How Can You Save Yourselves from Bad Branding

Running a successful business involves a lot of effort from different perspectives, and a key part of that effort goes into branding. Building an impressive visual identity for your brand is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect. A bad graphic design of your brand can be a mood killer for all the parties involved.

Worried that your brand might be suffering from bad branding? Head over to the article below to find out bad branding examples, the leading causes, and how to actively avoid it using some useful tips.

Part 1 An Introduction to the Concept of Bad Branding

Marketing and branding are important for increasing brand visibility and recognition. Brands without a proper marketing strategy seldom survive. But the one thing that is categorically worse than no marketing strategy is bad branding.

Branding mistakes should be a brand's worst nightmare. Poor branding skills can depreciate your brand as a whole. Even if it is just a bad graphic design of your company's logo or a poorly chosen brand name, bad branding can take its toll on your business. With your brand appearing negligent and inconsiderate, clients are likely to dissociate from your brand.

concept of bad branding

Bad branding can not only cost your company its reputation or leads but also its entire existence. Customers actively avoid a brand with bad reputation, and this will ultimately favor your competitors. With customers forming a negative perception of your brand and its services, you are all set for downfall.

Part 2 What are the Key Aspects that Lead to Bad Branding?

Bad branding does not necessarily mean a bad logo or color palette. Various mistakes can be coined as poor branding. Here are a few of them, along with some bad branding examples to make things clear for you.

Flawed Designs

Design flaws such as a bad graphic design or a bad brand name contribute to bad branding. Getting a cheap logo or other brand elements can significantly reduce your brand's appeal and visibility.

A prime example of this was seen in the 2012 London Olympics. The logo for London 2012 was probably the worst graphic design example ever seen in the Games. With its clumsy shape and typography, the logo was an overall let-down for the Olympics.

london olympic logo

Lack of Customer Awareness

Often, brands fail to establish interactive communication with customers. This can result in a communication gap on both sides, making you appear insensitive or uncaring. Without successful interaction, customers cannot know about the updates and new additions, and all your efforts will go in vain.

This happened with Burger King in 2013, when they launched their low-calorie fries named "Satisfries." Due to a lack of customer awareness, Satisfries could not get much recognition and had to be renounced pretty soon.

burger king satisfries

Inconsistent Branding

Inconsistency is a key contributor to bad branding. Inconsistent branding results in a negative image being formed of your brand. A lack of consistency depicts that you are not serious about your business and results in mistrust.

A Disregard for SEO

Bad branding also occurs when brands put in zero effort to improve their web visibility. With efficient search engines at our hands, ignoring SEO is a hard no. Failure to use major keywords, or customers facing difficulty in accessing your brand, will leave your online visibility at rock bottom.

Weak Strategies

Weak marketing strategies, such as using stock photos excessively, using generic terms, or not focusing on your design elements, can cause your brand to collapse. Insensitivity, when combined with poor coping mechanisms, can result in the worst brand marketing.

Dolce & Gabbana faced similar circumstances when an advertisement depicted sexually suggestive content and a lack of cultural sophistication from Chinese people. Later, screenshots were leaked where the company's founder said some racist and upsetting things about China. Dolce & Gabbana had to cancel their Shanghai runway event, resulting in the loss of millions.

dolce and gabbana racist ad

Part 3 Tips for Saving Yourselves from Bad Branding

Here are a few tips and techniques to ensure that you do not fall victim to bad branding.

save yourselves from bad branding

Hire Professional Designers

When in need of a professional-looking logo for your business, remember to hire professionals for the task. To avoid bad graphic design mistakes, take the services of trained professionals who have experience and finesse to their tasks.

Change your Perspective

Sometimes, it is necessary to change perspectives and look at the bigger picture. When designing strategies for your brand, try things from the perspective of the customers. Put yourself in their shoes and think of what they want. This will help you avoid being prey to bad branding.

Showcase Your Brand's Identity

It is important to depict your brand's personality through your marketing. Your brand's identity and character should shine through your branding methods. Narrate your story in such a way that customers are attracted like moths to a fire.

Connect with your Audience

It is important to connect with your audience and see things from their perspective. Hold surveys and other interactions to understand what your customers want and provide fulfilling services to them.

Provide Valuable Brand Experience

Establishing a good brand reputation means providing impeccable facilities. Remain top-tier in your game, and offer remarkable services. Deliver an incredible experience, and customers won't be disappointed.

Closing Words:
Operating a successful brand is not everyone's cup of tea. Tons of effort goes into establishing your brand from the ground up, and an important element in this regard is visual branding. Bad branding not only decreases the overall appeal of your brand but can also make you lose potential customers.

If you do not want a brand with bad reputation, steer clear of things like a bad graphic design, a bad brand name, and follow the abovementioned guidelines. That way, you will never be a victim of poor branding.

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