How to Make Your Marketing Graphic Design More Creative and Unique

Create unique and intriguing designs and boost your marketing & advertising graphic design using the useful tips and tools in the proceeding article.

Having an excelling career in digital design marketing requires much more than what meets the eye. As an aspiring content creator and designer, it is important to stay unique and challenge your boundaries. It is known that creative professional graphic designing means turning an idea into a story.

You can find some resourceful digital marketing graphic design tips and techniques to set your visual journey on the right path in the proceeding article. Also, learn about some specialized tools to help you as a rising graphic artist.

Part 1 Tips for your Making Graphic Design Skills Prominent

Although every design is a unique combination of the graphic artist and the tools, there are still some general things that every graphic design should feature. Below are some tips to make your design stand apart from the crowd:

Simplicity is Key

When creating a visual design, remember that simplicity is key. Do not go over the top with your designs. Keep the typography and elements simple and understandable. Avoid using complex designs and typefaces, as they can cause confusion and perplexing for viewers.

simple and understandable

Appropriate Color Palette

A good visual graphic design features an appropriate color palette. Consider the theme and purpose of your visual graphic design, and then choose the colors. You can also try contrasting colors to emphasize the main points.

good color palette

Try Contrasting Fonts

Contrasting fonts go together perfectly when done right. You can draw attention to your design and set the mood by using opposing fonts, like a bold sanserif paired with a sleek and cursive font.

contrasting fonts

Create Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is an important element of a good design and is often taught in graphic design courses. This implies that the important elements of your design should be the most dominant and eye-catching. You can use visual hierarchy to bring attention to the focal point of your design. This can also be applied to images and icons etc.

visual hierarchy is key

Give Some Space

While designing, it is important to let your elements breathe. White space is necessary so that elements do not appear cramped and brimming to the very extreme. This will help you to achieve a clean and contemporary visual design.

white space

Consider Dimensions

When making a marketing graphic design, consider the dimensions of the platform it is intended for. For a social media design, make sure that the size and orientation match the ones allowed on the platform.

size and orientation

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to good designs. A recurring style of icons, typography, and colors helps in building your brand recognition and visibility.

consistency in designs

Try Infographics

Infographics are a great way to provide an easy and clear understanding of information in marketing and advertising graphic design. When incorporating them in your graphic or print design, try different orientations, and ensure that they are interactive.

use infographics

Icons and Imagery

Try adding interesting icons and imagery to your designs to make them more appealing. Whether flat or 3-dimensional, icons such as a charming marketing and advertising graphic design are great for attracting the viewer's attention. You can use images to increase the overall appeal and aesthetic of your designs.

icons and imagery in designs

Trust the Process

An important part of designing is to have trust in yourself. Your design might not look the best initially, but once all the pieces are put together, the final look will certainly come through.

trusting the process

Part 2 Tools to Help You in Graphic Designing

To help you along your design journey, here are a few renowned tools that offer remarkable graphic design services. You can use them to your benefit as an aspiring graphic artist.


Wondershare PixCut is a prestigious web-based tool for refining your product images. PixCut offers powerful AI-based tools which are primarily used to remove image backgrounds. The user-friendly interface of PixCut is perfect for various business enterprises, including e-commerce and car dealerships, etc.

pixcut interface

Key Features

Some key features of PixCut are listed below:

  • The background removal process is entirely automatic, saving you precious time and effort.
  • An image enlargement feature lets you enlarge an image up to 4 times without losing the quality.
  • Also, remove watermarks, scratches, and other unnecessary objects from the backgrounds of images effectively.


PixStudio by Wondershare is an esteemed graphic designer and editor tool to help you create premium quality designs. Programmed specifically for beginners, PixStudio offers some easy-to-use features to put your designing skills to good use. A growing library of treasured assets makes PixStudio one of the best-suited design tools in the market.

wondershare pixstudio editor

Key Features

PixStudio offers the following key features:

  • Easy-to-use features, even for those with no design skills.
  • Premium quality designs ready for publication.
  • A wide range of customization options, so everything is according to your demand.


Crello is another wonderful option when it comes to fulfilling your graphic design needs. This free-of-cost tool allows users to create inspiring graphic content at an impressive pace of just a few minutes. With numerous templates and a great customization range, Crello can be a good choice to achieve professional-quality designs without spending money.

crello interface

Key Features

A few top features of Crello are as follows:

  • Numerous impressive templates for quick and creative designs.
  • An integrated media library of images, videos, animations, and illustrations for user convenience.
  • Directly share your designs to your social platforms with a single click.

The Bottom Lin:
As a true graphic design and digital marketing officer, it is important to let your work speak for itself. To make designs that are unique and creative, try the above-mentioned digital marketing graphic design tips and techniques. Also, remember to use the graphic design services of the splendid tools mentioned above to take your designs to the next level.

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