Reliable Way to Remove Placeit Watermark

As the world is progressing rapidly, businesses are offering unique tools that make the life of creative professionals easy and bearable. Placeit is one such exceptional tool that generates video and design templates in a heartbeat. The impression of Placeit is that the tool is expensive to deal with; however, we shall change the narrative with this article.

Placeit has thousands of free templates with the most extensive collection of mockups. One can design a professional logo as well. The article provides a brief overview explaining different kinds of watermarks and why Placeit is the best fit for your business. Wondershare PixCut shall be introduced concerning how to remove Placeit watermark. So, let us begin!

Part 1: Explaining the Different Kinds of Watermarks

As the world evolved, watermarks changed with technology. There are extensive watermarks in the world that can be tailored and put to use based on market and industry trends. Before knowing how Placeit watermark remover works in PixCut, let us first understand the types of watermarks. Shall we?

Perceptible Watermark

A perceptible watermark is a basic kind that is visible and noticeable on the project. As the output is printed, a translucent logo, text, image, or a transparent shadow is displayed in the form of a digital watermark.

Imperceptible Watermark

An imperceptible watermark cannot be seen from a naked eye and is indistinguishable. It includes a marked signal created with algorithms and codes.

Fragile Watermark

The fragile watermark is often used for integrity proof and tamper detection. The watermark is disappeared every time the file is processed, resized, or modified, which is why it is known as a fragile mark.

Semi-Fragile Watermark

The semi-fragile watermarks do not disappear at minor changes and transformations. However, the mark is disappeared on malignant transformational changes.

Robust Watermark

As the name suggests, a robust watermark is a powerful watermark that withstands conversions, editing, and different processing. This kind of watermark is used to keep the copyright and offer no control to access information.

Reversible Watermark

Reversible watermarks can be removed using authentication and access. Such watermarks make use of cryptographic methods on the document and multimedia. There are embedded in the document and removed as access is granted.

Part 2: Reasons Why Placeit is the Best in the Business for You

Before getting into how to remove Placeit watermark using Wondershare PixCut, let us discuss the reasons why Placeit is such a good fit for your business. Placeit is at your beck and call at providing a fantastic mockup generator, impeccable logo designer, and a robust video maker. Let us find out the reasons why it is hard to let go of Placeit.

placeit website interface

Fast and User-Friendly

One can play with the diverse templates offered by Placeit as the process is quick. After the template is selected, the user wouldn't even know that the process is concluded. Additionally, the tool is user-friendly, which means you have got it even if you are not a designer.

Original and Professional Design

The template can be molded and tailored according to the user's needs. An original and professional design comes into being by choosing the brand color and graphics representing you and your brand.

High-Resolution Imagery and Compatibility

Each image that is produced on Placeit guarantees perfect pixels with high-resolution output. Be it web or print; the result is satisfactory. Furthermore, Placeit is compatible with multiple operating systems. There is no discrimination between an Android and iOS user.

Variety of Templates with Convenience

An extensive template library is updated regularly, giving rise to variety in the choice of designs and graphics. With that, Placeit brings convenient browsing options to the lot; thus, navigating from one feature to another has become effortlessly effective.

Unlimited Downloading Capacity

Bringing mockups, flyers, videos, logos, or social media graphics into the world under one frame, Placeit offers an Unlimited Plan. The plan lets you download the complete library for just $29 monthly. A dream come true, don't you agree?

Part 3: 100% Effectively Remove Placeit Watermark with PixCut

Wondershare PixCut is a famous watermark and background remover that has created a revolution in the market, offering effective results in seconds. It works like a charm as Placeit watermark remover. Offering Al technology, PixCut also allows batch background removal. It enhances productivity and efficiency in personal and professional usage.

To perform editing on Placeit and know how to remove Placeit watermark, follow the steps below carefully and vividly.

Step 1: Downloading the Screeny Extension

For starters, navigate to the Chrome Web Store for downloading the Screeny Chrome extension. Afterward, add the extension to your Google Chrome.

install the screeny chrome extension

Step 2: Navigating to the Logo Project

Launch the Placeit website from your browser and move to the project that you need to edit. It could be Designs, Logos, or Mockups, Videos, and Gaming. As we are concerned with Logos, tap on it. Choose "Architecture and Design" and then "Designers" from there.

access the logo templates

Step 3: Editing the Logo

The interface shows a diverse range of logo designs. Pick one of them as you need. The editor is launched to personalize the logo by changing the background, monogram, graphic, and insert text.

customize your logo template

Step 4: Screenshotting the Logo Canvas

The Screeny Chrome extension would be shown on the top right corner of the page. The multiple options pop up. Tap "Custom Area" and cover the whole canvas of your logo. Take the screenshot afterward. Hit "Done" and save the screenshot in your system.

screenshot your logo template

Step 5: Uploading the Image on PixCut

The next step revolves around opening Wondershare PixCut from your Chrome. As the interface appears, navigate to the "Watermark Remover" tool. Now, upload the picture or drop it onto the interface. The user can also paste the image URL.

import your placeit template screenshot

Step 6: Removing the Watermark

The editor opens up with the targeted image. Use the brushstroke to remove the watermark based on the size. Click on "Remove Objects" after highlighting is done.

highlight pacelit watermarks

Step 7: Saving Process

Now, click on "Download" and get done with the saving process.

download watermark free placeit image


The market teams up with different software and tools that help in adding and removing the watermark. Placeit is one such extraordinary tool that has brought ease to beginner and professional designers. The article offered an outlook on how it is feasible for big entrepreneurial ventures.

Wondershare PixCut acts as an exceptional Placeit watermark remover that creative professionals should incorporate. Its usage has become popular owing to the workable tools it offers.

People Also Ask

Placeit is a robust video and design template generator that also offers an online mockup creator. The user can use it in daily life to market the digital assets without downloading the software.

The watermark is not copyright even though it uses a brand name, logo, or even your name. Your work is already protected by copyright when you produce it, and a watermark is just a reminder that you are the sole owner of it. Additionally, no one can steal it being copyright protected.

Placeit is free of copyright. The software permits the users to apply for new copyright on the designs they download from the website.

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