How to Resize a GIF: Top GIF Size Changers

Finding site to resize animated gifs? Beware of sites that stuff malware in your image and seize all your data. Read this article before you resize animated gifs from any of the online tools!

Do you know uploading your image to resize, crop, animate, or shrink to some unknown websites can stuff virus in your image and blackmail you? But we got to do it anyway, right? As we cannot download ton of software for these kinds of small jobs. Well, don't worry… we are the superman of technology at your service! Find all the best and the list of safest websites down below to do jobs like resize animated gifs.

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First on our list is Gifgifs because if you are in photo resizing competition, this tool will win 1st position for you… obviously that joke is lame but this tool isn't. If you want to resize gif image gifgifs is one of the most popular tools out there on the internet. This tool works locally as well as online, and the best part is this tool is very swift. You can upload your gif just by surfing through file explorer or by pasting the link. One the image is fully uploaded all you have to do is go on resizing percentage slider and select the resizing percentage. That's it your gif is resized you can download the gif or open it on the new page.



Coming 2nd on our list is iloveimg. On Iloveimg you can upload your file from your local system and also from cloud storage. Iloveimg is the tool is also of the best tool you will find with little more options. Not only you will be able to resize gif image but also you can enlarge gif images. While using this file you will find two options to process your file either you chose to resize the gif image using size of it or the percentage of the image. If you feel that the image is quite small in size you can enlarge gif image or continue just by maintaining the same aspect ratio. Once you are done with the editing of your image you can quickly download the image in no second.



Holding the third position in our list is Kapwind. If your gif image is quite large in size you can consider Kapwind to resize large gif image. To add the image file on this website you can copy the link from sites like GIPHY or you can also upload the gif images from your local computer. Once you have uploaded the gif image onto this tool you can select the desired height and the width of the image. Also, you can find list of functions to apply to your image like expanding padding, choosing the background color, aspect ratio, layers, and others.



On number 4th we have Picasion on our list. If you are searching for any tool which is the package of everything picasion is the one you should bet on. You can not only upload your gif image on this tool from your compute but also from the Picasa and flickr. Next comes the resizing factor. You can either let the image size as it is or also you can enlarge gif image by custom width option. If you want you can rotate the image, choose the quality as you wish, resize large gif image, add effect to you image and whatnot. Not only that you can also share the image on your social media network. How cool is that?



EZGIF holds the 5th position but does the job not less than a pro. On this tool you can not only upload gif image but also other files as well such as PNG, JPG, BMP, WebP, and others. Not only you can resize gif images but also you can edit multiple image format as well. The maximum image size that you can upload on this website is 35 MB. Now comes the editing part. You can resize gif image and other image according to the custom size, aspect ratio or according to the percentage. In last you can also find multiple tools that you can use to edit your image like crop, rotate, optimize, and a lot more options as well.



Gifmaker is another amazing tool to resize gif image. Gifmaker has a super simple interface that helps you to find and use every element of the tool. After you upload the Gif image you simply have to select the dimension of the image by selecting the height and the width pixels of the image. Also, you can select an option to retain the aspect ratio of the image. Once you have resized the gif image you can download the image to your computer.



Last in our list is GIFGIT, the tool that is not only simple but has very intuitive interface. This is also one of the most popular tools to resize gif image. You can resize the gif image by specifying the dimension or the percentage you wish to have of your file. Also, you can mention to maintain the aspect ratio of the file. You can find bunch of other options as well to edit your image like you can edit the frame, crop, add text, and add effects to the image using this tool.

Well, this is the ending of the article. Hope you have found this article interesting. Sometimes while we are uploading our images, we need to resize our images. It is quite annoying when the quality of the image dies when you resize it. The tools mentioned above are the top and the best tool in the industry that will help you to resize gif images along with other images as well. The list of 7 best tool is definitely going to solve your problem to resize gif images, and other images. Try out all of them and let us know which one suits the best for you.

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