Tips for Making Outdoor Headshots by Your Own

Learn some easy and helpful tips to make your outdoor headshots more expressive and appealing to the viewers, and also find the answers to some frequently asked questions about outdoor headshots.

Looking forward to capturing the perfect headshot? Before you head outside with a camera in your hand, it is important to learn the secret behind remarkable outdoor headshots. The task is not easy as it may seem and requires an eye for detail as well as some sharp skills.

If you are thinking of capturing your own outdoor professional headshots, you will certainly need some outside help. Consult the following guide for a detailed insight on outdoor headshots and how to get them right by implementing some basic tips and techniques. Hopefully, this will make your process easier and much more effective.

Part 1Tips for Getting Spectacular Outdoor Headshots

If you want your outdoor headshots to turn out perfect, you will need to check a few things off the list. To make things easier, here are a few tips and techniques which can prove fruitful in creating the best outdoor business headshots.

1. Ask a Friend for Help or Use a Tripod

Taking your own headshots without any help might be a difficult task on its own. Unless you plan on submitting a selfie as your professional headshots, you will need external help.

Instead of going solo altogether, you can ask for a friend or a family member to help you out with the task. This way, you can get a third-person perspective on your outdoor headshots. You can get good angles and their opinions on the images, which will help you construct a flawless headshot. You won't have to worry about the alignment or lighting too.

If you do not want to ask for help from another person, you can try using a tripod, a phone holder, or simply use support from a piece of furniture. Just aim the camera at your desired location (preferably at eye level), apply a timer, and you are all good to go. This will be particularly useful for people who are camera shy or feel nervous while posing in front of people.

use a tripod or ask a friend

2. Try Different Poses

Another tip that might come in handy while developing outdoor professional headshots is to try different poses. Dull and stiff poses can make your headshots appear weak and boring. Instead, spice things up by trying unique and attractive poses to lure the viewers. This does not imply that you have to pretend to be a supermodel. Take a look below for some simple pose tips:

i. Showcase your Best Angles

Remember to always try different angles and see what works best for you. You can face sideways and tilt your head to look at the camera. You can turn your shoulders and head, hold your chin up or down slightly. Also, avoid staring directly into the camera.

take pictures in your best angles

ii. Charm Them with a Smile

You can never go wrong with a nice warm smile. Even letting out a laugh and showcasing your entire front row of teeth can give off a good cheerful vibe in your headshots. Try not to make it look fake by asking someone to humor you while you are taking a headshot or watch some funny video.

smile while taking photo

iii. Try Positive Expressions

If you do not feel like laughing in your outdoor corporate headshots, that is okay. But giving off a stern and serious vibe is not. Try to think of something amusing or positive. This will put a soft and positive expression on your face and in your eyes.

use positive expressions for headshots

iv. Take a Step Closer

On instances when you want to portray a more serious and intense expression, you will need to focus on your face more closely. Try to take one or two steps closer to the camera so that your expressions are much clearer and more visible. Do not stand too close to the camera, as that can make your headshots appear distorted or low quality.

take close view headshots

v. Use Your Hands

Your hands are a great weapon when posing for headshots. Instead of aimlessly slopping them to the side, you can place them close to your face. Try not to keep your hands clenched. Only point the side instead of showing their back or inside. Make sure you only lightly touch them to the face so as not to mess with your face's natural shape and appearance.

make use of your hands

3. Try Different Clothing

Your choice of clothing can play a major role when capturing eye-catching outdoor business portraits. It is important to stress on the right outfit when you want a headshot done right.

A good headshot is all about focusing on the face. So, choose clothes that bring out your face or compliment your tones. Try to keep it simple yet significant. Depending upon the requirements, you can opt for a suit or a formal dress shirt or a simple sweatshirt or T-shirt. Choose solid colors that can also work well with your chosen background.

try different cloths for headshots

You do want to avoid bright colors and bold prints for outdoor headshots. Get rid of anything that might divert attention from your faces, such as jewelry, too much makeup, or other accessories. If you are capturing your own headshots, you can experiment with clothes and see what works best for you.

4. Edit your Photo

The post-processing after you have taken your headshots is just as important as any other step. Your outdoor business portraits need a thorough scrubbing to gain a professional look. Here is what you can do in this regard.

i. Change a Clear Background

Sometimes, the background of your headshot might be too distracting or overwhelming. If you do not want to take the attention away from your face, you can try removing the background from your image and replacing it with a solid one using software such as Wondershare PixCut.

wondershare pixcut background removal

PixCut is an AI-powered tool that can help you remove backgrounds from images in an instance. With its friendly interface and easy-to-use features, PixCut provides a great initiative for changing image backgrounds. You can remove the backgrounds of images in bulk and also replace them with one of your choices easily.

ii. Add Proper Filters to Highlight your Style

Another technique to highlight your outdoor headshots is by adding appropriate filters. There are several different filters and presets offered by different software, which can be used to heighten the quality and appeal of your headshots.

You can use apps such as Lightroom, VSCO, or Snapspeed to get access to some impressive filters. For example, Lightroom's "Close Headshot" or "Matte Effect" can enhance colors in just the right way. VSCO's "B4/B%W Classic" can also do the trick for you.

iii. Pay Attention to the Photo Size

The size of your headshot speaks a lot about your professionalism and acts as a determinant of quality. Thus, you need to pay close attention to the dimensions and size of your headshot.

Generally, headshots for actors follow strict guidelines. The ideal size for a printed headshot is 8 x 10 inches. On the other hand, there are no special restrictions for outdoor corporate headshots. You can adjust their size format according to your requirements.

Part 2People Also Ask

Can I take my own headshots?

You can most certainly take your own headshots, provided you have the right tools. You might require external help at some levels, such as using a tripod, etc.

What are some tips for the perfect headshot?

You can try different techniques for a good headshot, such as focusing on your expressions or eyes, trying different angles, playing with lighting, and using a good editor.

Why do headshots cost so much?

A large amount of effort goes into creating a professional headshot. The perfect headshot requires time, energy, and money. That is why professional headshots are often expensive.

What is considered a headshot?

A portrait that features your face clearly without any other distractions for the viewers can be qualified as a headshot. You can try different poses and expressions, but nothing else should be in plain sight. All the focus should remain on your face and expressions.

Wrapping Up:
Outdoor headshots may look simple and easy, but the task is quite arduous if you do not know what you are doing. Hopefully, the preceding guide would have given you an idea of what to expect while capturing an outdoor headshot.

You can try simple tips such as trying different poses, using an efficient editor such as Wondershare PixCut, or others to add charm and charisma to your headshots. Hopefully, you can achieve results that are professional-looking and likable.

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