Shop ready to conquer the world. The section provides detailed steps to set up Instagram Shop. The entrepreneurs and beginners are expected to follow them carefully and vividly.

Step 1: Eligibility Requirements and Ground Work

The Instagram Shop online permits the client to look for their required product from the comfort of their homes. Therefore, if you are planning to set up Instagram Shopping, there will be no remorse.

To begin, the beginner is expected to be eligible for setting up an Instagram Shop. The services have to be based on a supported market. Moreover, such physical products have to be sold that should follow the community guidelines. For the first step to be successful, the entrepreneur's account must comply with Instagram's eCommerce policies.

You should be in a country that offers access to Instagram Shop feature as well. One can develop an Instagram store by making sure that the platform is updated to the latest version. It is because only the updated version lets the business use the Instagram Shop feature. After that, it is mandatory to have an Instagram business profile.

To do so, navigate to the app's "Settings" and hit "Switch to Business Profile." This switching helps in accessing features such as Action Buttons, Instagram ads, and Insights. It also aids in the efficient flow of business. Furthermore, the end player is supposed to link the Instagram business profile to the Facebook business page while being a page admin.

switch instagram to business profile

Navigate to the Instagram "Settings" and hit "Linked Accounts." All the eligibility criteria are met, and groundwork is laid down.

tap on linked accounts option

Step 2: Adding Product Catalog to the Facebook Shop

The next step to set up Instagram Shopping revolves around adding the product catalog to your Facebook Shop. For starters, it is essential to note that Instagram Shops take their product information from Facebook stores. Therefore, the challenge is to develop a Facebook Shop and sync the Facebook catalog to it.

add product catalog to your facebook account

Doing so helps the user establish a sound marketing system and products promotion. The beginner is directed to create a Shopify store and add the services. After that, connect it to Facebook Shop and tap on the (+) icon just beside the "Sales Channel" located in the Shopify Dashboard. The Shoppable Instagram can be produced by adding the product catalog to the Facebook store.

connect to facebook shop

To do so, navigate to the product manager in the Shopify Dashboard. Choose the products and click on "Make Products Available" from the dropdown menu that appears. Select "Facebook" afterward.

make your products available

Step 3: Setting Instagram Sales Channel

In the same way, it is essential to set up Instagram as a sales channel from the Shopify dashboard to continue with the Instagram eCommerce process. An individual has to click on the (+) icon located beside the "Sales Channel." From the top recommendations that pop up, tap the (+) sign alongside Instagram.

connect instagram to shopify store

Step 4: Account Approval Decision

Instagram online Shopping becomes a treat when Instagram approves the account. If you have done all the above processes successfully, you are almost there! Instagram takes several days to review the profile and its basics. The Instagram Shop online is established when the notification pops up stating "Start Tagging Products on Instagram."

initiate tagging process

Step 5: Facebook Shops Added to Instagram

The following step is another vital milestone to be achieved by the user. It is time to decide which Facebook store has to be connected to the Instagram account. The user is supposed to scroll to the business settings of Instagram and hit "Shopping." After that, pick out the required Facebook Shop.

attach the facebook store with instagram

This step makes sure that Instagram, Shopify store, and Facebook Shop are all synced. The Instagram store has been developed.

Step 6: Tagging Products in Posts and Stories

The last step is easy and requires no background technical knowledge. Now that the user is done with all the steps mentioned above, tagging the products in posts and stories won't be too hard. For starters, make a new post from your Instagram and tag products as you tag your friends and colleagues. Click on "Tag Products" to do so.

put tags on your products

The tagging process creates a shopping bag icon on the featured post. It is essential to be noted that one can tag up to 5 products on a single post and 20 products on multiple images. To add the shop to Instagram, make at least one post. Make it an introductory post or highlight the business goals.

instagram shop configured

Part 2 How to Make Perfect Posts and Stories for Your Instagram Account using PixStudio?

Making sure that your business is on the right track is essential. Through workable websites and applications, one can design perfect posts and stories to enhance the brand's visibility and identity.

Wondershare PixStudio has made the designing process effortless and fruitful. Most creative professionals can make pretty YouTube thumbnails, posters, logos, posts, and much more. In addition, the application also allows the designer to create a "Custom Size" post based on the industry demands.

In addition, there is an extensive range of templates, photos, and elements that can be featured in the design to create an impact. With the simple and fast design, one can share their creative assets to every social networking website in seconds. The "Cloud Storage" feature has minimized the fear of losing one's portfolio and hard work.

To know the process of making exceptional and attractive posts, follow the guidelines below.

Step 1: Preliminary Steps

Open Wondershare PixStudio from your browser. The application prompts the user to create an account. After the account is made, click on "Start Design Now." The new window appears. Hit "Create a Design Now" from there.

tap on create a design

Step 2: Pick out the Relevant Project

The list of projects appears with their aspect ratio. Choose "Instagram Story" or "Instagram Post" according to your need.

select instagram post or story size

Step 3: Choose the Template Design

The editing window pops up. Click on "Templates" from there to pick out the best design and outlook.

choose your template

Step 4: Upload a Picture (Optional)

After that, click on the "Uploads" tab to browse the image or photo from your system. It helps in giving a personal touch to the post or story.

choose your template

Step 5: Design the Post or Story

Now it is time to design the project. Click on "Background" to change or remove it. The user can also add "Elements" and "Text" to make the output a complete success.

add elements and texts

Step 6: Save the Project

Click on "Download," located at the top right corner. A new window appears. Save the file in PNG or JPG format and hit "Download."

download the image

Wrapping Up:Trends are changing. The non-traditional ways of starting a business have gone obsolete now. People are using their skills to bring Instagram eCommerce to life. There are several benefits associated with Instagram shopping. The entrepreneurs and newbies are directed to follow the steps to set up Instagram and use Wondershare PixStudio to ace the process.

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