How to Take a Perfect Modern Realtor Headshot?

This article is a complete guidebook on modern real estate headshots. We will walk you through its importance, tips, and tricks, and the cost for realtor headshots will also be shared.

The modern world has modern problems. People are adopting new ways to enhance their business, yet new things are coming in their way. One changing thing these days is the gradual increase in the use of real estate agent headshots. These headshots are supposed to be printed on your business cards, or they could be added to your ID on any professional platform.

Professional real estate headshots look very classy. Headshots represent you where you are not physically present. The client spontaneously gets attracted to a good headshot, but people don't know how to do that. Stay with us to learn the importance of realtor headshots and also learn different ways to improve them.

Part 1Why Do You Need Realtor Headshots for Your Realtor Business?

The sale-purchase of houses and property is not new, yet the methods and tricks to deal with it might have revolutionized. Among this revolution, one great change is the use of real estate headshots. You might not like the idea of real estate agent headshots, but after reading why realtor headshots are needed, you will surely change your mind.

1. First Impression is Last Impression

It is said that the first impression is the last, and your client can interpret a lot from just looking at your realtor's headshot. As a picture is worth a thousand words, business dealers should focus on their real estate agent headshots to get the best impression.

2. Helps People Remember You

People might not remember your name, but they usually never forget your face. Adding a professional real estate headshot to your business card will do wonders. People will immediately recall and remember you upon seeing your headshot.

3. Compete With Your Competitors

Using professional real estate headshots will help you to compete in the market. By this, you can stay ahead of all the others. Using something unique like realtor headshots will automatically set you apart from all your competitors.

4. Stay Up-to-Date

It would be best if you always stay up-to-date. Adding the best real estate headshots isn't enough. Dealers should update the headshots timely so that the client is not surprised when they see them in actuality. Staying up-to-date is very important for this reason.

Part 2The Path to Take Your Perfect Real Estate Headshot

Now a day it is essential to have a realtor headshot. Not everyone can get a perfect headshot, but few things will help you capture the best real estate headshot. The headshot will be perfect as a professional real estate headshot photographer will capture.

tips for taking a best realtor headshot

1. Appropriate Background

If you want a perfect headshot, the most important thing is choosing the correct and appropriate background. The subject is the main focus in best realtor headshots, and the background does not distract the viewer. Black, white and gray backgrounds seem perfect.

For something less formal outdoor headshots can also be an option. Whereas, subtle office environment background also looks good.

2. Solid Color Outfit

It is suggested to wear solid colors for headshots. This is because the more patterns and colors in the headshot, the more it distracts the viewer. Professional real estate headshots should be simple, sophisticated, yet classical.

3. Poses that Boost Self-Confidence

For amazing realtor headshots, it is important to note which poses boost your self-confidence. Always select the pose that makes you shine. Sitting on a couch or crossing your arms on your chest, such poses are prime examples of this.

4. Smile for Headshot

The real estate headshot is your representation in your absence. As mentioned earlier, it is your first impression of your client, so hence it is advised to smile at the headshot.

5. Brand Message Through Headshot

The best real estate headshots are the ones that reinforce the brands' message. It is a key feature of good headshots that are synced with the message and theme of your brand. If your brand is more buttoned-up, you should get a more professional real estate headshot, but you can even use bright colors for something fun.

6. Keep Things Simple

Simplicity is the key to beauty, and keeping your realtor's headshot simple is necessary. The headshot should not be complex. Simple headshots with clear and subtle background, confident and smiling subject always attracts the viewer.

Part 3How Much Would A Realtor Headshot Cost You?

Everything has some cost, and so does real estate agent headshot photography have some cost. Not all photographers can do the best job. You need to hire some professional real estate headshot photographers for this purpose.

These photographers charge differently depending upon their photography experience, the equipment they use, the number of headshots, and the service area also matter. Depending upon the package, geography, etc., an average realtor headshot costs $65 to $750. The upper end is for rare cases where the real estate agent is looking for some specific style.

The charges for a realtor's headshot differ in different regions of the world. Considering Georgia, few real estate headshot photographers charge $80, whereas few photographers from the same city charge $295. Talking about Miami, photographers charge between $250 and $500. Whereas in Oregon, real estate headshot photographers charge $115.

Part 4Change Your Headshot's Background into Something Sassy with PixCut

It has been discussed that the background for any realtor headshot should be appropriate. If you want to change the background of your headshot, then nothing is better than using Wondershare PixCut.

The multiple-purpose tool can remove the watermark, remove the background from headshots, and enlarge the headshots. The best thing about PixCut is that it is an online and free tool. You don't have to pay to use the tool. PixCut by Wondershare has plugins for Figma and Shopify as well.

The tool is very simple to use and easy to understand; still, for someone new to PixCut, the steps to use it will be discussed in the coming section.

Step 1: Upload the Realtor Headshot

Firstly, the user is requested to access the PixCut tool. Once the tool opens, click on the 'Upload Image' button. You can also drag and drop the headshot from which you want to remove the background, or else you can copy-paste it.

import the headshot

Step 2: Change Background of Headshot

After the real estate agent headshot has been uploaded, the AI-powered tools will automatically remove its background, and the headshot will appear in front of you. Now you are supposed to hit the 'Change Background' button.

Step 3: Add New Background for Headshot

This button will lead you to another screen where you will be allowed to change the background of the real estate headshot from the 'Change Background' feature.

Step 4: Final Headshot

Once you are satisfied and have changed the headshot background according to your desire, now it's the right time to download it. In the top right corner, a big blue button will appear saying 'Download.' Hit that button to download the realtor headshot.

download the realtor headshot

Bottom Line:
Modern real estate headshots are essential for business growth and betterment. The article above has covered a sufficient area of information regarding realtor headshots. The journey started from its importance and made its way to tips to improve the headshots. Later on, real estate headshot charges were also discussed.

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