2021 Amazon Cyber Monday Sales - What can We Expect

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It's that time of the year where the Olympics of shopping is just around the corner, and it pays to be strategic while navigating through this period. That's because it helps to ensure you don't miss the dates when the sales go live and know how to shop effectively while making the most out of the deals. If you were wondering: does amazon do Cyber Monday? This article will answer your question.

Does Amazon Do Cyber Monday?

Amazon provides its customers, sales from time to time throughout the year. These sales may go as far as 50% off. However, the company also saves some sales exclusively for Cyber Monday.

The tech company has participated in Cyber Monday for a few years now and without fail, provided huge sales that have attracted more and more customers throughout this time. While Amazon does not begin its Cyber Monday deals until November 29, Amazon's Black Friday comes a few days before — on the 26th.

What's more? If you can't wait that long to bag some amazing deals, there are some sizzling hot savings to make the most of on Amazon right now. With these two sales deals coming back-to-back, you'll have a weekend full of Amazon deals that will be worth remembering.

What should be expected from this particular weekend is for the prices to drop from every direction. So much that you won't know what to shop for and what to leave. The good news is: The prices won't start dropping on the weekend of Cyber Monday but the weekend before. It is worth noting that the price drops on the weekend before won't be as significant as those on the actual Cyber Monday. They will, however, be low enough to notice and even consider starting your shopping spree.

So if you are still asking yourself: Does amazon do Cyber Monday? The answer is yes.

Amazon Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

Amazon's Black Friday deals are well known by now. But how does it compare to Cyber Monday? Let's look at the differences between these two online shopping events:

  • Sales begin at different times of the day on each respective Friday.
  • Amazon's Black Friday is a 24-hour sale, while Cyber Monday lasts for an entire week.
  • Each shopping event offers deals that are specific to their date promotion in addition to general discounts and promotions provided by Amazon throughout the year.

Let's get more detailed

Amazon Black Friday usually starts early in November. People can enjoy discounts on electronic items and home appliances, such as TVs and other similar equipment, with discounts up to 50%. You will also find clothes discounts on Black Friday.

When it comes to Cyber Monday, Amazon offers discounts throughout the day (24 hours), but most sales start at midnight Pacific Time zone; it is a good idea to wait for a little longer to take advantage of sales prices.

Some of the products you included in Amazon Cyber Monday deals are Electronic items, clothes, books, and office supplies. Bath products are also available during Amazon Cyber Monday.

Amazon offers deals in all price ranges throughout the year, not just on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Prices for specific products may vary.

The bottom line is: While discounts may vary on these two online shopping events, you can often enjoy more discounts on tech products.

What Can We Expect on 2021 Amazon Cyber Monday Sales

Some of the Amazon Cyber Monday deals you should expect in 2021 include:

1. Shark Vacuums

Shark vacuums are a big hit on Amazon Cyber Monday deals and usually receive some of the highest price cuts. People love these vacuums because they are portable and easy to use. Expect discounts on various shark vacuums.

2. Coffee Maker

Like last year, it will not be naive to expect some of the best coffee maker deals on Amazon Cyber Monday 2021. Featuring big brands such as Nespresso, don't consider this a limitation as Amazon dabbles in just about any gadget you can think of - rest assured there will be thousands of discounts across the store.

3. Clothes

We all love a good fashion moment, especially at a bargain, and Amazon has tons of cute closet staples. It not only offers incredibly affordable options, but it also has high-end luxury finds that are often unbelievably marked down on Cyber Monday. It doesn't matter whether you're on the hunt for a cute cardigan, a pair of quality jeans, a fun purse, or a flirty top for a night out on the town, Amazon Cyber Monday has got your back.

Some reluctance is expected when purchasing fashion items via Amazon. It is because the company isn't exactly the voice of retail fashion in America. Nonetheless, be rest assured that all of Amazon's sellers go through a thorough screening process, making it relatively safe to buy clothing items from them. That means everyone will find something that suits their needs.

Ultimately though, Amazon is a relatively reliable online marketplace for most of your consumer needs.

4. Beauty Products

Fashion and beauty go hand-in-hand. With that, there are beauty products that are expected to have great and fun discounts. Some of the Amazon Cyber Monday deals you'll find on beauty products include:

  • Biopelle products: Enjoy 25% off on everything from November 26 to November 28. On November 29, there is also another 30% discount on all Biopelle’s products at Amazon. From November 25 to December 3, you will get 25% off its Advanced Cream and Stem Cell Face Cream.
  • C’est Moi Beauty: Online shoppers will enjoy 20% off all products selling at Amazon between November 26 and December 2.
  • Caire Beauty: Amazon Cyber Monday deals on Caire Beauty will see you enjoy 25% off all products by Caire Beauty. You will also get free shipping and a cosmetics pouch when you make an order between November 21 and November 29.
  • Emepelle: Diting Amazon Cyber Monday, Empelle will be offering a 25% discount on all their products; this will last from November 26 to November 28.
  • Gemmist: You will also get 30% off specific products from Gemmist until November 29.

As an Individual Seller on Amazon, How Can You Prepare for Cyber Monday?

If you are a seller and wondering: How can I prepare for arguably the biggest online shopping deal in America? We've been going on and on about the deals and what it does for the customers. However, how can a seller prepare for this adrenaline-rushing experience that lasts the whole weekend?

Make Sure the Products Have a Clean Background

Know the phrase a photo is worth 1000 words? With a shopping experience that's solely based online, the difference between a good day of sales and a bad one is the quality of product image. Your image's background must be free of clutter. A clear background gives the image and the seller some authority and sense of trustworthiness among their customers.

Use PixCut to remove and change the background of your product image. This online tool is easy to use. The best part is: It will only take you a few minutes to remove the background of your image and insert another one that will attract potential customers to your online shop. In turn, this will boost your sales during Amazon Cyber Monday.

Keeping this in mind, here is a step-by-step guide that will help you remove the background from your product image.

Step 1:

Head over to https://pixcut.wondershare.com/ to access PixCut. • Hit the Upload Image button to add the image from your PC or mobile device. Alternatively, you can drag the image from where you have saved it and drop it on this tool.

remove background for your Cyber Monday Product
Step 2:

• PixCut will automatically remove the background from your product image. You can then change the background of the product image and choose one that you prefer.

Make Sure You Have Enough Products to Last the Day

Since this will be a busy day, you do not want to undersell because you have run out of stock. Make sure that when the products are sold out, you have hit your goal for the day and maybe even surpassed it.

Be Prepared for Technical Difficulties

While this is not something we hope for, it doesn't hurt being mentally prepared for it. Where there is high traffic directed to an online store, crashes are bound to happen. However, it is our hope and belief that Amazon has this part handled but manages expectations.


If you were asking yourself: Does Amazon do Cyber Monday? We have answered your question. It is paramount to act fast when you see something you want, as everyone will be shopping on this day. Keep in mind that stock may be limited, matter-of-fact always shop like that was the last item on the shelf.

If you are a seller on Amazon and want to make good sales on Cyber Monday, you need to be prepared and know how to attract people to your online shop and buy your products. Luckily, PixCut allows you to remove the background on your product image and insert another one that will grab the attention of your potential customers.

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