8 Best Online Photo Enlarger in 2021

Want to enlarge photos without losing quality? You can use a photo enlarger online to do this without pixelation issues.

When selecting the best tool to enlarge your photo, you should consider details such as its accuracy and sharpness. It should enlarge your photograph without losing quality. With that in mind, let's look at why you might want to enlarge photos and the best online tools that you can use.

Why Do We Need an Online Photo Enlarger?

An online photo enlarger is a tool used to enlarge photos to suit your preference. It does this by increasing the total number of pixels in a digital photograph.

However, you have to select the right tool since you could affect the resolution of your photo while enlarging it. Here are some reasons why you might need this tool.

Enlarges Photos Without Affecting Their Resolution:

The resolution of an image can determine whether the image can be enlarged without losing quality. Photo enlarger online tool is effective since it can enlarge a picture with low resolution and upgrade it to a high-quality one.

Enlarges Images Using Intelligent Enlarge

Unlike the traditional methods of enlarging images, most online photo enlargers use machine learning and AI technology. In turn, this allows them to create high-resolution photos.

When enlarging photos using online tools, you don't have to install any software on your device. That means you can use it on any device you want, making it convenient. With the desktop version, you need to download the program and install it on your PC. After installation, that's when you can launch the program and start using it. Essentially, this can be inconvenient since you cannot use it on other devices that don't have software installed.;

Provides Quality Photos

Thanks to the intelligent processing algorithm that a photo enlarger online tool has, you are sure that you will get high-quality images without a hassle. If you are an editor or a frequent user who needs to enlarge photos for your social media accounts, this tool will be beneficial.

What Makes a Good Online Photo Enlarger?

A good photo enlarger is effective when it comes to increasing the size of your pictures. It utilizes both machine learning and AI technology to create images with high resolution. Here are some of the characteristics of good photo enlargers:

Uploading Images Should be a Breeze

After you log in to your user account, the next thing that jumps into your mind is where to drop your images. Alternatively, you can browse through folders and locate where you have saved your photo. After uploading your photo, you will see several enlarging options.

Should Use Both Machine Learning and AI Technology

AI image enlarger is different compared to the traditional way of enlarging images. Traditional methods enlarge a picture while affecting its resolution and pixels, whereas online photo enlargers can enlarge both low and high-resolution images. The final print copy will show more details of the image after the enlargement process.

Should be Able to Batch Process and Have a Fast Download Speed

With this feature, you can enlarge several images in a batch. Batch processing is available only on online photo enlargers and not on desktop editing software. Also, it should be fast in both processing and downloading.

Price and Platform Compatibility

Good photo enlargers should be compatible with all devices, including PCs, Android devices, and iOS mobile devices. It should also have a free version that allows you to try out the tool to see how efficient it is. What's more? The prices for subscriptions should be affordable and favorable to your budget.

8 Best Online Photo Enlarger to Help You Enlarge a Photo Without Losing Quality

Here are some of the best online photo enlargers that you can choose when you want to enlarge a photo.

1. PixCut

Launched by Wondershare, Pixcut is one of the best photo enlargers on the market. It provides an easy way to zoom in on pictures without losing quality. The best part is: The images are not pixelated, so you can still see all of your favorite details. If you want to save money on expensive photo editing software, then Pixcut is the perfect option for you.

PixCut has an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm that makes it able to handle any work professionally. It is compatible with macOS, Windows, API, and Android devices.


  • It's easy to use
  • Can enlarge photos 400 times
  • It is affordable
  • Speedy processing
  • It is easy to customize objects
  • Creating an account is free of charge


  • It doesn't have a desktop version
pixcut enlarge image online

2. Vance AI Image Enlarger

This tool offers a smart AI enhancer that allows users to enlarge photos online. You can use it to enhance photo resolution, color, and all the details. It is capable of enlarging pictures without causing blur in the final product.

Vance AI servers erase any images you upload after 24 hours. In turn, this ensures that your information is private and secure. The Pro account can enlarge an image while focusing on each detail. Lastly, you can also batch process up to 10 images at once.


  • Enlarge image automatically
  • Uses advanced algorithms
  • Batch processing is available for premium accounts


  • Lack editing tools, such as filters
phone enalarger - Vance AI

3. Let's Enhance

Let's Enhance is a photo enlarger online tool that uses advanced AI technology. You can use it to enlarge any images and still get the best results. The only problem is that it may lose details such as the lips and eyelashes. The free version allows you to enlarge up to 5 images for free.


  • Easy to use
  • Good quality
  • Effective and fast
  • Rational pricing plan


  • The free trial has limited features

4. Photo Enlarger

This photo enlarger online tool allows you to enlarge images and select from four options they present to you. The most impressive feature of this tool is that it can work on any browser. Besides, it can enlarge images up to massive sizes. Lastly, it provides users with basic functions like image cropping and resizing.


  • User-friendly
  • It is free
  • It is fast
  • Compatible with all browsers


  • The tool has limited features

5. Photolemur

Photolemur incorporates a special technology known as AI Deep Learning. It is available on both Mac & Windows Platforms. If you have no editing experience, Photolemur is an easy-to-use and automatic online tool that can help enlarge pictures. You can enlarge several images in less than a few minutes due to its automation feature.


  • Enlarges images while focusing the details
  • Allows for batch processing unlimited photos
  • It is compatible with several image formats
  • It has a user-friendly interface


  • Lacks the enlarging option 
  • Lacks professional features
phone enalarger - Photolemur


GIMP is an image enlargement tool that allows you to edit photos online. You can use it for photo retouching, image authoring, and image composition. If you have an idea of editing source code, you can make some adjustments and enhance the tool's overall performance.


  • It is a multi-tasking tool
  • Users can customize the interface to their preference
  • It supports many picture format
  • Can enlarge several pictures at once


  • It only has a few features
phone enalarger - GIMP

7. ImageResizer

Image Resizer is a free online enlargement software that does not require you to sign up. It is compatible with most browsers as long as you have an internet connection. What's more? It is compatible with several file formats, including PDF and PNG formats. The best part is: This photo enlarger online tool uses a special HTML5 based protocol. This feature erases any image that you upload for enlarging within 24 hours.


  • Simple to use
  • It is free
  • Has an advanced AI technology


  • It could use some more features

8. Imglarger

Imglarger is a free enlargement tool that can process up to a total of eight digital images. Also, you can decide to purchase the premium account to get unlimited access to the special features. It is compatible with most online browsers, and one can batch process images on either the premium or free account.


  • Allows for batch processing
  • It is fast and accurate due to its AI-design
  • It erases any images you upload within 24 hours
  • An AI-based tool with good performance
  • Smooth UI design.


  • It comes with loads of restrictions

Enlarging photos requires you to use the best online tools if you want the best results. Doing this will ensure that the images retain their quality after the enlargement process. Make the decision and try enlarging your photos with PixCut Wondershare. With PixCut, you can avoid the potential dangers that come with enlarging images.

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