Top 10 AI Watermark Remover (PC, Mobile, and Online Included)

Who does not want to accomplish excellence in their photos? Perfection and peculiarity captured in photos put life into it. Different genres of photography, such as digital photography and wildlife photography, require distinctiveness due to rising competition. So many photographers use different tactics for marketing, such as using watermarks on their photos.

They say that watermarking not only secures your content but also helps in flourishing your brand. This is true to some extent, but do you think that perfection can still be achieved with the presence of a watermark on photos?

The answer is no because watermarking somehow shifts attention. A viewer might think that the creator of the photo only worries about the privacy of his content, not about the actual message. So, this article will provide you with the best recommendations of AI watermark remover for every device that you wish you knew before.

Part 1: Top 4 Online Tools to Remove Watermark from Images

Online watermark removers come up with their own unique advantages. Such as you can use them without downloading anything with the use of the internet. Downloading sometimes becomes hectic as it requires storage on a PC and can also bring viruses along with them. So here we are going to recommend the best top 4 online AI watermark remover:

1. Wondershare PixCut

When talking about the online AI watermark removal, Wondershare PixCut comes first on the list. It’s an AI-powered tool which means that it is processed through Artificial Intelligence. The best quality of this tool is that it accurately removes and blurs the background without vandalizing the quality of an image.

pixcut ai watermark remover

Furthermore, it gives you instantaneous results after removing a watermark from an image. To know about the significance of PixCut, we are jotting down the foremost features of it:

  • Costless: Who does not want to enjoy premium features free of cost? You can comfortably utilize every premium feature and tool without paying a single penny. Moreover, it's completely ad-free so that you won’t get any interruptions.
  • Saves your Time: What makes PixCut special is its quality result with less amount of time as it gives the option of "Bulk Removing," where you can remove watermarks, backgrounds, logos in bulk. At the same time, you can edit up to 60 images which saves your time and energy.
  • Easy to Use: Unlike other photo editors, PixCut does not require professional editing skills to remove watermarks. It just demands three easy steps where you upload a photo and remove unnecessary objects using toolbars. And you can freely save images on your PC without spending your energy on it.

2. Inpaint

Inpaint is another blessing for professionals as it brings you game-changing features. It can make your images flawless and glorifying with few touches. Many times, in photos, there are unwanted people in the background who deviate a viewer's attention.

inpaint ai watermark remover

So, in order to solve your query, Inpaint brings its prominent feature through which you can not only remove logos or texts but also remove people from the background effortlessly. The key features that can do wonders to your photos are:

  • Enhance Facial Features: There is no shame to accept that nobody is perfect when it comes to looks. That’s why Inpaint brings its AI-powered tool through which you can eradicate skin problems from your face, like scars and blemishes. With the help of natural tones, your face can look radiant and flawless in photos with just a few retouches.
  • Remove Unnecessary Objects: Unwanted objects like watermarks, backgrounds, people, and texts can ruin the essence of your photo. To give you ease regarding this, Inpaint efficiently removes these objects without making them look obvious and weird. Its AI watermark remover recognizes those areas and removes them technically.
  • Restore Your Favorite Photos: Our favorite memories always hold a special place in our lives, such as old photos. Inpaint provides a special feature through which you can repair your old photos by just uploading its scanned copy. This feature will remove any sort of scratches, blurriness, and dark spots with perfection.

3. Aiseesoft

Aiseesoft is an incredible online AI watermark removal tool that provides professionally edited results. To make the user experience great and easy, it has provided an easy tutorial on their webpage through which you can follow guidelines in simple steps.

ai watermark removal of aiseesoft

Its user-friendly interface allows you to preview and compare before after results for more clearance. Following are some of the premium features of Aiseesoft that we have hand-picked for you:

  • Compatibility: The compatibility Aiseesoft offers is rare as it can remove watermark from any file such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and many more. It can work without pause on both Windows and Mac without any kind of interruption.
  • Security: Aiseesoft provides full privacy and security during and after processing. To respect your privacy of data and images, it instantly erases data from the server after editing.
  • Preserves the High Quality: Many online watermark removers damage the quality of the photo after removing a watermark. For example, it can make pictures blurry afterward, but Aiseesoft ensures to preserve the high-quality resolution of your pictures even after removal of the watermark.

4. Pixlr

Pixlr is another amazing web-based tool that can do wonders for your images. It gives various distinctive ideas for editing through its pre-designed templates and graphical designing tools. These tools can do magic on your tedious-looking photos by retouching them with trendy filters and effects.

ai remove watermark using pixlr

Using their tools, you can polish your photo, AI remove watermark, and grab the viewer’s attention. Following are the top key features of Pixlr:

  • Vibrant Templates: Pixlr helps you to create artistically through their pre-designed templates and graphics. The use of pastel colors, trendy cuts, vibrant backgrounds, and prominent frames in templates offers you appealing ideas. For someone who is not professional or unaware of editing skills, he can definitely utilize their designs for his ease.
  • Fast Speed: After doing evident edits in your photos, it can make your file quite heavy, which disturbs the speed of processing. Pixlr does not disrupt the processing speed even after using premium designs of templates and graphics on your photos. You can still easily save images just a few seconds away.
  • Virus Free: Pixlr does not demand any installation for editing and removing the watermark. It provides 100% security without revealing your information. To enhance user experience, it prevents your computer from any sort of online virus.

Part 2: Top 3 Offline Tools to Remove Images Watermark

Not everyone can afford or have easy access to an internet connection. This part of the article provides the handiest and reliable offline tools to remove watermarks from images.

The tools mentioned below are easily available and are free to install on your PC. These tools won’t require much space on your computers and will work efficiently after installation.

