A Secret Recipe to Make Instagram Highlight Covers Engaging

Make your Instagram highlight covers engaging with the help of Wondershare PixStudio, and some valuable techniques provided in the proceeding article.

Instagram story highlights are often the focal point of your profile. Highlights are where your stories can live forever instead of vanishing after 24 hours. With so much attention going to them, story highlight covers need to be captivating and enduring. So, the question is; how to make Instagram highlight covers engaging?

The answer is right in your hands. Keep reading to learn more about how to add highlights on IG and create Instagram highlight covers that cast an impression.

Part 1 How to Boost Engagement of Your Instagram Highlights

The collection of images and videos that you choose to display on your Instagram profile permanently also need to be useful and engaging. There is no point in creating content that does not captivate the viewer. For that purpose, here are a few techniques that can help you boost engagement on your Instagram highlights.

Display Your Services & Products

While creating an Instagram highlight cover, displaying your services and products on the cover is often a good idea. It lets viewers gain insight into your business and helps in developing interests.

display your products or services

Include Visual Cues

A good visual cue about the content can be an innovative idea for your Instagram highlight covers. You can add different shapes and text related to your business, which will certainly make Instagram highlight covers more enchanting.

make your Instagram highlights attractive

Showcase Events

If your business holds frequent events and gatherings, you can add them to your highlights. Showcase and promote the main events that you organize, which will bring a positive impact on your business, and also help to build brand awareness.

add events in your highlights

Play with Colors

Keep your highlight covers full of dynamic colors. This will help you bring a vivid and positive charm to your profile and make viewing your highlights irresistible.

use different colors in your instagram highlights

Provide Regular Updates

Another method to help boost engagement on your highlights is to provide regular updates to your followers. Keep your viewers informed of the recent updates, and show what you have been up to. A behind-the-scenes view of your business is also a good idea to increase engagement.

give updates about business in instagram highlights

Part 2 PixStudio - The Solution to Engaging Instagram Highlight Covers

Want to know how to make Instagram highlight covers? The process can be fairly easy with the right tools. In our case, the best tool to help you create Instagram highlight covers attractive and irresistible is Wondershare PixStudio.

PixStudio is a web-based graphic design and editor tool. The wonderful services of PixStudio let users channel their creativity and inspiration into glorious designs. PixStudio provides an enticing platform to aspiring graphic designers and creators as an innovative solution to every design-related problem.

PixStudio offers several beneficial tools to its users for designing, such as:

  • Numerous artistic design templates for every occasion.
  • Easy accessibility to the software's creative assets and tools.
  • A wide range of customization options are available to make your designs an embodiment of your skills.
  • Free cloud storage of 50MBs, allowing users to access the created content from different devices after login.

The following steps indicate how to make highlight covers on Instagram more appealing using PixStudio:

Step 1: Join Wondershare

Launch PixStudio on your browser and click the "Join for Free" button. Here, sign up on Wondershare using your email ID, Google, Twitter, or Facebook accounts. Now begin designing by clicking on "Start Design. "

begin the design proces

Step 2: Start Designing

After the tool launches, click on the blue "Create a Design" button and choose the "Instagram Story" for your aspect ratio.

select instagram story option

Step 3: Customize Background

Now you can set the background of your highlight cover. Choose a solid color, a gradient, or an image of your choice on PixStudio.

choose your background

Step 4: Add Icon or Image (Optional)

You can add an icon or image on your highlight cover to emphasize the main point. Go to "Elements" and choose one from the Premium or Pixabay sections.

select element for your instagram highlight

Step 5: Add Text (Optional)

If you want to opt for text instead of icons, you can do so by clicking on "Text" from the left panel. You can customize your text design, font types, color, and alignment, etc., using PixStudio.

give title to your instagram highlight cover

Step 6: Save Image

Once everything is done, save the image by clicking on the "Download" button. PixStudio allows you to save your highlight cover in PNG, JPG, or PDF file formats.

export your instagram highlight cover

Part 3Tips and Tricks to Follow While Making an Instagram Highlight Cover

Now that you know how to make Instagram highlight covers, it is time to move on to the next step. Here are a few tips and tricks for making highlight covers that can help you in the long run.

Innovation is Key

Innovation is a key ingredient when it comes to designing. Whenever you create Instagram highlight covers, ensure that they contain a creative and unique approach. This will help you stand out from the crowd.

bring innovation in your Instagram highlight covers

Be Consistent

Being consistent in your designs is also an important aspect. Whatever cover you choose to display, be it icons or text, ensure that you are consistent in its display. All your covers should have harmony and coordination.

be consistent with your cover designs

Bold and Comprehensible Elements

An essential feature of a good Instagram highlight cover is clear-cut elements. Your icons, text, or images should be bold and clear enough to be read easily.

use prominent items in covers

Channel your Brand

Remember to incorporate the spirit of your business in your highlights. You can use the same color palette or typography. Use the theme and essence of your brand to make Instagram highlight covers engaging.

use your brand colors in instagram highlight covers

Wrapping Up:You can now create Instagram highlight covers that are engaging and creative. Head over to your social media and flaunt those enchanting story highlight covers. The tricks and techniques mentioned above will certainly prove helpful in creating engrossing content. Also, do not forget to use Wondershare PixStudio to create highlight covers that stand apart from the crowd.

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