What are the Best Ways to Market your Twitter Account?

Bringing you some brilliant yet easy tips for Twitter marketing that would help every business owner to market their Twitter account.

The use of the internet and social media is increasing day by day, and so is the trend of online shopping. Especially during the pandemic time, people mostly switched to online mode for shopping instead of visiting the malls or market. In such a situation, business owners took full advantage of this, and they started to promote their startup from social media.

After Facebook, Twitter also emerged as a great opportunity for business marketing. Twitter social media marketing is among the leading marketing strategies. As people are more into the internet and social media, then why not promote your business through the same platform that holds that most traffic? The article understudy will share some brilliant tips to improve your business.

Part 1 What is the Importance of Twitter Marketing in Today's World?

The Global Village is now more like a Social Media Village. It is said that you should flow with the river instead of going against it. So, if people prefer online shopping, then you should also start online advertisement. If this sounds strange, then here are some factors indicating the importance of Twitter marketing:

importance of twitter marketing in business

1. Tweet more to Spread your Word

Unlike its competitors, Twitter requires marketers to post more and more. According to statistics, marketers should post at least 15 times per day. This is because, in the ongoing feed, the tweets have a very short life span. Posting more and more will make sure that the important information stays in front. So, marketers who have a lot to say can use Twitter social media marketing.

Also, Twitter grants full flexibility to the marketers as they can post whatever they want to. There are no restrictions for any type of content.

2. Drive the Most Traffic to your Site

Twitter is referred to as the helping hand to any brand. This is the best platform for a brand to develop and showcase its voice. People often visit a brand's Twitter page to get a better feel of the brand. The best way to drive the most traffic to your site is by welcoming the visitors.

The Twitter account should use a simple, friendly yet professional tone to all the customers. Who so ever visits your Twitter account must feel the connection with your brand. This will eventually help you to make a visitor a loyal customer of yours.

3. Consumer Connection

Twitter lets the business owner connect directly with the consumers. The business owner listens carefully to the suggestions of the consumer, and later, they accommodate that information to create something relevant. Through Twitter, business owners try to create things that engage the voice of their audience.

4. Access the content

The most fun part of Twitter marketing services is that the audience can access the content easily. It is not necessary for the audience to have a Twitter account to access and check your Twitter content and profile.

Part 2 How Should You Grow your Business Across Twitter?

The Twitter marketing strategy is very strong in terms of growing your business. Yet if you are new to this and you are worried about Twitter influencer marketing, then the following section carries some tips to help you out:

1. Add Hashtags and Targeted Keywords

Hashtags are searchable identifying words, and they increase the visibility of your content even to people who don’t follow you. It is important to stay active and contribute to conversations so that people see your brand more often.

Using targeted keywords also helps to stay on top as some people search for some specific words; using targeted keywords, you will appear in most searches.

use of keywords and hashtags in twitter marketing

2. Regular Uploads and Campaigns

Uploading regularly on Twitter and staying active is crucial. When it comes to uploading material, it is best suggested to upload photos, GIFs, and polls. This is the best way to engage your audience, stay connected to them, and keep their interest in your brand.

Launching campaigns is also an easy tip to follow. By raising your brand awareness, you can specifically target an audience that will eventually increase your followers.

regular uploading and campaigning in twitter

3. Stay Connected and Keep Spying

Staying in touch with your followers and answering their questions is the most ignored tip. People generally know how to increase their followers, but they don't know how to maintain the connection. Listening to your followers and their suggestions is essential to build your business.

Along with staying in touch, you should also keep an eye on your competitors. Spying on them is equally important. This helps you learn your lacking point and their strength.

keeping connected with users in twitter

4. Event Promotion

If you want people to know about your brand, then never forget to promote your events. It is necessary for every brand owner to promote their events through tweets, posts, and hashtags. Using fancy tweets, popular hashtags, and classy posts, you can get everyone’s attention towards your event that will ultimately increase your brand followers.

promotion of events in twitter marketing

5. Live Tweets

When it comes to Twitter, it is all about tweets. So hence, why not do Twitter marketing by doing live tweets?

Live tweet means to express and show your reaction to anything that has happened. It could be entertainment or breaking news. This way, the brand stays on top because you have been participating actively.

live tweeting in twitter marketing

Part 3 Steps to Design a Proper Twitter Image with PixStudio

If you have been looking for a perfect design platform, then here is the answer. Wondershare PixStudio is an online, all-in-one platform that can do wonders. The design platform has so many options for you. It has a wide range of templates for social media posts, invitation and event posters, etc. All the assets of PixStudio are accessible to everyone, and they can use it easily.

It is an online tool that is very easy to understand and simple to use. No professional skill is required to use it. Everyone can use it with great ease. The tool allows you to customize every little thing you add. Even the size of the canvas can be adjusted. If you want to design a proper Twitter image with PixStudio, then follow the given instructions:

Step 1: Join Wondershare Family

First of all, you are suggested to join Wondershare PixStudio by clicking on the 'Join for Free’ button. You can create your own Wondershare account with your email. After creating an account, you now have to tap on the 'Start Design Now’ button so that you can start designing.

initiate twitter design

Step 2: Create Your Design

Now, a new screen will appear in front of you. From the bottom left corner, click on the button 'Create a Design.' A list of options will open on the left side of the screen. From that list, you are supposed to select 'Twitter Post.'

select twitter post option

Step 3: Select the Template

Once you have selected a Twitter post, a new window will open. That will offer you so many ready-to-use templates. You can select any template from the given options for your Twitter post and edit it accordingly.

choose pre-designed template

Step 4: Upload from the Device (Optional)

PixStudio also allows you to upload pictures from your device so you can edit them. The tool does not restrict you from editing something uploaded from any external device.

import your image from device

Step 5: Customize Twitter Post

You can customize the image or template. You can add text to it. Using PixStudio, you can also remove its background. The size of the image can also be changed. Elements could also be added to make things attractive.

edit your image

Step 6: Download when Satisfied

Once you have completed the design and you are fully satisfied with what you created; then it's the perfect time to download it. By clicking on the 'Download’ button in the top right corner and after choosing your desired file format, you can download it.

download your image

Bottom Line:
After reading this article, Twitter social media marketing will become very easy for you. Especially after learning from the provided tips, every business owner can grow their business across Twitter.

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