1. HitPaw Watermark Remover

HitPaw Watermark Remover is an excellent editor tool that polishes your photo with the help of AI-powered tools. The toolbars for removing watermarks can give you quality results with minimum time. You can easily install this tool after buying it and enjoy its premium features comfortably. Following are the salient features of HitPaw:

hitpaw watermark remover
  • Unique Watermark Remover Toolbars: HitPaw offers edge and smooth filling in their toolbar for removing unwanted objects. It means that you can easily eradicate watermark from edge pixels and fill color to repair it in just a few seconds.
  • Language Options: HitPaw comes up with a very important and distinctive feature for language support. It supports up to 11 languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese, and other most commonly used languages.
  • Free Trial: For the ease of users, HitPaw offers a free trial so that you can experience and enjoy premium service. To enjoy its paid version, this tool is reasonably affordable, unlike other photo editors.

2. Adobe Photoshop

The most notorious photo editor is Adobe Photoshop which is a Mac and Windows based software mainly used for removing watermarks. It offers you a great range of high-quality features for enhancing pictures, removing watermarks, adding graphics, and many more. To list down the most evident key features, here we come:

adobe photoshop watermark remover
  • 3D Designs: Probably the best key feature of Adobe Photoshop is its 3D designs and layouts. These 3D designs can make your photos real expensive and close to reality.
  • Drawing Tools: Sketching and drawing tools helps to put our unique sense of style on plain canvas. These tools come up in various categories, fonts, and vibrant colors.
  • Mind-Blowing Replacement Options: If you want to remove backgrounds, watermarks, and logos, adobe Photoshop presents you with numerous options to complete the task professionally. After removing unwanted objects, you can even replace them with a variety of options from their toolbars, in which you can add and replace colors and patterns.


GIMP is another amazing offline photo editor tool to comfort you regarding excellent quality images. Removing the watermark is just an easy job for this tool as it also offers other options for resizing brushes and fonts. It also recommends retouch features if required on your photos. If we want to shed light on its prominent features, here are the following:

gimp ai watermark remover
  • Customizable Brush: In order to remove the watermark, you can easily adjust the size and quality of the brush to erase the watermark. Especially watermarks present on edgy photos, this is the best option.
  • Color Correction: GIMP contains a batch of neutral and vibrant colors from where you can color correct depending upon your preference. You can color correct backgrounds, your skin, and other accessories on photos effortlessly.
  • Downloading Image in Other Formats: This feature helps to save your edited image in any other image file format. For example, if you upload a JPG file after editing, you can save it in a PNG format.

Part 3: Top 3 Mobile Friendly Watermark Removal Applications

If you want to know about handy watermark remover tools that are mobile-friendly, then we are going to share the top three applications that are convenient and easy to use. In a rush or a busy day, you can instantly remove and edit your photo without spending too much time.

1. AirBrush

Do you want to edit your photos on mobile quickly? Then AirBrush is the latest and advanced app that can easily run on both Android and iOS devices. You can polish your selfies with their AI-powered tools. Following are the best features of AirBrush:

airbrush watermark remover
  • Filters like Instagram: Who does not want to try Instagram filters? AirBrush brings you natural and similar filters to Instagram that can make your photos and selfies attractive.
  • Quick Process for Removal: In order to remove the watermark on your phone, just follow simple steps and save the image on your phone. If your photo contains multiple watermarks, this app can easily help you in removal in a few seconds.
  • Make your Smile Attractive: AirBrush brings you a feature from which you can whiten your teeth in a natural way to enhance your smile. You can also color correct the eyes of color in an image.

2. iWatermark

iWatermark is the most impressive app for mobile users as you can remove watermarks from your finger touches. This app gives you both options for adding and removing watermarks. For adding watermarks, you can customize it from the pre-designed templates.

In order to remove the watermark, just follow the easy steps from your fingers. iWatermark features include:

iwatermark watermark removal tool
  • Adjust the Size of Watermark: With the help of your fingers, you can expand, contract, and resize the watermark according to your preference.
  • Availability: This app is compatible and available on every device such as Android and iOS. This app does not take much space on your mobile phone, and you can easily function it at a good speed.
  • QR Codes: A very distinctive feature of this tool is that you can add a QR code as a watermark for the marketing purposes of your brand

3. Adobe Photoshop Fix

Every Android user commonly uses this tool as it contains multiple interesting features for enhancing images. You can effortlessly remove objects from photos, such as watermarks, by checking the size and quality of the brush. Their options to improve facial features are a must. The salient features are:

adobe photoshop fix watermark removal
  • Modifying Light: Adobe photoshop fix gives you an option to adjust the light and brightness of your image. Modifying the brightness of a photo can make a huge difference.
  • Blur Option: You can even defocus the objects and backgrounds by blurring them by the blur option.
  • Heal Tool: By using heal tool, you can retouch your facial features by making them sharp in a natural tone.

Wrapping Up

Watermark removing tools is a must tool for every professional and genre of photography. This article has successfully given you versatility in options and recommendations for your ease as we talked about web-based, offline, and mobile-friendly water remover apps. These suggestions will help you to create and retouch your images with perfection.

Have you ever heard about PixCut? This tool allows you to create wonders for your images with the easiest steps. The most commendable AI watermark removal feature of PixCut is that it is cheap and utilizes less data while editing. Its artificial intelligence enhances its detecting ability for backgrounds and watermarks.

People Also Ask

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your watermark should look professional and suitable according to the image. They should not be too obvious as they can disrupt the focus of a viewer. So if you want to place a watermark on the corner, then opacity around 50% is normal.

By using Wondershare PDFelement, you can easily remove the watermark from PDF files comfortably. Even if you want to add a watermark in a PDF file, this tool is highly suitable.

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