How To Make Attractive Instagram Highlight Cover

Learn all about the importance of Instagram highlight covers and how to make perfect highlight covers for your profile using Wondershare PixStudio.

Lately, Instagram has become a leading marketing platform. Building a strong social media presence is essential for your business to thrive. It is also important to utilize all the available tools to boost your productivity. When talking about Instagram marketing, everything from your bio to the posts needs to be on point.

Instagram story highlights are an important feature that requires utmost attention. Learning to use them to your advantage can prove to be wonderful for your business. To learn more about their importance and how to make Instagram highlight covers a useful business tool, head over below.

Part 1 Understanding the Reasons that Instagram Highlight Covers are Important for Business

Instagram highlight covers have drastically changed the profile outlooks for users. Nowadays, it is important to learn how to create IG highlights that can be productive for the business. But what can a highlight cover do for your business? Here are a few points focusing on the importance of highlight covers from a business POV:

instagram highlight covers

1. Highlights Are There To Stay

Instagram stories are known to disappear after 24 hours; however, highlights always remain live on your profile. Don't fret about losing valuable content, as you can make it permanently available for the viewers as highlights. For users to actually view them, you need to make Instagram highlight covers alluring.

2. Keep Them Updated

Instagram highlights are a great way to provide updates about your brand and show what you have been up to. You can post behind-the-scene videos and images, or job openings, etc.

3. Gather All The Attention

Since highlights come just after the "About" section and right above the main feed, they are usually the first thing that a visitor sees. With such a significant location assigned to them, one needs to learn how to create Instagram highlight covers that are inviting and irresistible.

4. Organize Content

Highlights are a great idea to get rid of the clutter on your feed and arrange the content into well-organized individual sections. This will also help in providing a better experience and easy navigation for users.

5. Cultivate Your Brand

A good way to channelize your brand and its story is through Instagram highlights. Captivating highlight covers can help you promote your business and increase brand recognition.

Part 2 How Can You Make a Perfect Instagram Highlight Cover?

Wondering how to make IG story covers that are flawless? Follow the tips mentioned below to make Instagram highlight covers more enchanting and charming.

1. Provide Hints And Indicators

A good highlight cover always features visual cues such as icons or text, indicating the content that is to follow. You can see an example of this on the official Instagram page of Soap & Glory, that have added descriptive words in their highlight covers.

soap and glory instagram highlight covers

2. Pay Attention To The Dimensions

Instagram has a limited aspect ratio for the stories and highlights. Only the center of the image will be visible, so plan your covers accordingly and ensure that all the necessary information is retained at the center.

Check out the highlight covers on Teen Vogue's Instagram page. The images of people or events are always centered, so nothing important is left out.

teen vogue instagram highlight covers

3. Maintain Uniformity

Your content needs to have cohesion for it to be recognizable. When learning how to make highlight covers on Instagram, remember to use elements that go together. You can use a specific color scheme or similar fonts to bring unity to your highlight covers.

The Lush Cosmetics has done it in their covers, where you can see a series of colors and similar graphics that provide consistency.

lush cosmetics instagram highlight covers

4. Don't Forget Your Brand Aesthetic

It is important to create Instagram highlight covers that go with the overall theme of your brand. You can do this by promoting your products or services or by using fonts and color palettes similar to your business.

For example, head over to Coca-Cola's Instagram profile. The highlight covers feature their products in their signature color – Red. This indicates the dedication towards their brand and the aesthetic that is featured in each highlight.

coca cola instagram highlight covers

Part 3 Making Attractive Instagram Highlight Cover with PixStudio

Wondering how to create Instagram highlight covers that work like a charm? With Wondershare PixStudio, you can make attractive highlight covers for your IG profile.

PixStudio is primarily a graphics designer and editing software that offers its services online. With the prestigious tools of PixStudio at your hand, you can create professional-quality designs in no time. The marvelous tool lets users constructively channel their creativity into creating anything from posters to YouTube thumbnails and Instagram highlight covers.

PixStudio provides several beneficial features to its users, including:

  • A built-in background remover tool, so you don't have to use third-party apps.
  • Change the size of your canvas after you have started the editing process instead of discarding and redesigning the whole thing.
  • A broad spectrum of graphical elements to bring out the best in your design.
  • Free of cost service that benefits aspiring creators.

Here is how to make highlight covers on Instagram impeccable using PixStudio:

Step 1: Sign Up

First, launch PixStudio on your browser. Tap on "Join for Free" and sign up on Wondershare using your email ID.

create your wondershare account

Step 2: Choosing a Size

Now click on "Start Design Now." After the PixStudio lab launches, click on the blue "Create a Design" button. From the pop-up menu, choose "Instagram Story" for your aspect ratio.

select instagram story aspect ratio

Step 3: Set Background

Now set the background of your Instagram highlight cover as a solid color or a gradient.

choose background color

Step 4: Add Icon or Text

From the left panel, you can add various graphical elements such as icons or fonts from PixStudio's library. You can also customize each element according to the theme.

place your icon

Step 5: Download

Finally, save the image in either PNG or JPG format by hitting the "Download" button.

download your image

Ending Words:The road to a thriving business is certainly bumpy and requires effort. But with the right tools at hand, you can make your business grow and flourish. Particularly with the rising trend of social media marketing, apps like Instagram are the new masters of branding.

With a firm grasp on the Instagram highlight covers, you can boost your business significantly. Use PixStudio to create Instagram highlight covers engaging and conquer the business world.

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